Neopets Typing Terror

Neopets Typing Terror is a nice game based on speed for keyboard fans that will require some typing mechanics to successfully advance in the game. Many Robotic Grundos will come your way and you will have to type the word they have on their body if you are looking to survive.


The keyboard is your best friend during the game. No keyboard means no game. When you got your keyboard, type the words that will appear on the Robot Grundos so that they explode upon successful completion. Whenever you type the word, they will explode directly, so no further actions are needed to proceed. During the game, you will encounter two types of Grundos. Some will be yellow colored whereas some of them will be red and they will be explained later. You will even encounter broken Grundos.

Score & Points

Basically, your main objective is to destroy all of the Grundos you see by typing the word they are showing. Every time you will successfully destroy and walking Grundo, you will be awarded with a total of five, twenty, or one hundred points. All depends of the Grundo-type. The more accurate you are, the better. The reason behind that is that you will receive extra points for being accurate. If you make many typos, you will get a low amount of bonus. The points awarded as bonus for your accuracy is calculated like this: (Accuracy% x 2) = Number of points. When you will reach the boss, you will be able to receive more bonus, meaning 3 times your accuracy instead of two. Try to keep the maximum number of lives possible. You will receive 100 points for each of your remaining lives, so try to not lose them by typing faster and more accurately.

Now you should get to know the Grundos. The most common Grundo will be of the yellow color and it is the basic one. Every time you manage to type they word they are showing, you will be awarded with 5 total points.

The next type of Grundos is the red colored ones. They are less frequent, but harder to destroy. That means that they will award you with 20 points, but to get them, you will have to type the upside down word they have on them and sometime it can be a challenge for the later levels, where the words will become longer.

The rarest type of Grundo is the broken one. Even though the word they will show is completely normal, they will grant you a total of 100 points, which is a lot and equivalent to 20 yellow Grundos!

During the game, you will have to face a total of five levels that will become harder and harder the further you get. If you are going after the avatar, it is good to get a global idea of the minimum number of points you will have to get for each level. Also, not that the further the game gets, the longer the words will be. The number of total Grundos that you will have to destroy will also rise. For the first level, all the words will be of composed of a total of three letters, and 12 total Grundos will show up. The minimum score for the Avatar is approximately 400 points. For the second level, the number of letters that each Grundo will have is four, whereas the number of Grundos will rise by two, meaning a total of 14 will be there for you to destroy. Approximately, 900 points is required if you’re going after the avatar. The third level, again, will rise the number of Grundos by two, meaning that there will be a total of 16 and the words will be 5 letters in length. For the avatar, your total points will have to be somewhere near 1400 points. The fourth level is where words start to become a little long. The length of those will be of six letters and the total number of Grundos will rise to 18. On that level, your number of points should be 2,000 if you’re going after the avatar. Two levels are left. The fifth one is where you will have to face 20 Grundos that will come up with 7 lettered words and you should aim 2,500 points before accessing the final level: The Boss Level. The last level is where you will find Boss Grundo, and you will have to type successfully 25 words that he will show up that will be of a length of 8 letters. You will get only 60 seconds to type them all, so be ready. Remember that the accuracy in this level doesn’t is not only multiplied by two, but by three meaning you should try to be the most accurate as possible. You should then be able to achieve the score of 3600 to earn yourself a nice avatar, and probably even a trophy if you’ve done that during the first day of the month!

Neopets Typing Terror Strategy & Cheats

If you’re going after the avatar, even if you’re a good typist, you will need some training. The points mentioned before are what you will have to follow if you’re looking for the avatar. Try to keep the best accuracy during the game, for more points and never lose lives because each one will grant you a total of 100 points bonus. If, for example, you fail during the first levels and you lose lives, etc, simply restart the game so that you can be fresh. A minimum of 2500 points is required before you play the boss, because the maximum number of points you can get from the boss himself is 1100, and this is if you perfect everything during that level, which is why you will have to try and get slightly more than 2,500 points.

When playing, you should always get a solid accuracy, so that you get more points. More points = high score = more chance of getting a trophy. You should focus on your accuracy on the first levels so that you can get the most possible points off them. When the Grundos will show small words during the first levels, try to wait until many come your way. Doing this will result in a higher possibility of seeing a red Grundo, leading you to get more points. If you feel like you want to type the word that the Grundo behind the one you’re seeing has, do it. You should not worry about the order. Just type the words, accurately. In the levels where the words will get longer, destroy the Grundos as fast as possible to avoid losing lives. 100 points is a lot, and for that reason you should focus on your speed to destroy all of the grundos. If you are good at memorizing, it is good to do so, following what was mentioned above, so that you know how many Grundos are left. This way, you can wait a little to see if there is a broken Grundo coming your way. If it doesn’t happen, simply finish the game.

Remember: Speed + Accuracy + Smart decisions = victory.

Good luck!

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