Neopets Chia Bomber 2

Chia Bomber 2 is a game based in Geoffrey Chia’s neighbourhood. Unfortunately, it’s been invaded by Chia bombers! Through Chia Bomber 2, you play as Geoffrey Chia as he fights back against the Chia bomber invasion. They’ve come equipped with mud-slinging bazookas, so Geoffrey’s own choice of weapon is a handmade water balloon gun!

Chia Bomber

Neopets Chia Bomber 2 Instructions

The controls you need to play are the four arrow keys, the space bar, and the ‘M’ letter key.

You move Geoffrey Chia around the screen using the arrow keys. The space bar is used to shoot balloons from the water-balloon gun at the invading Chia bombers.

The ‘M’ key is used to drop mines, which are set off when Chia bombers stand on them! You have five mines for every level – don’t worry if you step on them yourself; they only hurt the Chia bombers! But watch out for the Chia bombers’ mines, which do hurt you. Each Chia bomber has three mines they can drop.

There are 12 different levels. Each level, your aim is to wipe out all of the Chia bombers.

The levels get harder and harder as they go on. Initially, the bazookas used by the Chia bombers have a short range. The range of their guns increases in level 6, and again in level 12.

From levels 1 to 10, there are eight Chia bombers. In level 11, there are nine, and in the final one, level 12, there are ten bombers.

Your water-balloon gun is limited; there can only be one water balloon firing on the screen at any point. Therefore, you can’t just fire unlimited water balloons over the screen; you need to have more strategy and aim to be accurate, because as soon as you shoot a water balloon, you’re vulnerable in other directions.

These rules are the same for the Chia bombers; they can only shoot mud one at a time. However, there’s eight of them, and only one of you!

Chia Bomber 2 Types of Chia bomber

Chia BomberThere are five different kinds of Chia bomber you will encounter. They are green, blue, yellow, red and black. They all require different numbers of hits to be killed. They also all have a different sense of direction; some will just wander in random directions, and others will aim straight at you!

Green Chia Bombers require just one hit to kill them. They move in random directions.
Blue Chia Bombers require two hits to kill them. They are slightly better orientated.
Yellow Chia Bombers require three hits. These sneaky bombers can easily take you by surprise if you’re not careful.
Red Chia Bombers require four hits. These bombers follow you.
Black Chia Bombers require five hits. These are the hardest bombers, as they will try to kill you at any chance they get!

Remember that a mine dropped by Geoffrey will take out ANY colour of Chia Bomber once hit, whether they’re Green or Black; for this reason, they can be very useful on the harder levels!

There are different colours of Chia bombers on different levels.

Level 1 – 8 green
Level 2 – 7 green and 1 blue
Level 3 – 6 green and 2 blue
Level 4 – 5 green, 2 blue, and 1 yellow
Level 5 – 4 green, 2 blue, and 2 yellow
Level 6 – 3 green, 2 blue, 2 yellow, and 1 red
Level 7 – 2 green, 2 blue, 2 yellow, and 2 red
Level 8 – 1 green, 2 blue, 2 yellow, 2 red, and 1 black
Level 9 – 2 blue, 2 yellow, 2 red, and 2 black
Level 10 – 2 blue, 2 yellow, 2 red, and 2 black
Level 11 – 3 yellow, 3 red, and 3 black
Level 12 – 5 red and 5 black

On every level from level 1 to level 10, you earn 80 points for killing 8 Chia bombers. In level 11 you earn 90 points for killing 9 Chia bombers; in level 12, you earn 100 points if you kill 10 Chia bombers.

Neopets Chia Bomber 2 Cheats

Chia Bomber 2 Strategy

There are many different strategies for approaching this game, so take your pick of the following tips – try combining a few and see what works best for you!


  • If you hold down the space bar to shoot, rather than pressing it over and over again, the water balloon gun will shoot another balloon as soon as the first one hits target. This means you can shoot much faster at the Chia bombers. This is particularly useful in later levels and when a number of Chia bombers are approaching you at once.
  • If the Chia bombers are close to you when you start shooting (i.e. you’re shooting at short-range, rather than long-range), the balloons will be ‘faster’ as they’ll hit target more quickly. Remember that you’re vulnerable once you’ve shot a water balloon. Therefore, aim for the close targets first or the ones that are shooting directly at you.

Move around, or stay still?

  • Try mixing up how you move around so you find what works best for you. At times it’ll be best to charge at the Chia bombers while shooting and to move quickly around, whereas at other times it’ll be better to stay still to shoot. In the first few levels, it works best if you head straight at the approaching group of Chia bombers. They regenerate in the top right hand of the screen, so move right using the right arrow key while you hold down the space bar.
  • After level 5 or 6, it becomes too difficult to wipe out the Chias quickly, meaning you’re better off switching strategy. Instead, stay in the left hand corner to give yourself enough of a breather to hit all the Chia bombers. Usually some of the Chia bombers will roam around and some of them will head at you, so it gives you a chance to hit the Chia bombers heading straight at you before you start moving around and finishing off the rest of the gang. Mixing up strategies like this means you’ll get through the levels quickly whilst reducing your chances of losing a life.
    In the last few levels, a great way of keeping Chia bombers at bay is to keep in one corner of the screen and put up mines around you. This will reduce the amount of directions you’ll have to shoot, and it will wipe out any Chias that come too close.

General tips

  • Try to relax! Chia bombers will always be heading at you, and the key is to keep calm and focus on which Chia bombers are heading towards you and which you don’t have to worry about dealing with.
    Remember if you’re moving around in the later levels that it will take several shots to kill some of the bombers – so don’t be too reckless about charging around. If you find yourself in the middle of the screen, look out for any Chias coming from all directions, not just from in front of you!

Neopets Chia Bomber 2 Cheats

While in-game, type ‘geoffrey’ any time to receive an extra life. This is especially helpful as your bonus at the end is based on how many lives you have left. The best time to use this code is in the middle of the first level.

At the beginning of the game on the launch screen, as well as between levels, hold down the right arrow key while you press the ‘Start’ button. This guarantees your starting place to be in the top left corner, meaning you can instantly start to fire at the Chia bombers on the right of the screen. You can also do this between levels if you finish the level at the top row of the screen and hold down the right arrow key and spacebar together.

Here’s one recommended strategy to use to approach the game, using our cheats:

Start by using your ‘geoffrey’ code in level 1 to give yourself the bonus (you’ll have time to type it then, as in other levels you might not have time).

Hold down the right arrow key and press ‘Start’. Alternatively, you’ll start in the bottom left corner of the screen in the first level, so just make sure you move up to the top row by the time you kill the last Chia Bomber.

Hold down the right arrow key and start level 2.

Keep using this strategy of starting in the top left hand corner until you reach level 9 or 10. The levels will go by very quickly as you can initially kill a lot of the Chia bombers very quickly in each level. Just be sure to be in the top row at the end of each level.

Once you reach level 10, it’s best to start in the normal spot (bottom left corner). This is because you’re furthest from the Chia bombers at this point. You can then make five mines in the squares around you between you and the approaching Chia bombers. Levels 10 – 12 are much harder than previous levels as black Chia bombers will be constantly trying to reach you, but the mines will kill them straight away.

Chia Bomber 2 Avatars and Trophies

Chia bomber 2 trophyChia bomber 2 trophyChia bomber 2 trophy

You can earn up to 3,000 neopoints a day on this game.

To get the avatar, you need to score 1,300 or more points at Chia Bomber 2 – this isn’t too hard if you follow the strategy set out on this page.

You’ll need to use the ‘geoffrey’ cheat code in order to get the highest possible bonus score for the High Scores table.

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