Neopets Kacheekers

Neopets Kacheeckers is a strategy game where you will have to play with an opponent, which will be the computer


Basically, each person starts with 12 pieces. What you have to do is to take all of the 12 pieces off your opponent. In order to do so, you will have to use your piece to jump on a free square that will have to be located in their behind. You will also be able to move in the diagonal path. However, if you’re looking to do that, you will only be able to move by one square at a time, unless if you’re trying to collect a piece from your enemy. It is possible in the late game to get king designed or even queen designed pieces, that will be able not only to move forward, but also backward. They are obtainable when the game progresses.

Start off the game by selecting one of your pieces and moving it. After that, select the “Your move” button that is on the side top of the screen so that it is the turn of your opponent. Sometimes, you and your enemy will be able to take a piece (both of you). In this case, jump to an empty square, over the piece of your opponent. You will also be able to, in few occasions, jump over two pieces in a single jump. Note that if there is no space separating the two pieces, you will not be able to do so.

When you get a king designed piece or a queen designed piece, it is recommended that you use all of the directions, not only backward “because you can do so”. If you only do that chances are you will lose the game. You can locate a king or a queen piece by looking at them. They will be different as they will have 2 coins on one spot.

The first person to take all of the others pieces will be designed winner of the game. Just like in chess, make sure that a stalemate never happens when the game is in your favor. Doing so will result in no victory for both players, which can be considered like a tie. Always stay on the side of the screen if you take that it might be safer for you and don’t let your opponent get a king designed or queen designed piece. To prevent that, simply keep your bottom pieces where they should be to minimize the risk. Enjoy!

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