Neopets Ugga Smash

Neopets Ugga Smash is a Tyrannian game concentrated on demolition derby like you’ve never seen before. Yes, the actual Tyrannian demolition style. Have you ever seen anything funnier than smashing the cars of your “friends” and demolishing them to spread fear in their hearts? Or maybe you prefer completely annihilating cars! Well, if that’s the case, then this game is the perfect one for you. It is mainly about being brutal and if you aren’t, then this game will help you become one. Neopets Ugga Smash is a game that is played on the single player mode, meaning 1-player, and is also playable in multiplayer. Neopets games tend to be mostly based on single player, but this one has more doors open, meaning you will be able to fulfill your enjoyment with your friends using the multiplayer mode. Get your car started and prepare yourself.


Basically, what you will have to do is to destroy everyone’s car the way you want and to keep yourself alive. You will earn 5 total points that will be in addition to your total count for every hit you will make against your opponent. This hit will be marked by a floating green plus (+). When you take some damage from your opponents, at this time, a red “x” will appear and it will also mean that it will increase by progressing in the future rounds of the game.

The game is not too long. The total amount of rounds are five. Each of these rounds will last for exactly 60 seconds, meaning you will have enough time to smash your opponents and get smashed. At the top left of the screen, there is a timer. Watch it from time to time to get a global idea about how much time you have left because it will not give you a number. It will give you an approximation, otherwise the game play will become a little unfair. At the bottom, you will find a health bar that will indicate how much health both, you and your opponents have remaining. Remember, the more you have the better. You will have to lose the minimum health possible in order to succeed at this game.  That said, your health bar should never go below half. For the future rounds, health bar will be deducted quickly as you take damage. This is comprehensible because the more you advance in the game, the harder it becomes. Here is a picture that will give you a global idea about the game.

At the top, as mentioned earlier, it is the remaining time that will not be shown in numbers. It is only to give you an idea and it is not 100% accurate. There is a total of four cars and you will be one of them. The walls will block you which means you will not be able to leave from the right to come from the left or to leave from the top to come from the bottom. You will only be using the space you actually see. At the bottom is your score, which will be explained later. If you have missed something or if you think you have failed, you can click End Game to actually put an end to it. Of course, you will be able to start a new one after that.

On few occasions, some power-ups will appear as well as a Red Grarrl.                      Angry Grarrl

Game Scores

The pointing for this game is quite simple. Every time you finish a round, you will be granted with points at the end of it. During the round, you will not be granted with points but you will be smashing cars. Pay attention to your life to make sure it is not diminishing rapidly. Sometimes random unfortunate obstacles will appear during the game play. Try to not be victim of their misfortune and to leave them. When you begin playing, the game will look a bit hard for you. Nothing to worry about, as always, the more you play, the better you will be. There is only five round and there is no memorization, no nothing. All you will be doing is smashing cars the tyrannian way. Few power-ups are successfully available to you during the game play. This is mainly due to make the game a little easier while you play. A total of five (5) power-ups can be found in the game and they will be explained with pictures.


The first power-up is the Turbo. It will give you a burst of speed for a short amount of time. In other words, your car will accelerate in your favor to respond to your needs (smashing your opponents). This power-up is very useful for those who dream about speed and really enjoy going super fast to destroy their opponents with the Kinetic Energy. Unfortunately, it does leave you with less control over your car. For example, if you will want to drift, to turn or to change directions, because it is accelerating, you will have a hard time doing so. Also, at the the four walls that are blocking the path will disappear for the duration of the Turbo, otherwise it wouldn’t be pleasant to go super-fast like crazy, right?

The second power-up is the one that will make you invincible. This is probably the most useful power-up out there because it will prevent you from taking damage for a short amount of time. This is the perfect combination if you are looking to grab points and if you are going for a high score. There is no way really to increase the chance of it to happen, but you will surely need it even if you’re not after points. The fact that you can not lose health is phenomenal.

The third power-up is the power-up of health. Of course, as its name says, it will give you more health. You may think that your health will be fully replenished but unfortunately, this is not the case. It goes up by a few points, that’s it. Of course, better have it than nothing but the invincible power-up is what you really want.

Before last power-up is the Slide one which will make you, obviously, slide all over the place, making controlling your car far more difficult. It is not recommended for you because it will not be suitable. It does give you a wider range of motion, but it is certainly not worth it. Many will think that power-ups are expensive and that when one appear, you “have” to take it. Keep your right sens and do not fall for this. It will do more harm than good.

Finally, the last power-up is called Death. Yes, Death itself, don’t play with fire! This Red Grarrl will be moving all over the place and if it touches you or your opponents, the victim will be instantly killed with no mercy or remorse. The movement of the Red Grarrl is unpredictable and you will have to survive during the amount of time it is present. It will destroy anyone in its way and will not be sympatic. The only advantage of this is that your opponents can lose their vehicle from you, which is somewhat funny.

Neopets Ugga Smash Cheats

Playing this game will lead you into getting more and more strategies. They are absolutely not limited and many are gone as high as first simply for using their own strategy. That means there is not good or bad strategy. The only strategy that will be suitable for you is the one that you actually decide as it, being perfect. One strategy that will help you grab many points quickly is the trapping one. In this strategy, your objective is to put pressure on your opponent and to bring him against a wall so that you can mercilessly bash him and make him lose the most health points possible. Or better, you can bash them until their vehicle is completely destroyed. Sometimes, this method turns against you meaning that you can be trapped. It is not the end of the world though, if it ever happens, use the arrow keys to go forwards or backwards, depending on your position. You must remember that your opponent does not have a brain. That means if you get trapped, it is not because your opponent is “good”. He has no brain. This can be turned into your advantage. In other words, your opponent is not smart enough to adjust their car to keep you against a wall. The trap method is the best if done on the first round. Why the first round you ask? Well, because in this level, the cars take the least possible damage from each hit (bash), which will grant a lot of points to your total count. You can also do it in the later levels, but it is not really necessary because you and your opponents will start losing more damage.

Lastly, a good strategy that gives you a lot of points is to make them not run into Red Grarrls, the predators, at any time during any given round. Doing so will result in you, wasting points and therefore not getting a super high score. When your opponent still have health, you will be given more points. If you kill them or let the Red Grarrl do it, then you will be in loss. What you can do is running at maximum speed to bash your opponent when the predator is coming at them, this will prevent you from losing more points. Sometimes, you can fail and the Red Grarrl will chase you successfully after, with a possibility to make you furious. Become skilled to earn yourself a shiny new golden trophy. Take it easy, you can play this game unlimited times so just restart and enjoy. Now go play the tyrannian way!

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