Neopets TNT Staff Smasher

Neopets Staff Smasher is a game where you have to express your rage on members of The Neopets Team. Have you ever wanted to go to their office with a big hammer and start whacking them in the head? If that’s what you want to do, then Neopets TNT Staff Smasher is the perfect game to help you complete your dream. Actually, you have a mallet that you can move with your mouse and also aim with it by moving it to the place you want. So once you have aimed the place you want, you can just press the space bar, or, if you have more ease with your mouse, click the left mouse button and you will be able to hit the staffers. Remember though, you are going to hit all of the TNT members, so the Neopets you will find there are innocent creatures that have not done anything wrong, meaning you do not want to hit them. If you do so, you will be losing points of your total and that will prevent you from achieving a high score. If you would like to finish the current level you’re in and to proceed to the next one, a minimum score of 75 points achieved within 30 seconds will be needed. You will have to be careful because it is kind of easy to hit pets on this game.

Game Scores and Points

Of course, the game would be never ending if they have implemented all of the Neopets team members. To avoid that, a reasonable amount have been added to the game, that will be explained below.

The first and most common character you will encounter during the game is Adam, the original game founder that is suited with a blue sweater and brown pants. If you are able to successfully hit him with the hammer, he will grant you a total of 3 points. El Picklesaur, the angry guy with the orange sweater will grant you a total of 4 points upon hitting him successfully. Snarkie, the little girl with brown hair and a black sweater will grant you 5 total points. The guy that looks like superman with his white and red jacket, plus with his brown pants is called Mr. Roboto and he will grant you a total of 6 points, added to your total upon successfully hitting him. After that comes Voodoodidi the woman with a mascara and brown hairs. If you are able to hit her, 7 points will be added to your total count. DJ Skellington is the fat guy with a head skull on his sweater, and wearing black glasses like if he was blind. This beast will grant you 8 points after successfully hitting him. There is no information about the name of the woman wearing a blue sweater and holding a black stick in their hand, but she will grant you 9 total points. Viola, the smiling lady will give you 10 points if you successfully hit her. The rare Ollie (which is the phantom orange shirt guy) will grant you 11 points. Tiger Catcher, the man with a mustache will give you 12 points. Mr. Insane is quite confusing. As his name says, he is insane, meaning the points that you will receive from him are exactly 13.489. They will then be rounded down to 13. Yes, he is insane. Dragona will give you 15 points and, finally, Donna is going to give you 20 points.

What were described just before are the TNT members. The pets you will encounter must not be hit, otherwise you will lose points. Fortunately, comparing to staff members, they are much less in number. The pets are respectively a Blue Blumaroo, a Green Mynci and a Red Usul. If you hit any of them, 10 points will be deducted from your total and you will have a harder time finishing the game. With training, you are easily going to be able to not click at them, you just have to be patient and try as many times as you can during your free time.

Neopets Staff Smasher Strategies and Cheats

First of all, you will have to know what exactly to go after, to get a good knowledge about what to focus more on, etc. So basically if you concentrate your whack “power” on the staffers, you will be granted with much more points, meaning you will be achieving a better score for to earn that Avatar and possibly getting a shiny trophy. Never forget that Dragona and Donna are the two characters that will grant you the most points, so go after those the most. Make the most points of them. Of course, if you are going easy, just knock all of the staffs you see. While playing this game, there are many things you can do to get a good score, especially if you’re going after a high score. The first strategy you can “adopt” is to make sure that you always hover the handle +/- the staff’s forhead. If you do this, you will be able to make a spot-on-whack, which is perfect for you. Another strategy you can use is in the late game. More precisely, on level nine. From that level, the TNT Staff will start moving very quickly and it will be harder for you to actually hit them. What you can do, though, is to put all your concentration and focus on the 6 spots from the back. If you do this, you will then be able to minimize your risk of losing the game by a lot. If you set the game quality to “Low”, the staffs will move more slowly on few computers. You can always try for your own benefit, but it does not always work. If you put your screen size to the smallest possible one, there will be less “mouse moving”, therefore your cursor will move faster between the whacks, meaning you will be wasting less time to knock staffs and earning points. Every time you whack a TNT staff member, move back your cursor to the center of the screen so that you will be able to knock the next Staff that will appear as soon as possible. For example, if you knock a Staff member that is on the top right and keep your mouse there. Let’s say that the next Staff member will appear on the bottom left, the time to get to him will be much more (possibly doubled) than if your mouse was on the center. For that reason, always go back to the center after knocking them. Finally, you can type “a5paragu5”, the favorite vegetable of the game creator to get a bigger mallet. Remember that it is not recommended because you will have a harder time hitting the staffs.

A minimum score of 2,250 points will be needed in order to get the Revenge is Sweet Avatar. Good luck.

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