Neopets Coltzan’s Shrine

Coltzan’s Shrine is a daily that does not reset at midnight NST. Instead, you can visit the shrine once every 12 hours for free. If you’ve visited in the last 12 hours, the shrine will say “Nothing happens. Maybe you should wait a while before visiting the shrine again….” to let you know.

Coltzan’s Shrine Cheats

There used to be a way to visit the shrine at an exact time to win certain prizes, but this is no longer true. Still, King Coltzan is very generous with his prizes. He can grant neopets, stats increases, healing or an item reward. If you leave the shrine feeling a little richer, then King Coltzan has given you a NP reward. The amount varies between 100 to 300 NPs at a time. He does have the ability to grant a prize of 1 million NPs, however, if you’re lucky! The shrine can increase the stats of your active neopet. Usually the increase is by 1 point but very rarely he will increase the amount to 10 points. He can increase level, strength, movement, defense, hit points, or intelligence. Coltzan can also heal your pets and in this case it can affect all the pets on your account or just your active pet. Here is a list of the item prizes exclusive to the shrine.

  • Artisans Lens
  • Coltzan Plushie
  • Coltzans Burning Gem
  • Coltzans Gem
  • Coltzans Diadem
  • Coltzans Ghost Plushie
  • Coltzans Ring
  • Coltzans Sceptre
  • Expert Lens
  • Golden Shield
  • How to Identify Poisons
  • Kings Lens
  • Knights Shield
  • Pleto Melon
  • Princely Shield
  • Rule with Wisdom
  • Serf Lens
  • Stone Shield
  • Wooden Shield

Coltzan’s Shrine Extras

Since August 8, 2013, there is a one time event where you will receive Sparky, King Coltzan’s pet. This was to tribute to the real life dog of a Neopet’s artist that inspired the Spardel petpet.

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