Neopets Zurroball

Neopets Zurroball is a game of gravity and ferocious clicking, where you must keep a ball in the air for as long as possible. Zurroball is an unforgiving game which is notoriously difficult to master, but once you’ve got the hang of it it’s a whole lot of fun! What’s more, with a bit of practice Zurroball’s trophies are fairly easy to obtain when compared to other flash games.

Zurroball Instructions

In each game of Zurroball, you have to stop your chosen ball from hitting the ground by clicking on it as gravity takes its hold and it descends. Every time you play, you are given three attempts to get the highest score possible. Once you’ve used all three lives, the game is over. To build your score quickly, you can pull off a series of tricks to earn extra points. Tricks are an essential part of the game if you want to be earning a healthy amount of Neopoints!

Zurroball Balls

There are a total of six different balls you can play with, and each has unique qualities that changes how the ball behaves. There are three different attributes that each ball possesses, they are: size, weight, and speed. The size of the ball determines how easy it is to click on it as it falls (the smaller the size, the more difficult it is to click accurately). Meanwhile, the weight of the ball determines how it reacts to gravity. A heavy ball will not rise as high as a light ball when it’s clicked. Speed is fairly self-explanatory: faster balls whizz around the screen, while slower balls are easier to keep track of.

The default option is the Zurroball, a brown meteor which is big, heavy and slow. It’s a great ball to start out with and get to grips with the game, but its speed means it takes longer to rack up a high score.

As well as the Zurroball, there are five experimental balls you can choose to play with. The snot ball behaves a lot like the Zurroball, but it’s smaller and therefore harder to click on and keep in play. The metal ball hits a nice middle ground between the size of the first two options, and its incredibly slow speed makes it very easy to keep track of – but difficult to score points with quickly.

The energy ball is probably the most difficult to play with, as it’s the smallest in size, very lightweight and zips around at great speeds. The eye ball is similar in speed and weight to the energy ball, but its slightly bigger size typically makes it easier to play with.

Finally, there’s the Grundo Ball – a hidden option that you won’t find on the list of the title screen. To be able to play with the Grundo Ball, click on the blue “N” badge on the Grundo’s space suit. This option strikes a great balance between the size of the Zurroball, and the light, speedy nature of the energy ball. It’s a great option to use if you’re still getting used to the game, but want to be able to string together plenty of tricks quickly.

There are pros and cons to each ball, so spend a few games experimenting with each of them until you find one that suits you best.

Zurroball Tricks

There are four different tricks you can pull off to maximize your points total. Some of them are more difficult to perform than others, and award more points accordingly.

The Right Zurro will earn you 3 points, and is achieved by bouncing your Zurroball off the right wall.

The Left Zurro is a lot like the Right Zurro, except guess what? You earn your 3 points by bouncing the Zurroball off the left wall instead.

You can perform a Boomerang by bouncing the Zurroball off one wall, before clicking on it once to make it bounce off the opposite wall. This will earn you 5 points.

If you can get the Zurroball to bounce off both walls WITHOUT clicking on it in between, you will earn 10 points for pulling off an Around the World.

Finally, a Grounder can be achieved by clicking on the ball to bounce it just as it’s about to hit the ground. This will also bag you 10 points.

In order for points from your bounces (and tricks) to count, the Zurroball must cross the threshold, indicated by two red lines at the top of the screen. If the ball doesn’t cross this threshold before it hits the floor, you won’t earn any points earned since it last hit it.

Zurroball Cheats

In order to earn a lot of points without putting in too much effort, follow these tips and tricks and you should do just fine:

  • Always play the game in full screen mode. This will make everything (and crucially, the Zurroball) much bigger, but your cursor will stay the same size, making it easier to land a bounce.
  • If you get your cursor perfectly lined up with the center of the Zurroball, it will bounce straight. This way, you don’t have to worry about moving your mouse around, and you can just focus on timing your clicks to land lots of bounces!
  • At the bottom of the screen is an open hatch with a grey border. If you keep your mouse in line with the ball’s center, and just above the lowest point of this border, you can land plenty of Grounders and string lots of tricks together!

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