Neopets Spotlights

You want to be famous? In the “spotlight”? Well, now is your chance to gain that fame with a little bit of hard work, reading this guide, and setting out towards your goal! Winning spotlights aren’t hard, all you need is neopoints, orginality and determination!


Now I shall explain what each spotlight is

You may look at a spotlight, but do you have any idea what it is? Well, here is a quick explanation on what each section is about! Lucky you.

  1. Art Gallery: If you have a beautiful piece of art, you can win!
  2. Gallery Spotlight: Collect some items of the same genre, and win a beautiful trophy.
  3. Pet Spotlight: Think your pet is great enough? Write a small description and design a picture and enter it.
  4. Petpet Spotlight: Same as pet spotlight, only with petpets!
  5. Neoadventure Spotlight: Think you have the greatest neoadventure in the world? Prove it, and you can win.
  6. Neohome Spotlight: Show off your lovely home and designs here!
  7. Poems Spotlight: Are you good at writing poetry? Here is your chance to shine above them all!
  8. Site Spotlight: Site spotlight, a.k.a your “petpage”, is a great way to learn how to create sites! Except, this ones all about your neopet or something that interests TNT.
  9. The Neopian Times: Write a story or an article, draw a story, or even start a series! The neopian times is a great part of neopets.
  10. User Lookup Spotlight: Have a great lookup? Prove it and show it off!


Everything you need to know about winning a spotlight

When you are going to enter (or start) into a spotlight, there are a couple of things to keep in mind, tips on how to win, and basic information you need to know about spotlights. There are many others thing to help you win that I probably don’t know of (you can email me if you’d like to add to the list, I’ll give you credit). There you have it. Orginality and humor is a key factor.

  • Everything must be 100% yours.
  • Having orginal ideas will help you win. They want something interesting and *possibly* helpful.
  • Spend a lot of time on it.
  • Use PROPER grammar and spelling. Don’t enter a submissive that looks lik dis, lik gez ppl.
  • Think outside the box. For example, my older brother had a “Valentines Gallery”. He didn’t just have anything to do with love, or that was valentines related, he did anything that had hearts or even looked like hearts. Such as all the Blumaroo Plushies. They have sort of heart shapes on the bottom of their feet. Things like that can help you win.
  • Humor is a key factor for most spotlights. Like for a site spotlight, you could have a petpage that describes “How to Raise a Kau”, and list do’s and dont’s that are humourous.
  • Make it fancy, but not hard to read (please.. please.. do not have limegreen, glowing font…).


Frequently asked questions about spotlights

I was rejected! Why is that?
It doesn’t necessarly mean you’re spotlight entry wasn’t good enough, it could be they had too many entries and had to pick the very best, or the spotlight you entered could have been similar to someone’s elses (most spotlights have over 500+ past spotlights now…).Can I enter again?
Yes, of course! Keep trying, you’ll get there!

How do I enter into spotlights?
Go to Pet Central and scroll down to the side. There will be a list of the spotlights. If you click on them, they give you detailed instructions on how to submit your entries. Some you use a form, others you have to email it.

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