Neopets Techo Says

Neopets Techo says is a medium rated game that was the first one to be ever created by Neopets. This game was then discarded in the Game Graveyard and it had the tag of the gameid #1. Three years later, it was restored and brought back to the game as #1000. TNT has then decided to never update it or add any new contents to it for the simple reason of respecting its original art. This game will require a lot of memorizing and it grants you a pretty fair amount of neopoints, though. If you play it for a trophy or even for for neopoints, it is a good game for both. Neopets Techo says is also a good game for those who want to boost their brain memorization process. This game is an easy 3k NP a day and it can be done daily. Controls

This game doesn’t require you to be a genius or anything of the same kind. Your main objective, during the game, is to watch the pet that will pop up from the hiding table every new round and you will have to memorize the order they used to pop up. In other words, you will have to recall the exact sequence when each pet start to appear (pop-up) and once they finish, it will be your turn to click on them in order. In the game, there is a total of ten different levels and the more they raise, the harder they become. A total of ten levels which of which each one will contain five rounds. A total of 275 rounds are found in the game and it is quite a lot! 275 rounds will have you memorizing like a machine. The pattern is the order that the pets on the table will pop up. Be prepared to repeat the order exactly as showed. You only have one chance and if you miss, you will lose the game, meaning you will have to start over. Each round will add one more pet that you will have to “remember”. At the very end, you will learn a new way to avoid remembering the order. Round one has one pet, round two has two pets, round three has three pets, round 60 has 60 pets to memorize and so on. You will notice more distractions in the background the further you progress in the game. You should really not pay close attention to them and if you prefer, you can even mute the sound if it distracts you.

Some Information

You may already know that Techo Says is probably one of the most boring games out there, even if it is one of the funniest at the same time. The game itself is pretty much simple and that is the main reason that will make you so bored. New players are really considered to try and play this game because it is very simple. It will introduce yourself to the game pretty quickly. Also, for the newer player, it may sound almost impossible to achieve high scores to get certain trophies. This game is an almost guaranteed win and you will know why in the Neopets Techo Says Cheats section. You will literally be able to win all of the levels by using little effort. You will not even have to memorize anything at all.

Neopets Techo Says Cheats

There is actually a way to minimize (by a lot) your chances of losing at this game. It is a really useful method that is quite simple to do and will almost guarantee your success in it. Basically, you will have to take a piece of paper and a pen. If you prefer the computer method, launch microsoft word, notepad or any other program that is for editing of your choice. Look at the picture in the game and give a number of each case lot along with each pet. Games are all different. If you would like to use this method, you will have to start from the beginning. Here are the instructions. Lets say the first pet that pops up is a Poogle, you will have to write the number that corresponds with the pet itself. For example, if there is a series where the next 5 pets that will pop up are Blumaroo, Quiggle, Moehog, Moehog, Moehog, you will write or type 4, 1, 6,6,6. The numbers to correspond with the image you’ll have to click correspond to the sequence without memorizing. Yes, at first we said that this game will need a lot of memorizing, but this strategy is the best thing ever. You will achieve super high scores with simply little to no work at all. All you will have to do when the rounds will start progressing faster is to remember the last pet and since you have everything already typed down, it will be very easy. So far, this method is the one that gave everyone the most success and it is what will let you win. Because even if you’re the best human in the world when it comes to memorizing, it is possible to fail. This is why this method is the best one. Even for those who can not, does not want to memorize, they can perfectly achieve, practically, the score they desire., as described above, if you’re really interested in getting a shiny golden, silver or bronze trophy, you can use the mentioned method to get there. Keep this tip as a secret and if you have friends playing that also play Neopets, you can send them a game challenge, win easily and start laughing out loud (of course, do not tell them that you’re laughing because they are such “unskilled” players because your account can get frozen for it). Just keep it to yourself. The trophies right there are the old trophies and also the first “flash games” trophies to have ever been created. They are no longer obtainable. These trophies are a better and more updated version. They can be obtained by mastering the game. Now get yourself a paper, a pen and start playing. You’ll get your trophy by the end of the day!

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