Neopets Toybox Escape

Neopets Toybox Escape is a fairly easy game where the evil Dr. Sloth has tossed his minions in a toybox so that they will never be able to escape. While playing this game, your principal objective will be to control the programming of the robotic Neopets Sloth, created by the evil himself, to let his minions escape without any troube. You will have to use the Neopet’s special skill to be able to help these minions escape the Sloth’s toybox. This game will rely mostly about special abilities.


During the game, each level will be in a room in which you will have to navigate to be successfully able to get out using the Neopets that are actually trapped in the level. Yup, you will be relying on them and on their special abilities. Each single Neopets will have one special ability that is not the same as the others. In order to successfully use it, you will have to click the picture that is located at the bottom on the screen. Doing that will let you use it without any trouble. In addition, the game is a little harder than it should be because some obstacles such as spikes or lava have been added to the game. For this reason, you will have to dodge them every time they will be on your path. A bonus coin can also be found on the game, on each different level, and it will grant you extra points simply for grabbing it. Your main goal, in each different level will be to move each Neopet that will be seen from the exit door, making them escape the evil. Of course, it wouldn’t be fair if you saved few Neopets and a few others remained there, which is why if you fail to even save one of the trapped ones, the level will have to be restarted. At first, you will find that it is challenging, but you will quickly find it easy after that. A total of three continues are given to you, so you will have to be careful when using these. Also, there is a level code that will be awarded to you as a prize, in the game, every time you finish five total levels. These levels will be able to be entered on the start page at any given time, meaning you can perfect games without having to restart the game from level 1 every time you are looking to play.

Neopets Special Abilities (Bonuses)

Each special ability is different and will be awarded depending of the species of the Neopets that can be found trapped in Sloth’s toybox. There are six different ones. 1) The Uni Ramp, 2) Kacheeck Push, 3) Mynci Climb, 4) Kougra Dig, 5) Scorchio Burn and 6) Shoyru jump.

The first one, the Uni Ramp will make a uni turn into a ramp, allowing other Neopets that are near him to get to higher area, giving them a slight advantage.

The second one, the Kacheeck Push, as its name says, is when a Kacheeck will push blocks so that he can get some free space in the level, making things easier for you.

The third ability, the Mynci Clim is when a Mynci climbs a vertical wall so that it reaches high-up bonus coins.

The fourth ability, the Kougra Dig is when a Kougra digs through a specific part of the ground that is, most of the time orange or red, beneath it so that it reaches lower portions of the level.

The fifth ability, the Scorchio Burn is when a Scorchio breathe fire at certain walls, also of the orange or red color, so that it makes Neopets free from a blocked section of the level. This way, they will be free.

The last ability is the Shoyru Jump. It happens when a Shoyru crosses chasms in a specific level to get access to areas that are unreachable by the other species.

Neopets Toybox Escape Guide for each level & Cheats

Each level will have a sequence of moves that you will have to take in order to successfully get the coin and exit the round in the fastest way possible. Sometimes, it is hard to do so and for this reason, the section below includes instructions for all the levels that you will face during the game. The guide below will tell you what you will exactly have to do to use the least possible amount of time to successfully finish the levels and get a super high score. If you manage to do what is described below correctly, you will even be awarded with a trophy.

First Level: So basically, during the first level you will be able to finish it within 20 seconds. Click on the green Mynci, then on the purple Mynci whenever it turns around so that you can successfully get the coin. After that, click on it again so that it falls off the ledge and you will be able to get it. Then, immediately exit.

Second Level: During the second level of the game, again, click the character you see, which is now the green Scorchio, then click the red Scorchio  whenever it turns around to get the coin, like in the last level. After that, click again to get the coin then proceed to the exit. On that level, contrary to the first one, you will be able to finish it with more or less 15 seconds.

Third Level: The third level will require a bit more attention. You will also be able to finish it within approximately 15 seconds. Click the yellow Kougra when it hits the orange block to get the coin, jump as soon as possible to the red one, then as soon as possible to the blue Kougra. This way, you will get the maximum amount of possible points.

Fourth Level: During the fourth level, you will be able to complete the level within 10 seconds, but which also means that you will have to act fast. Click on the red Shoyru quickly to jump onto the ledge. After that, just click another time before a little before the edge so that you will be able to jump on the chasm and get the coin. Waste no time, once you got the coin, click on the purple Shoyru to get onto the ledge then exit.

Fifth Level: For the fifth level, you will need approximately need 20 seconds to come over it. At first, click on the Uni and on the Kacheeck once the game starts. After that, click on the kougra after it turns around. Click on the Scorchio when it turns around and then at the Uni whenever the Scorchio is 4 blocks ahead of the Uni.

Sixth Level: This one will also need approximately 20 seconds to complete. In a fraction of second, when the round starts, click all the three Myncies, respectively the purple, green, then blue and then wait for each one to turn forward the final climb. At that time, click at them once again using the same order.

Seventh Level: This level can be done within approximately 10 seconds. Basically, whenever the round starts, click the three Kacheecks right away in order. So respectively the blue, green, then the yellow one. This round will require a bit more accuracy. In other words, if you are not careful and you click on the yellow Kacheeck right away, the block will land on the green one right away. Also, if you’re not enough careful, once again, and that you do not click on the green or blue Kacheeck quickly, there are chances that they will fall into the spikes below, causing you more harm than good.

Eighth Level: The eighth level is achievable within approximately 15 seconds. The first thing you will have to do is to click on the Uni and on the Scorchio quickly, then to wait the Shoyru to scale the Uni ramp. After that, proceed to taking aim for the ledge with the coin on it. This is not that easy and is not always achievable right away. A good tip for this is to hold down your mouse button until it hits the very edge, then erlease. Whenever you have a free second, click on the Uni again and you would have came over the round.

Ninth Level: This level will have a kind of a tricky combination. At the start of the level, click on the Kacheeck quickly, then wait until the Uni is walking to the left side and click on him as well. After that, click on the Scorchio to make him burn the block that is near the exit door. You will have to take into consideration that he will have to actually burn that block only after the Kougra has turned around. This way, it will allow the Scorchio to go to the exit while the Kougra climbs the ramp. Make sure to follow the steps mentioned, otherwise it will not work. Finally, when the Kougra climbs the ramp, release the Uni. Click twice on the Kougra when it is after the coin side of the screen.

Tenth Level: This level will require speed so get ready for that. If you’re speedy enough, it can be done within maximum 15 seconds. It does not matter which Kougra you will use on this one though. All you have to do, is to be fast, which also means thinking and acting fast. Whenever you pick a Kougra, stick with it to the end of the round, always. The other one will follow the path which is why one can be enough to control. The Kougra you will be watching is the one that will wind up on the final level before the exit door with the shortest path to travel the coin. Whenever it will hit the coin, click on it as quickly as possible. If you take time to do that, it will hit the spikes. This is why this round is based on speed. While you’re waiting it to reach the coin, you can click the other so that it can exit and successfully complete its task.

Eleventh Level: This level is actually one of the longest ones, and you will be able to complete it within approximately 35 seconds. As soon as the level starts, click on the Shoyru to make it jump over the block that is located on the top row. After that, click once again to jump over each bulk of spikes. To do that, don’t wait the last second. Click on the block that is before the spikes and you will be fine. After that, click on the Kougra the next time it will hit the red block on the ground, at this time the Shoyru will have reached the button for the spikes at that specific time. Click on it again (on the Shoyru) to make it jump to the red block once again. Click the Kougra another time when it is moving left, and when the Scorchio is also moving left at the same time. Next to that, click on the Shoyru as soon as possible to make it successfully jump over the newly formed chasm. You can click again to jump over the block and again for the last chasm. When this is done, click on it the last time to be awarded with the coin, then you will be able to finish the current round.

Twelfth Level: If the instructions for this particular level are followed accurately and precisely, it can be done within approximately 25 seconds. Start by clicking on the yellow Kacheeck when it starts going left in order to push the block off the ledge. After that, click on the Kougra to get both, itself and the Scorchio off the ledge so that you will be able to click the green Kacheeck when it is going right to push the last block. When this is done, click back on the Scorchio and then on the Kougra whenever it turns rightward. When this is completed, the round will also be successfully completed.

Thirteenth Level: The thirteenth level is achievable within roughly 30 seconds. First of all, start by clicking on the Kacheeck immediately so that you can push the green block. Then click on the Scorchio whenever it is turned left. This will let you get the coin in a quickly manner. After that, click on the Kacheek once again in order to push the green block and get it off the ledge it lands on. Finally, click on the Scorchio two times to burn through every red block and accomplish the current round.

Fourteenth Level: That level can be completed within less than 30 seconds. Start by clicking on all the three Neopets right away. The order does not really matter for this level. Whenever the Kacheeck falls to the right of the block, you will have to click it again. Click on it a third time whenever the block reaches the space to the right of the right-hand block of the ledge containing the coin. After that, you will click the nearest Mynci to climb the latest new wall. By clicking the Kacheeck a last time, you will be able to complete the level.

Fifteenth Level: This level will require a lot of speed from you when it will start. So when it does, instantly click on the Kacheeck. Do it in the fastest humanly possible way for your advantage. After that, click on the Kougra three times so that you will be able to bring it to the exit. Remember that when you click it for the third time, you will have to dig through the leftmost block on the ledge in order to make it turn off the spikes for the Scorchio, later. Click on the Kacheeck when it is on the last red ledge in order to get the coin. You will then have to make sure that its face is looking to the right when you will click, for the last time, the Kougra. Finally, click on the Scorchio so that it can leave with the exit and thus, ending your current level. 20 seconds will be more than enough to finish off that level.

Sixteenth Level: On that level, you will have a lot of things to do so be ready. There are four Kougras and a good tip will be to do one section of Kougras at a time. You can start with the red Kougra. For this one, dig one time then dig through the second block that is located on the next level. If you dig throught the first, third or on the fourth block you will get trapped. Avoid doing that at any cost. Once this is done, dig three more times. Now it is the green Kougras turn. Start by digging it through one of the left two blocks, then dig it again when it falls to the right. When this is done, dig on the second one that is near the last one to the right so that you will be successfully able to grab the coin. Then, once more in the orange region to get to the exit door. For now, you would have completed the first half of the game (and the easiest). The blue Kougra and the yellow ones are hard. For the first part, dig on the second from the right with the other Kougra as far away as you can, then dig on the C block again instantly on the block below it. Make sure to note that it is actually very important to be speedy for that one because you will only get one chance before you are able to hit the spikes. There is also only one right answer so there is no other possible way to do it. This level can be completed within 25 seconds if you follow the instructions carefully.

Seventeenth Level: After all what you’ve previously encountered, this level will make your life easier because it is much more simple than what you have seen before. First of all, start by having the Kougra to dig to get inside the open space you will see on the screen, then dig it two more time. Note that when you dig it two more times, it must be on the rightmost column of blocks, otherwise you will not be able to make the correct Neopets number to cross the button to disarm the spikes, thus resulting in your failure. When this is successfully done, get the Shoyru to jump over the block. If everyone are faced to the right, it will be easier but it is not always achievable from the first try. A maximum of 20 seconds will be needed for this level.

Eighteenth Level: When the level starts, click on the purple Mynci before you go and click on the green Scorchio and then, at last, click on the green Mynci. When this is done, go ahead and click on the red Scorchio when it has turned off the green spikes in order to make it grab the coin. When the coin has successfully been taken, click the green Mynci once again to turn off the spikes for the Scorchios to pass. Whenever it has been done, click on one Scorchio and the other will follow. This will mark the end of the level. This level can be done within less than 25 seconds.

Nineteenth Level: Possibly the longest level out there, start by clicking on the purple Shoyru many times in order to get it acriss the first row of blocks in a safe way. When this is done, click on any Shoyru to get it onto the double blocks two times, the second to get it to the row of coins. After that, click on the other Shoyru to get it onto the double blocks so that it can leave with the exit door. Remember to jump, on the coin row, then to let the Shoyru fall off the edge and continue toward the exit. This level can be done within 35 seconds.

Twentieth Level: Ah! The Final level. 35 seconds is the maximum amount of time you will require if you follow the last instructions carefully. Start off by clicking the Kougra two times to dig itself and the Scorchio through their ledge. When this is done, click on the Scorchio when it is facing left (it has to be facing left) to burn the passage through for itself, the Mynci, and the Kougra. After that, proceed to click on the Mynci to make it climb to the newly accessible ledge then click it again whenever it has reached the top. It will then turn off the spikes to make the coin reachable. When it is near the button, click on the Kacheeck. Finally, click on the Scorchio a last time when it is facing leftward. This will successfully result in game completion.

Codes (Of levels)

Whenever you complete five different levels, you will be awarded with a code to skip to the next one from the start page so that you will not have to complete it every time. And it will also take forever if you’re trying to get better at the game by training. If you’re trying to get a trophy or a super high score, never skip the first level or you’ll end up losing points. You will only be given a code upon successful completion of a level. Remember to keep the codes written on a piece of paper on somewhere saved on your computer to make sure that you do not lose them.

Good luck!

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