Neopets Kiko Pop Guide

On 4 September 2014, a fun game over at Kiko Lake was released: Kiko Pop! Based on a famous real-world carnival game, Kiko Pop is a strategic daily that can offer some poppin’ prizes. See what I did there?


Kiko Pop is a very simple game that you can play once a day. You are given one dart so you only get one chance!

The host Elvin the Yellow Kiko will give you three options to chose from:

NOTE: If you are going for the avatar, you must choose either Standard or Hard difficulty.

After you’ve chosen your difficulty, you will be presented with your spinning wheel, which will spin more quickly based on the level of difficulty that you’ve chosen:

Here’s where your strategy will come into play. The center balloon is the easiest to hit because it does not move as much as the other balloons. With harder difficulty, there will be very short pauses in which the wheel is not spinning, as it changes direction. This would be the best time for your dart to land on a balloon. Timing is very important! You should not throw the dart while the wheel is paused, but a moment beforehand, since the dart needs a moment to travel in the air. It might take some practice on each difficulty setting before you really have the hang of it. And, of course, there is no way to guarantee that you will hit a balloon even if you have timed it perfectly. The game, to an extent, is rigged. Hey, it’s a carnival game – what did you expect?!

If you miss a balloon, you’ll get this message:

If you have popped a balloon, you’ll notice a ticket with a certain symbol on it. This is an indication of the prize you will receive! Click “Reveal prize” at the bottom of the screen to collect your winnings:

Congrats – your prize will show up in your inventory!


Of course, prizes vary based on the difficulty:

  • Easy: Items between rarity 20-79
  • Standard: Items between rarity 60-89
  • Hard: Items between rarity 60-89

As well, there are different categories of prizes based on the balloon you pop and which symbol is on the little piece of paper.

Based on these icons above, you could win the following prizes:

  • The food symbol will give you a food item from rarity 20-89.
  • The book symbol will give you a book from rarity 45-85.
  • The sword symbol will give you a weapon from Battle Magic or Ice Crystal from rarity 60-89.
    NOTE: If you play on the Easy & Effortless mode, you could also win a Healing Potion.
  • The ball symbol will give you a toy from rarity 50-89.
  • The shirt symbol will give you one of the following:
    • a clothes item from rarity 45-85
    • a gift item from rarity 45-85
    • an Ugga Shinies item from rarity 65-85
    • a Mystical Surroundings item from rarity 65-85
  • The present symbol will give you a random item from  rarity 34-89.
  • The question mark symbol will give you an item that would generally be received by a daily, plus the possibility of winning the Kiko Pop! avatar.

▻ Avatar: Kiko Pop!

Randomly awarded when popping a balloon during Kiko Pop that reveals a question mark symbol.


  • You can mute the game’s music by clicking the speaker at the top left-hand corner of the screen.

Author: Sarah

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