Neopets L97

Neopets League 97 is an event that is creator by Neopets battledomers where it will only allow a specific build for players, so that they can start battles against various opponents, while they can be fair in terms of stats. Neopets League 97 does also allow longer battles, which was an idea incorporated to suit some of the most sought after needs.

L97 Rules

There you will find a list that indicates what is allowed, and what isn’t. If you are looking to participate in the L97, you will have to follow them, otherwise you will not be able. If you have any questions about these rules, or for any other question, you are free to neomain Penguinqwert.

Rule #1: If you are looking to participate in the L97, your pet must have 97 HP, 20 STR, and 35 DEF, nothing else. You will have to do every thing in your power to reach exactly 97 HP, so that you don’t get an advantage over your opponent. Make sure that for the last remaining point, to not train at the Mystery Island Training School, simply because sometimes you will earn a bonus points, which gives your pet a +1, and can possibly get you over 97 HP. There is actually almost no way to lose HP, so make sure you don’t go over the limit. If you are looking to participate, your pet will also need a minimum of 80 HP, otherwise you will be disqualified from the battle. Put some effort on your pet before you enter the 97 League. However, there is an exception for pets with 98 HP will be accepted, considering their STR and DEF matches the requirements. If your pet has 98 HP, the 98th HP is considered as 0, so that if you fall at 1 HP, then you’re automatically considered the loser of the battle. If your pet has more than 98 HP, you will be not able to participate in the L97, unless you train up another pet.

Rule #2: You will not be allowed to use weapons that do more than 12.0 icons in offense, or in attack (ex: Super Attack Pea does more than 13 icons and therefore, it is not allowed).

Rule #3: You are not allowed to have a Dual Duty weapon that does more than 15.0 icons. You will also not be able to have 100% block Dual Duties.

Rule #4: The Dark Faerie Collar is not allowed during the L97 league because it does more than 15.0 (because of the reflection it provides).

Rule #5: Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield is not allowed because it was considered to be overpowered.

Rule #6: Stealing weapons, and freezer weapons are not allowed if, both of the players have agreed to the use of them. If one of the two players agrees, and the other doesn’t, then neither will be able to use a freezer, stealing weapon. However, if both of the players agree to the use of these weapons, then they are free to.

Rule #7: Weapons that can heal multiple times in a battle are not allowed, just like the Wand of the Dark Faerie, and the Illusen’s Staff as two examples. There are more multi-healers out there, though.

Rule #8: The Rainbow Scorchstone and the Glittery Scorchstone are not allowed during the L97 league.

Rule #9: You will not be able to use Thyoras Tear and Downsize in a battle. In other words, you are not allowed to equip both of these to your pet. Only one of them is allowed.

Rule #10: Faerie abilities of level 50 and more are not allowed.

Rule #11: Single Use items are not allowed. However, you are free to use fragile items if they don’t break one of the rules described before.

Rule #12: A participant will not be able to harm his opponent by using poison if they are not going to provide a cure for them. If one does poison his opponent during a L97 battle, then he must provide the cure at his own fees.

Rule #13: All players will not be allowed to use boons that are obtainable from the Battleground Oblisk War, which will give a slight advantage to the player who has them. Avoid at any cost.

Rule #14: You are only allowed to use the weapon that are yours. You will not be able to borrow weapons from other users, even if they are not participating in the L97 events. You will have to purchase weapons by your own efforts. However, you will be able to borrow L97 pets if you wish.

Rule #15: You will have to respect Neopets Terms and Conditions, so that you do not scam or cheat in the attention to win the battle.

Rule #16: If battlers enter in a dispute, then they must refer to the staff of the iDB tournament.

Rule #17: If you break any of the rule described before will lead you to a “forfeiture from a battle or set”, being disqualified or banned from the future L97 events that will take place.

Rule #18: Even though there are ability glitches, they can still be played simply because it is part of the life.

L97 Weapons

The weapons that will be mentioned below are great and useful, and certainly recommended for the L97 events. This list will give you an idea of the stronger weapons that should be considered, as being used during L97 Battles. Items with an asterisk “*” are the rarest weapons and they can be very difficult to find and to purchase.

Note that the Meukas Snot Trail is the only weapon that responds exactly to the limit of 12.0 icons (refer to rule#2).

Single Iconned Items

Glowing Cauldron
Golden Butter Knife
Maractite Battle Duck
Portable Kiln

Dual Iconners

Amulet of Thilg
Battle Dung
Fiery Battle Dung
Glowing Battle Dung
Greater Tiki Amulet*
Icy Battle Duck
Illusens Gems
Jittery Jipple Pear Potion
Meukas Snot Trail
Petpet Bone
Pocket Cooking Pot
Ramtors Spellbook
Rancid Battle Dung
Ring of the Sway
Sack of Sneezing Powder*
Scuzzys Comb
Staff of Righteous Fury
Starry Battle Dung
Throwing Cupcakes

Three Iconners +

Barbat Throwing Star
Bow of the Air Faerie
Bow of the Fire Faerie
Bow of the Light Faerie
Bow of the Water Faerie
Bzzt Blaster
Chakram of the Air Faerie
Dark Faerie Bow
Energy Blaster
Fungus Ray
Garoo Elite Blaster
Geraptiku Attack Leaf
Goo Blaster
Magma Blaster
Scroll of Knowledge
Solar Burrito
Steaming Skeem Potion
Throwing Nachos


Blue Draping Cloak
Dr. Sloths Personal Body Armour
Faerie Tabard
Frozen Cyodrake Shield
Full Jubjub Armour
Illusens Silver Shield
Kaylas Magic Cloak
Parasol of Unfortunate Demise
Pirate Captains Hat
Shield of Faerieland
Wanderers Cloak


Cursed Elixir
Leaded Elemental Vial
Jade Scorchstone
Rejuvenating Jar of Brains
Short Sleeved Yellow Tunic

Dual Duties – Offensive

Air Faerie Crown
Air Faeries Fan*
Ancient Gnarled Wand
Blunted Qasalan Gladius Sword
Cloudy Wand of Storms
Dusty Magic Broom
Frozen Wand of Crystals
Frozen Water Daggers
Golden Compass
Hobans Hat
Island Mystics Staff
Kaylas Hat
Morguss Twisted Wand*
Mysterious Amulet*
Skarls Sceptre*
Space Faerie Token*
Spyder Stone Necklace
Tyrannian Army Math Tools
Stocking Full of Coal
Xantan Slime Amulet*

Dual Duties – Defensive

Amulet of Altador
Asparagus Dagger
Bleached Bone Staff
Commander Blade*
Darigan Generals Sword*
Deadly Pugio
Devious Top Hat and Cane
Frozen Wave Scimitar
Greater Orb of the Fire Faerie*
Grimoire of Thade
Jhudoras Cursed Sword
Pyon Stinger Mace
Silver Korbat Amulet
Sophies Wooden Spoon
Twisted Dark Dagger
Wand of Lameness


Clawed Shield
Combo Battle Mirror
Craftsman Lens
Double Dryer
Dual Battle Mirror
Flame Reflectozap
Kings Lens
Mega U-Bend
Reflectozap 2000Shovel Plus
Super U-Bend
Superior Reflection Shield
Triple Turbo Dryer
Turbo Flame Reflector
U-Bend of Great Justice
Ultimate Dark Reflectorb
Ultra Dark Reflectorb
Ultra Dual Shovel

Miscellaneous Equipment

A Shovel
Hubrids Puzzle Box
Jhudoras Crystal Ball
Prickly Potion
Purple Hooded Robe
Thyoras Tear
Voidberry Potion
Yooyuball Goal Net Shield

Finally, the L97 events are for those who are not looking to waste a lot of time training their pets, but want to come up with the best strategies to take the lead on their opponents.

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