Neopets Cloud Raiders

Neopets Cloud Raiders

Neopets Cloud Raiders are calling you to fly a ship, more importantly to be the Captain! In Neopets Cloud Raiders you are travelling to Terror Mountain from Faerieland. (Seems a bit hard now considering Faerieland is on the ground.)

About Neopets Cloud Raiders
You are going to be in control of the air currents that are around. You click and drag your mouse to make an air current so your ship will fly into it and float up. You are controlling how fast the ship will go ( how steep you make the air current slope) and the direction ( up or down to avoid obstacles.)

(Note:This game can be challenging for first time users so make sure you practice.)

On the top of your screen you will see your life ( the heart.)  If you run out of health than your ship will crash and it will be game over.
The amount of air current you have ( the pen) will start depleting if you have used too much but it will replenish over time.
The number next to your coin (straight forward) but these are your points
The two buttons on the right hand side:
The blue one turns off extra animation and the red one can pause your game.

How to Play

The controls will take some time to get use to. You will be dragging the air current up and down, over the ship and under the ship to avoid a lot of different things. You need to make sure that the currents are as close to your ship as possible because they will vanish after a few seconds.
The only way for you to obtain points is by flying into the coins with your ship. This goes with getting injured too, it only happens when your ship hits the obstacles.

The Enemies You will Face:

 These clouds will slightly hurt you. You do need to avoid them especially as they are grouped together.
These thunder clouds do not disappear unlike the first ones. They hurt a little bit more as well.
 These fly into you and will not disappear.
If you click on the fired cannon then it get make the shot disappear. The enemies ship will not though. 
These will follow your movement and aim straight at you.

Cannons and Missiles will cause a great deal of pain. 
 Trees and Towers will stop you and make you continuously smash into them. Avoid at all cost! 

In this shot there are normal clouds, thunder clouds you need to avoid. There is also a lonely tree that you do not want to bash into. But what are those bubble looking things? Time to explain what you want to bump into in this game.

 Get as many coins as you can in this game. It is the only way to get points.
This one will double your points for a period of time so make sure you get this one.  
 Your health is important especially if you keep hitting the obstacles.
This will destroy all the enemies on the screen, until you move forward then they will be back! 
 This is your shield but it will not protect you from trees or towers.
This one will reduce your speed. 
 This one will morph all enemies into coins.

 Neopets Cloud Raiders Cheats

Make sure your health is more than half way and keep it there as coin wills follow a healthier you
Keep your ship in the middle of the screen for easier flying.
When there is a army of pirate ships stay low.
Get more points in the first level so that you are better off in the next two levels.
Pick running into normal clouds than thunder clouds.


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