Neopets Guess the Marrow

Guess the Marrow is an easy game to play but a hard game to win. To give it a shot, visit the Marrow and enter your guess for the current weight of the Marrow. You can have one guess daily and only ten winners are allowed before the competition closes for the day. The Marrow’s weight is random and changes every day. The competition also starts at a random time every day so if you want to play, you’ll have to keep checking back!

Guess the Marrow Cheats

To help narrow down your guesses, you should keep in mind that the Marrow’s weight is always between 200 and 800 pounds. It is also always an integer, so the correct answer will never be a decimal number like 412.3 pounds. Besides this, there doesn’t seem to be any patterns known to guessing a correct weight on the Marrow. One suggested strategy is picking the same number everyday. Eventually, the number has to be correct, though who knows how long it’ll be until it is. Here are a list of marrow exclusive prizes that can be won with a correct guess. The most expensive prizes are Elixir of Marrow, Marrow Mask and Marrow Sandals.

  • Chocolate Marrow Slice
  • Elixir of Marrow
  • Marrow Cream Pie
  • Marrow Loaf
  • Marrow and Rice Sundae
  • Marrowblade
  • Marrow
  • Marrow Mask
  • Marrow Pie
  • Marrow Sandals
  • Marrow Bean
  • Marrow Bone

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