Neopets Imperial Exam

Neopets Imperial Exam is a game where you need to read words and tell the students whether they spelled them correctly or not. If you’re lucky enough to get a high score, Imperial Exam can reward you with this shiny trophy.


Playing Guide




In this game, you control a Kacheek admitting students to a testing hall. Each student will have a speech bubble when they approach you, and you need to decide whether they spelled a word or if they messed up. Press the up key to admit a student into the hall (if they spelled a word correctly), and the down key to refuse students (if they misspelled).

There are five levels in Imperial Exam. In each level, you start off with 70 seconds on a timer. If the timer reaches 0 before you complete the level, you lose the game.


Level One: You must let ten students into the hall to complete the level.

Level Two: You must let twenty students into the hall to complete the level.

Level Three: You must let thirty students into the hall to complete the level.

Level Four: You must let thirty-five students into the hall to complete the level.

Level Five: You must let forty students into the hall to complete the level.


If a student spells a word correctly, you press the up key to let them into the hall, and you will gain five points. If you press the down key to turn them away, you won’t lose any lives, but you won’t get any points – in fact, you lose five points for every genius that you refuse to let in.

If a student spells a word incorrectly, you press the down key to turn them away, and you will gain five points. If you press the up key instead, you will lose a life (and you only have three lives, throughout the whole game).


How to get a high score


So to complete the game, you have to let in 135 students. This gives you 675 points in total. The problem is that to get a score that’s likely to get a trophy, you need to have a score of at least 1200. All of your other points need to come from refusing students that spell incorrectly. Because you can’t control how many bad spellers you get in a game, you just have to hope that you get a lucky game with lots of bad students.




Imperial Exam can be played in almost a dozen different languages, but because I’m not familiar with any language besides English, that’s the one I’ll be talking about.

Once you’ve chosen your language, you can choose between three different difficulty levels. I suggest Basic, because it’s the easiest, and you don’t get any kind of bonus for picking a harder difficulty level.

Only four types of spelling changes can exist in wrong words compared to their correct spellings:

-A letter can be removed (knowledge is misspelled as knoledge)

-A letter can be added (even is misspelled as evven)

-A letter can be changed (galaxy is misspelled as galaxi)

-Two letters can switch places (their is misspelled as thier)


Word List


Just for your convenience, I decided to place here a list of all of the words that you will find when playing in Basic mode (in English). Each word has only one misspelling, so those are listed too. If you’re not a spelling expert, you could study this list a bit before playing to get a feel for what the misspellings look like.



Correct Wrong
action actoin
also aslo
actually actualy
beginner begginer
between betweeen
chief cheif
concern consern
definite definit
develop develope
error erorr
even evven
further futher
forehead forhead
galaxy galaxi
guard gaurd
happen hapen
hero heroe
interest intrest
imagine immagine
jump junp
knowledge knoledge
library libary
little littel
lively livley
myself mysef
market markit
night nihgt
notice notise
numb nubm
occur ocurr
oxygen oxigen
place palce
piece peice
quick quikc
really raelly
record recrod
shadow shaddow
sneeze sneese
these theese
their thier
unused unsed
until untill
usually usualy
value valeu
without withuot
worry woory
working wokring
yellow yelow
yawn yawwn
zero zerro


Neopets Imperial Exam Cheats


-You can play in Basic mode, and still receive just as many points as you would if you were playing on harder modes. That’s good, because the misspellings in the harder modes are much more difficult to distinguish.

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