Neopets Sophie’s Stew

Sit down, grab a cup of borovan, and enjoy the bouncing madness in a game of Sophie’s Stew, for nothing. Literally, there is absolutely no point in playing this game due to there being NO avatar unless you are playing to obtain a trophy.

Anyways, enough with my shenanigans. Let’s get down and dirty, literally. You’ll encounter many things during this game, and these will be explained in this guide. Let’s look at the game mechanics before we begin, with points, and scores. When you first being the game, you will be able to move around as an eye; Sophies magical wand. You will use this wand to guide items such as piles of dung, ohhhh fancy, into a bubbling pot which is found on the right side of the screen. The object of this game is to move the foods and items Sophie is throwing to the bubbling pot while using the magical e̶y̶e̶ wand into the pit. There is a catch though, the food is being thrown from Sophie, and each time the magical e̶y̶e̶ wand hits it, it bounces. The object is to move the magical wand to be directly under the food or object. If you move the wand closer to the left, or right side of the object, it may go to the left, or to the right depending on the side you hit. Now you’re probably asking yourself what that darned Meowclops is doing walking around. This does being to be a distraction at some points later in the game, but he is there to help you. Each time you bounce the item to him, and it lands near his facial area, he will eat the item.

Below are the listed items and their point values and effects when the Meowclops eats the item. While eating, there may be a 1-3 second wait before feeding again.
-0 -5 -1 -1 -5 -2 -2 -1 -2 -1 -2 -10 -2 -0 -5

Dung- Meowclops spits item out

Gummy Rat- Meowclops faints

Ice Cream- Meowclops boogies

Eye Wrap- Meowclops hits the whip

Donut- Nothing

Fruit- Nothing

Octopus Pie- Meowclops changes color to maraquan

Hot Dog- Meowclops Faints

Pepper- Meowclops breaths fire

Tongue Wrap- Meowclops Faints

Blue Grub- Meowclops changes color to snow

Fish Pop- Meowclops changes color to maraquan

Green Grub- Meowclops faints

Codestone- Meowclops spits item out

Marshmallows-  Nothing

Below are the listed items and their point values when the magical wand bounces it into the bubbling pit.

-5 -5 -6 -6 -6 -7 -7 -8 -8 -8 -9 -10 -10 -12 -15
While playing the game you may encounter a little guy flying around at the top. This is a Droolik, a grey winged, haunted woods petpet. He may drop items when you hit him with a food, and sometimes they can be good! These items do not make you lose lives. When first starting the game, you are given five lives, and these are found at the top of your game screen near the score and end game. Anyways, back to the powerups. The powerups are as follows.
Fancy right? But only two of them are good and useable in the game. Can you figure out which ones? No? Well, the one you want to avoid is the wand size decrease. This makes the game harder to play as you are not able to bounce as many items as once when you get further in the game. With the extra life powerup, you are only allowed a maximum of six lives, so if more of these fall when you encounter this powerup, ignore them. In all honesty, unless you are in need of lives, do not bother with hitting him as you may be backlogged and mess up in the game by dropping something.

There are several Sophie’s Stew cheats, ohhh cheats, and tips for this game you are able to, and should use.

-While playing the game, and it should be early, if you type the word hungrymeowclops, you will be given another life. What is suggested is to type half or more of the word, such as hungry when starting so when you being the harder parts of the game, you are not overwhelmed with typing such a long word.

-Playing with a mouse is much easier than playing with a touchpad, or arrow keys.

-Try to feed the meowclops the spooky donuts if you are in a rush, they are only worth one point less!

-Try to bounce the foods off of the right side of the e̶y̶e̶ wand, I swear it is a wand, to make them go further.

-Play during the beginning of the month in order to obtain trophies. The following are the trophies.

They’re beautiful aren’t they!

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