Neopets Tyrannian Mini Golf

Neopets Tyrannian Mini Golf is a game where your principal objective is to succeed at getting the ball in the hole. Eighteen times. You are probably saying “O.K. then, I’ll just get the ball into the hole eighteen times, easy.” It is not what you think. The game contains many unforgivable traps like rotating fans, lava pits, trick holes, sand traps, ramps and a time bonus. Actually, the time bonus was added to the game a while after it was released to give more challenge to the hardcore players. Neopets Tyrannian Mini Golf gives you the choice of deciding whether you want to play the first nine holes, the second part containing these nine holes or you can choose to do them all at once. This game is really loved by people who enjoy the art of the Golf. Even if you didn’t have a chance to try it in real life. Whenever you will play it, you will realize how fun it would be if you had to play it in real. Anyways, this game has a maximum score and will display 900, but it is possible to reach over 900. 1350 is the maximum possible score without including time bonuses. By playing this game, you will learn how to become the master of the ball. Just get to try it.


Basically, during the game play you will, of course, first have to choose the character you will be playing with. Some characters are offered to you. Weak Stroke the Chomby, Perfect Putter the Acara and Hard Hitter the Lupe are the three characters whom you will be able to choose from. A fourth character is also available. It is a secret character. Actually, this player is the Phantom Orange-Shirt Guy and you will be able to play as him by hitting your tab button four times in a row, then hitting the spacebar once. Alternatively, you can click the Lupe’s eye once to use the Phantom Orange-Shirt Guy as your principal character. Any of the two methods described are equally good. When you will successfully choose your character, you will then be brought to choose from three balls. The balls are respectively the dung ball, wood ball and stone ball. Unfortunately, there is no “secret ball”. Know that the principal difference between the dung ball and the stone ball, is their weight. While the dung ball will be extremely light, when it comes to its weight, the stone ball will be completely the opposite, meaning being extremely heavy. The wood ball is a normal ball that is between both. A good advice will be to try them all and then to pick the one you were the more comfortable with. When you have picked a ball, you will be brought to a screen telling you how exactly you would want to play. You have the choice between the front nine holes, the back nine holes or the two mixed together. You will get more play if you decide to play more levels and this is what you should be doing unless you’re really only after NP.

You have waited enough. Now it is time to start. Few information are crucial to know about before starting playing, so read carefully. If you hit the ball only once and it successfully enters the hole, it is called a hole in one. Managing to do this means that you’re a beast. Par is listed on each hole, meaning if doing many “kicks” to make the ball successfully penetrate the hole is called a shot par where “par” is how many it should take you to get the ball into the hole. Another thing you will have to know is the Birdie. The birdie is when you it took you one less “putt” than par for the said hole. Another term you will encounter is called bogey. The par indicates a number. If it takes to you one more “putt” than what the par had listed, it will then be called a bogey. You can, frequently, also do a double bogey. That happens when it takes you two more “putt” more than what the par had listed. If you’re going after the perfection, then all you should consider doing is the hole in one “putt”. You have ten total “putts” to successfully get the ball into the hole. If you fail at doing so, it will be game over. Usually, this game becomes easy in no time. You just have to love it and play (it doesn’t have to be your favorite game to be enjoyable).

Each time you will make a ball enter the hole, you will see your score card. You might be probably a little confused. Let us explain: the card will list each hole or level, whereas under the hole number, it will show what par is for which level. If you look under that, it will show you how many total putts (or strokes) it has taken to you to get the ball inside the hole. Every time you start each hole you will have 30 bonus points, decreasing by 1 point per second. For example, if you lose 15 total seconds, then the remaining points will be: 30 – 15 = 15. 15 total points. That means the bonus is based on time. What is preferable, is that you take the least amount of time possible to finish a hole. If you take more than 30 seconds to finish a said hole, you will not lose the game. You will just not qualify for the varying 30 bonus points. Take into consideration that there is an easter egg on the scorecard. You will have to keep moving your mouse quickly on the Continue button (without clicking) and it will explode. Don’t be fooled and click on the End Game button. Doing so will mean that you will have to start over. Yes, it was done purposely!

During the game, there will be a circle around your ball. Know that if the circle is very big, the ball will be harder to be hit. A red circle will be shown after the “black line”. This will show you the direction that the ball is going to take. Everything will rely on aiming. This is the main aspect of the game. The straighter and faster aim, the better. Keep that in mind. Whenever you have the required strength, hit the ball and it will take the direction you have guided it to. The left mouse button is what you will have to press to make a hit. information

Take a close and careful look for the hole in the one lava pits that will grant a change to your ball for the second part of the game. Also, note that the water pit, at the bottom left of the screen is a mirage, therefore not existing.

Score and Points

Skip Hole is done after clicking on the bottom right corner to skip a hole. This will give you no points.

Maximum grants you a total of 10 points. The maximum strokes for a hole is 10 and you skip the next hole.

Better Luck Next Time will also award you with 10 points. This is done when you successfully finish the hold in three “ball shots” above the par in under 10 “ball shots”.

Double Bogey will add 10 points to your total and is done by finishing the hole in two shots higher than what the par had indicated.

Bogey gives you 10 points. It is done after finishing the hole in one shot more than what the par had indicated.

Par gives you 15 points. It is the standard number of strokes to finish a said hole. It is located, for each level, at the bottom of the screen.

Birdie will grant you 25 points. It is after you finish a hole in one shot less than what the par had indicated.

Eagle is awarded once you finish the hole in two shots under what the par had indicated, and will grant you 50 points.

Hole In One is the best thing you can do during the game. It will award you 75 points and you will have to get the ball inside the hole in just one shot, which needs a lot of game skills.

Neopets TMG Strategies and Cheats

A good strategy would be to find the best place to aim at because your main objective is to get the ball in the hole, but more preferably in the less possible putts. You will get more holes in one and pars if you use the “best” place you find every time. This will increase your chance to get right shots dramatically because you will be pinpointed the place. Note that it is, in many cases, impossible to get one straight shot right into the hole. The process will need the ball to bounce a little. Another tip is to do some thinking while you play to judge what is the best and whatnot. Imagine yourself playing Golf for real in front of millions of people!

Lastly, smart thinking is the way to go and remember that you will need your bonus points if you’re going after a super rare trophy!

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