Neopets Kacheek Seek

Kacheek Seek is a fairly simple game to play. The goal is to find your active neopet among numerous hiding spots in various locations around Neopia. Using your mouse, you can hover over each location to find clickable links to places where your pet might be hiding. Unlike other games, you can play and win neopoints more than three times a day. You can play the game until your active pet gets bored of it. You can play Kacheek Seek by clicking here.

Kacheek Seek Cheats

There are four different difficulties to choose from in Kacheek Seek: Easy Peasy, Medium, Hard and Quite Hard. The levels vary in a few different ways including the amount of neopoints won, the amount of hiding spaces possible for your pet and the size of the hiding spaces. Here is a list of the difficulties and their variations.

  • Easy Peasy – 5nps to 21 nps – 5 to 7 hiding spots per location
  • Medium – 5nps to 25nps – 6 to 10 hiding spots per location
  • Hard – 5nps to 25 nps – 8 to 12 hiding spots per location – Has some very small hiding spots
  • Quite Hard – 5np to 30 nps – 9 to 15 hiding spots per location – Has some very small hiding spots


The avatar “Must…Keep…Smiling” is randomly awarded after winning a game of Kacheek Seek against your pet. The easiest way to accomplish this avatar is to use your keyboard instead of your mouse to win many games quickly. Use ‘Tab’ to highlight a hiding spot, then use ‘Ctrl + Enter’ to open the hiding spot in a new tab and check for your pet. Repeat this to quickly find all the possible hiding spots and to win the avatar faster!

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