Neopets Petpet

There are thousands of petpets roaming in neopia all around, but there are pets that stand out and I feel they need to be recognized… or…

People just hate them, and are the most infamous petpets… All we want to do is run away from them, but they must’ve worked hard to get to their place of… er, infamousity, so they should be recognized too. XD

The King


Turmaculus is Meridell’s answer to Terror Mountain’s Snowager. Being the King of all Petpets, I feel him worthy to be mentioned as the first famous petpet and having his own section. Turmaculus ate, and ate, and ate… until one day, he became so big that he couldn’t move anymore! Now, we can usually find him sleeping near the symol hole in Meridell. Do you dare to wake him? He’s not easy to wake I can tell you that, but when you do wake him you have no idea what mood he’s in. He can give you rare and expensive items… OR eat your petpet! So, don’t go to Turmaculus with your active pet with your favorite petpet attached. ;D Turmaculus is the bigger version of our Turmac buddy on the left, here.

Hey look on the bright side. If Turmac eats your petpet, atleast you have this nifty avatar. 😉
Famous Petpets

My… My… Treasures… RAWWWWRRRRRRR!

The Snowager is a giant ice worm-ish creature that lives in the ice caves of neopia having his own caves. He stays there awake all day, but what would a giant worm be doing sitting in a cave all day you ask? He is guarding a great treasure, a treasure which includes riches and riches. Once in awhile the guy has to sleep, I mean honestly, even the king of the ice caves has to sleep. And there are 3 hours of the day in which he sleeps. The snowager represents the small snowickle. No one knows how he got so big or where his legs went! But we know he’s a snowickle.Well the dude has treasure and we want it! So while the guy is asleep we can give him a visit, and hopefully you can get a treasure, but maybe… he’ll wake up. If you’re lucky he’ll ignore you, but sometimes you’ll er, get blasted. e.e; Atleast you might get this avatar…

Isca, I’ll protect you… *throat clear* RAWWRRR!

In the Curse of Maraqua plot, Isca and Garin were in trouble from the Drenched when Isca called for her childhood pet/petpet, Goregas. Just in the heat of battle Goregas comes to the rescue with the famous words, “Isca, I’ll protect you.” Garin enters battle with him and Goregas being the great, powerful Gulper fish he was, greatly went into battle weakening the enemy.This guy I think should be the king of petpets for he being a true hero. Loyal, determined, and strong. But that’s just me. Maybe he’s the King petpet of the Sea, but anyway, enjoy this stamp of his:

Bloatt… *falls over*

In this game you have to guide Dieter the Polarchuck (a very hungry Polarchuck who just loves munching snow!) to the bottom of each level before the time runs out! Succesfully submit a score of 5000+ in Snowmuncher and you’ll get a nifty avatar!

Rainbow… *drools and munches on rainbow doughnutfruit* OHMEGHEEE!!! FISHY! *spaz*
Jimmy and Woogy

An Air faerie of faerieland was angrily ordered to remove all Hasees from faerieland only to find that they fell through the clouds and into the oceans of neopia. They bobbed, er, gracefully to Mystery Island. You know what they found? Doughnutfruits! The hasees not being able to climb or jump high enough, were templating how to get up. Two clever Hasees, Jimmy and Woogy found putting a board at the tip of a rock could make it easier to get doughnutfruits. One dya, the islanders complained, and Fyora moved all Hasees to the petpet shop…Except, Jimmy and Woogy. Occasionally you can hear a giggle coming from deep within the doughnutfruit groves where, to this day, Woogy and Jimmi continue to bounce on their make-shift seesaw, collecting all the delicious fruits for themselves.Want to help the two crazy Hasees? Then play Hasee Bounce!

Infamous Petpets


There’s not much we know about the Giant Ghostkerchief except that he’s a big jerk. XD He attacked some poor neopians and earned the spotlight on Defenders of Neopia for mission 9; trick or treat. He, also like Turmaculus (who is a bigger form of the turmac) is a larger, scarier form of the ghostkerchief.

Rawr, don’t touch my money! *shifty eyes*
Mutant Kadoatie

Did that little twirp cat take your neopoints? Me too! The Mutant Kadoatie is an insanely infamous petpet in neopets land where his mewing is soooo annoying that you go crazy! This makes you give the owner 5,000 neopoints… You can always take revenge in the battledome, so don’t worry. ^^

Slug Monster

The Slug Monster is easily the bigger version of the Slugawoo petpet. He guards over the Ruins of Maraqua and any wandering around their will get you a visit from this big guy. Sick of him intruding on you during your adventures in the ruins of maraqua? Grab some Slug Flakes and he might challenge you in the Battledome, if you annoy him enough. :PBeing a Defenders of Neopia, most wanted you can get a nifty trophy for defeating him.


*shifty eyes* I’m not a snowickle… GRAGHH!
Snow Beast

The Snow beast was introduced in the Hannah and the Ice Caves plot, and was soon introduced as a DOM challenger. We don’t know much about the snow beast other than that he is a larger counter part of the Snicklebeast, who was the advent prize in 2004.



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