Neopets Turmac Roll

Neopets Turmac Roll is a simple game in which you play as a turmac who rolls around through hilly fields collecting berries. Mastering Neopets Turmac Roll is fairly easy once you get the hang of it, and learn how to predict what comes next.  There are various berries that are worth different amounts of points, and certain obstacles can be used to predict what’s coming next. Unfortunately, Neopets Turmac Roll does not award an avatar, but you could take home one of three trophies.

Starting the Game

366_bn32r8To start out, you can choose to play on easy, medium, or hard. On easy, berries give you the regular amount of points. On medium, they give you 2x the point value, and on hard you receive 3x the point value. Each mode goes faster than the one before, and presents more obstacles. It’s best to start with easy and work your way up as you get comfortable with the different speeds.

As time passes, you are awarded points. In easy mode, you get 1 point routinely, on medium, 2 points, and on hard: 3. You also receive points from gathering berries. The point value of berries are listed later on in the guide.


Movement is controlled via the arrow keys on your keyboard. The right key will give you more speed, and the left key will give you less speed. If you’d like to jump, press the up key. To land more quickly, press the down key.

Berry Points

Berry Easy Medium Hard


1 2 3


2 4 6


4 8 12


8 16 24



15 30 45


25 50 75


50 100 150

Super Juicy Berry

75 150 225


100 200 300



200 400 600

Playing the Game

rolling_turmac_rollAlright! So you’ve got a basic run down of the game. You know your movement keys, you know how to gain points, and you’re ready to start playing on your chosen difficulty. There are several strategies and tips you can utilize to make the most out of your experience. However, the first thing that you should come to expect is that the game always starts with the same sequence. Three Hills, flat ground, three berries, a stump, and then two more berries. After this, the game will become random. But don’t lose all hope! There are still some sequences that can help you predict what’s going to come next.


Scenery Sequences

  1. Repetitive Hills: You’ll likely see this pattern a lot. There will be several hills, with berries in between some of them (but not all) near the top. The best thing to do for this is try to find a pattern of jumping which allows you to get one berry, and then stick to that pattern. If you do that, you will get each berry that comes in the sequence after this, as well as a berry on a grassy flat that follows.Untitled
  2. The Repetitive Hills’s Evil Twin: This is very similar to the sequence listed above, but instead of the berry being at the top of the hill, it’s at the bottom. The thing to worry about with this one, is that there will be a small stump coming up after you’ve finished the sequence. It’s not hard to jump over, but definitely something to keep your eye out for.4
  3. Lumpy “M” Shaped Hill: This seems like a weird name, but this hill really does look like a dejected, droopy M. It’s generally pretty safe to assume that this hill is a bad omen. Expect to see something that you will need to jump over, such as a stump, or a small, sharp ledge. The best way to avoid this is to jump right before the dip.screenshot_fullsize_366_2_v1
  4. Indented Hill: This one is super easy. Just roll off the edge like normal. Whatever comes after this will be either close enough that you won’t have to jump, or far away enough to give you time to jump normally.2

Other Obstacles

  • Mud Puddles: Don’t worry too much about these. They don’t do anything to you, they’re just like rolling on grass. However, they are usually accompanied by a sharp ledge.
  • Sharp Ledges: The ledges come in various sizes, but all are equally deadly. Hitting sharp ledges will end your game.Mud
  • Tree Trunks: Hitting a tree trunk will end your game. The best thing to do is jump over them if you can, or jump on top of them and then quickly jump again.Jump


Neopets Turmac Roll Cheats

3 (1)That’s about all there is to know about the game. Neopets Turmac Roll is one of the easier games to learn, and one of the most popular. If you follow these tips and experience some good luck, you’ll be able to land yourself a trophy. Typically, the Neopoints ratio for this game is similar to the amount of points you get. By this, I mean, you usually get a little bit more or a little bit less than however many points you score. So, usually you need to score around 1,000 points in order to get 1,000 neopoints. Start practicing, and you’ll be a pro in no time.

Note: Ask your parents before rolling around in grassy fields and eating strange berries



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