Neopets Carnival of Terror

Neopets Carnival of Terror is a fun based shooting game where you will be hunting Chia Clowns, deep in the Haunted Woods. The Deserted Fairground is there to ruin the joy, so you will have to use some of your skills to bring back peace!


Neopets Carnival of Terror is one of the few games that will require you to shoot at your enemies. Just like the Haunted Shootery or the Cork Gun gallery, you will have to aim at your enemy and then, use the left click of your mouse to fire at them. During Carnival of Terror, Robot Chia Clowns will start to show up from everywhere and your objective will be to kill them all. These mechanical minions will also be able to parachute down while having a purple umbrella that you can shoot to get extra points. These robots will pop up from everywhere and your objective is to kill the most of them, of course, without wasting all your ammo for nothing. You will need some skills there, because your ammo is limited and you will have to know where you’re shooting to preserve them. Not too much though,  because there is a counter. You will be able to get few bonuses for the time, ammo, and health part that will be explained later.

So now you will only see one background, which is easier for your mind, meaning that only one place will be shown where clowns will come from. Use your mouse cursor to aim at them and shoot, also use it to to shoot at pies, because these mechanical robots will also be able to throw them at you, deducting health and therefore bringing you near the end of the game. It is not a problem if you miss some though, you are not a machine but try to avoid the most of these pies, because if you are hit by too much, you will not be able to keep playing even if you still have ammo or time.

Few bonuses will be in the game for you to use, and they will come with a parachute coming down from the sky. Sometimes they will be hard to hit as they will be far on the screen and you will have to use a little more accuracy, but if you know that you will be wasting a lot of ammo on them, don’t bother unless you know you’re good. These bonuses will be able to fill your meter and to prolong the game time. The best bonuses are the clock ones, because they will increase the time for you.

In a short summary, the first bonus that is not really useful in my opinion, if you know how to shoot at pies, is the Health Bonus. This one will reduce the amount of damage you’ve taken for the pies. Another one is the Ammo Bonus, which will add extra ammo to your current meter, giving you the opportunity of having ten more shots. Use them for your advantage. The last and most important bonus is the Clock one, which will grant you with 10 extra seconds to your time meter. This bonus is very important for people who are going after high scores or even after trophies, because if you manage to get more time, you will be able to shoot at more mechanical clowns, resulting in getting more points and therefore a trophy.

Score & Points

Of course, you know that you will have to shoot at these dreadful clowns, but you maybe are wondering what exactly to aim at, etc. The answer for this is simple. Each single clown will have many parts of his body that you will be able to explode, but some of them will award you with more points. It is good to aim at these when you know that you do not have enough ammo and you want to get the most points.

The first target is the Head, which will grant a total of 2 points to your total. If you are able to take it down, you will see the true mechanical “head” that is a part of the body. It is ugly to look at, but it is worth the points. The next part are the legs. If you are successfully able to shoot at these, the mechanical chia clown will start moving slowly and therefore, easier to hit. These will give you a total of 2 points. After that, there are the arms. They are relatively difficult to aim at because they are smaller than the head or feet, but if you successfully manage to do so, a total of 3 points will be granted to your total count. If your aiming skills are accurate enough, you should prioritize them for more points. Then comes the body. This one will only show up when you successfully shoot at the head, the arms, and at the legs. You should be cautious though, because shooting the arms and legs of any chia clown will make it go forward and backward in an increasing speed, and it will explode if you are not fast enough, deducting precious health from you. So whenever you see one of these, destroy it as fast as you can. It will also award you with as many as 6 points, so go after these whenever possible if you’re after a game avatar, a high score or a trophy. As previously said, some clowns will be parachuting down from the top of the sky, meaning they will have umbrellas. When the robots are floating down, you can also shoot the umbrella so that they will fall faster, avoiding the wait time. Note that if you do so, the clowns will be harder to hit because they will start running faster. The umbrella will award you with one point. The last thing you will be able to get points from is the pie, which upon successful hit will grant you a total of 1 point. Sometimes, the mechanical chia clowns will be lobbing pies at you (on your screen), so you will have to be fast there, because if you’re not, you will lose health. For that reason, shoot at them as fast as you can!

Neopets Carnival of Terror Cheats & Strategies

Basically, if you’re looking after a super high score, an avatar that will ask you to get a score of 725, or for a trophy, you will have to setup a strategy. For the most part, you will have to restart the game because luck will be needed. By luck, it means that some games will have much more bonuses falling down from the sky than others, giving a slight advantage. When the game starts, start shooting the most important parts of the mechanical clowns, meaning the head and the body so that you can get the most points of them. Try to avoid shooting at umbrellas because they only gives you one point. Also, if your health is at its maximum, it is not a problem if you take a few pies on you, so that you can save your ammo for better point-awarding objects. When you have near zero ammo, you will want to type “piecrust”, because this will refill the ammo bar at its maximum, giving you an opportunity to get more points. When the bar has been refilled, most of the time, the game will be near its end because the timer will be low. For this reason, don’t only aim at head and body, aim at every little thing you see to get the most points. That means, whenever you see a clown, shoot at its head, arms, legs, and body so that you get the maximum possible of hit points. Whenever you see a pie, take it down as fast as possible. As for the parachuting down clowns, shoot at the head, arms, legs and then shoot the umbrella. This way, you will only have to hit them a last time when they hit the ground, awarding you with the maximum possible points. If there is a traffic of clowns, shoot at the head and body so that you don’t miss anything. If you need more health, type “custard” to refill your bar at its maximum.

Before starting the game, view the instructions of the game and click the picture of the clock that will show the timer bonus, then you will hear a small sound. Doing this will increase slightly your luck in getting more bonuses during the game. Even if there is no evidence, sometimes it works.

As for the avatar, you will have to get 725 points. It is fairly achievable but require some luck. Use the provided strategy and you will be able to get it with at least few tries. Training is the key to this game because they more you do, the more you will be able to be accurate, meaning you can shoot at whatever you want, including the small arms. Also, this will reduce the amount of ammo to almost zero, meaning you will get more points for the game and then, a better score. Good luck hitting these mechanical Chia clowns!

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