Neopets Altador Plot – Quick Completion Guide

– Part One (A) –
1. You start off by going to the Hall of Heroes.
2. Then talk to the Janitor in the back.
3. Push the sun shaped button beside him.
4. Leave and go to the quarry.
5. Then head over to the Archives and try to get the book that’s propping up the table leg.
6. Go back to the quarry and pick up a flat rock.
7. Now, you go back to the Archives and switch the rock for the book, but clicking the book.
8. Click the book that’s now on the podium. It’s blank except for the first 3 pages.
9. Return to the Hall of Heroes yet again.
10. Click on the janitor fellow again.
11. Push the button again. He now says something different. He’s talking about how the wheels may be rusty and dusty.
12. This next part is tricky, click on a statue and move your mouse over the very top until the little hand appears, that will take you to the ceiling. From there, go to another statue and a bottle of oil should appear. The oil is random and you may have to click many statues. (It took be about 4 or so statues before I found it).
13. Go back to the janitor and click the button, it works this time.
14. Again, go back to the Archives. You don’t have to do this, but it doesn’t hurt.
15. Go back, again, to the Hall of Heroes. Go to the statues and click on the ceiling again, dots now appear. If you connect them correctly, you’ll find out the constellation pattern for that statue. Using a constellation finder would be the easiest method.
16. Take them stairs, which are located when you first enter the HOH (Hall of Heroes) off to the left in the back. (They appear after you do all the stuff above.) Or you can click on the statue of Gordos the Collector and get to them that way.
17. If everything has been done correctly up to this point, you should be able to join theAstronomy Club.
18. When you first enter the Altadorian Archives, you see a bulletin board in front of you, there is no longer underwater basket weaving, it has been replaced by the astronomy club. You can click the paper to go to the astronomy club.
19. Go back to the Archives.
20. The janitor too has something to add.
21. Follow the stairs again and it leads into an observatory. Click the telescope stand.
*Don’t forget to go here to get your coordinates.
22. After you have found them, go back to the
observatory and enter your constellation coordinates.
– Part One (B) –
1. Head to the Restive Tomb.
2. Once there, click on the markings on the door. (The three diagonal dots, either set).
3. After that, head over to the Archivist.
4. Following that, go to the Hall of Heroes(HOH), and then from there, the Observatory.
*If You Need Help go Here to get all the coordinates.
5. Once you have found your constellation, connect them so they resemble what was on the door. Then click submit. After it says you have found a new constellation, head back to theArchivist.
6. Then read The Book.
7. After all is said and done, head by the Astronomy Club, then back to the HOH, and click on the Sleeper’s statue, then her ceiling.
– Part Two –
1. So we’re back on Altador’s front page, and looking around we notice the nice clouds. How about clicking on the clouds that are furthest right?
2. Wow, such a nice view of… clouds? Wait, why don’t you try and click on the litle spaces between the clouds?
Aha! They form *another* constellation.
3. Let’s go see what the Archivist has to say about this, shall we?
4. After this, we head on over to the HOH, and go up to the Observatory.
*Don’t forget about your Coordinates.*
5. It may take a while, but you’ll get the constellation right, I had a time with it as well. It’s the bottom part of the constellation that throws you off.
6. Go talk to the janitor and see what he says.
7. We all know what to do now, go to the Archivist and then the book.
– Part Three –
1. Go to the Restive Tomb , and once there click on the furthest left side’s most southern corner. Or tab three times and hit enter.
2. If this worked, you should be facing Altador, with the observatory, with a ray of light going through, in the center.
3. From there, click Return to Altador, then go to the HOH and click on the Dancer.
4. Whilst at the statue, click on the sun beams behind her.
5. You should now be looking outside the window and onto the ground, now click on one of the little cirles on the ground that come from the sunbeams.
It’s The First to Rise’s constellation!
6. Off to the Archivist with you!
7. Now you return once again to the HOH, and then to the observatory.
*Don’t forget about your Coordinate.
8. After everything is said and done, go check out the Dancer’s ceiling.
9. After all of this, the janitor wants a little input.
10. Head over to the archivist and he greets you much more better.
11. Don’t forget to check out the Book on the Podium.
12. And when the day is all over, you can go to the Astronomy Club and get yourself a badge.
– Part Four –
1. First, head off to the Old Follies Farm.
2. Once there, click on the door to the windmill.
3. Then, when inside the mill,pull the lever that is located to the left hand side.
4. After getting fussed at by the Moehog there, click on the doorway to leave.
5. When you see the six bundles of hay, click on them to reveal the constellation.
6. Then make your way back the Archives.
7. Make a brief appearance at the Astronomy Club.
8. Then it’s off to the Hall of Heroes with you.
*Don’t forget to get your Coordinates.*
9. After that, the ceiling is lit up above Florian, and it’s off with you to the Archives again, to check out the Book of Ages, which has new pages in it!

– Part Five –
1. So there you are, in the main hall of the Archives, when something catches your eye.
2. On the bulletin board is a bulletin for a Dance club.
3.So you got to check it out, but they aren’t accepting new members, but before you leave something else catches you eye, There are 6 dots to the right of disco ball, they look vaguely familar, why don’t you click on them.
Oho! It’s the Dancer’s constellation!
4. Off to the Archivist you go.
5. Back to the HOH and back to the Observatory.
6. After everything has been said and done, visit the Janitor.
7. Well, since he isn’t pleasant, go to the Archivist and see what he says, and then check out the Book on the Podium.
8. Why not stop by the Astronomy Club as well.

– Part Six –
1. Ah yes, another new day in Altador, why not go check out the Docks?
2. Nothing of interest seems to be going on, so how about clicking A wave?
Oh! Another Constellation! This time it’s the Wave’s constellation.
3. Off the to Archivist we go again!
4. We know what this means, HOH and Observatory time.
5. After we’ve finished plotting, go and see The Wave’s statue and ceiling.
6. Go and visit the Janitor while you’re there too. At least he’s more pleasant today.
7. The Archivist seems pleasant today too.
8. Don’t forget to check the Altadorian Archives Book.
9. Now at the Astronomy Club, you get a little trinket, why not head over to the Toy Repair Shop to get it fixed?

– Part Seven –
1. A new section has been unlocked. Go the the Colosseum.
2. Click around on all of the windows located on the first 2 rows of the Colosseum. Everyone’s is different so I can’t provide a link.
3. Keep clicking until you find a Grarrl. He also moves around so if you leave and come back, he’ll be in a different spot.
4. He will ask you to join the Punch Club. Follow him! This part is a bit reduent too, so you won’t have much luck with a Punch Club cheat of Punch Club help.
5. There are 3 bowls of punch on the table. Keep clicking on them until the goblet, located inbetween bowls 2 & 3, becomes clickable.
6. Click on the sun emblem on the goblet. It will light up, showing the Gladiator constellation.
7. Head to the Archivitst to get your new coordinates.
8. Go to the HOH then the Observatory. Look for the Gladiator.
9. Congrats! You have found The Gladiator. The gems above Torakor, the Gladiator now glow.
10. The Janitor is a little upset you went to the Punch Club without him.
11. Don’t forget to check the Altadorian Archives Book.
12. The Astromony Club members mention to you that they aren’t too happy with the president now. Wonder what will happen next?

– Part Eight –

The Shopkeeper at Illustrious Armory.
1. First, it’s back to Altador with you. Then head to either of the following three shops: Magical Marvels, Illustrious Armory, or Exquisite Ambrosia.
2. From there, at any of the shops, check the inflation rate of that shop.
3. Then go to your<ahref=”http:”” bank.phtml”=””> bank account and either withdraw or put in neopoints until you have the same amout of neopoints on hand as the inflation rate. (ex. if inflation is 2.64%, take out 264 np, or put in until you have that much).
4. Go back to the shop where you got the inflation and there should be an item there, which will have the constellation on it.
5. Then go to see the Archivist!
6. After that, head over to the observatory.
*Don’t forget about your constellation data!
7. After it’s been plotted go check out the collector’s statue, he’s the one in front of the stairs, and click on the ceiling.
8. Afterwards, why not click the janitor to see what he says.
9. And back to the Archivist you go!

– Part Nine –
1. Time to go to Altador again. Head over to the Archives.
2. Why it’s the Lenny from Lenny Conundrum! Approach him. He asks you for Finneus’s (the archivist) favorite Meepit Plushie.
3. Go speak with Finneus. He’s not going to just give you the Meepit on his desk so we need to distract him. Click on the vase in the back left of the room. He’ll look away…then click on the Meepit Plushie on his desk! Take it to the Lenny from Lenny Conundrum.
4. After speaking with the other Lenny, he informs you that this is not his favorite plushie. Go back to Finneus. He’ll explain he has a TON of Meepit Plushies. Great…
5. We need to go find the Meepit box. Head to the Library, located to the left of the bullentin board in the Archieves.. It’s the door that has the purple rope across it.
6. Ok this is similar to the Punch Club. There are some doors in this room. We really want the small door in the upper right available.
You are going to have to click on the doors circled in yellow until the door circled in red becomes clickable. Keep trying and check back each time you try a door.
7. Once that door is available, go in and it will take you to a closet with a box of Meepit Plushies!

Click on the ‘Hide the Box’ Button.
8. Go back the the Archivist. Click on the vase again and take the Meepit Plushie. Return it to the Lenny Conundrum Lenny.
9. Uh-oh. Looks like it ripped! Click the ‘Uh-oh’ button to reveal a dagger inside the plushie.
10. Click on the dagger to reveal the Theif constellation! Alright!! You better go back to theArchivist to get your new cooridnates.
11. After that, head over to the observatory.
*Don’t forget about your constellation data!
12. After it’s been plotted go check out the Theif’s statue to see the gems glow above him.
13. I don’t think the Janitor likes Lenny Conundrums…
14. Then head back to the Astronomy club. 10. Don’t forget to click on the book to see the next section.
11. And lastly, go to the Astronomy club.

– Part Ten –
1. You are looking for a Vaeolus petpet! He is either at the Docks, the Quarry, or the Farm. It is different for everyone.
2. This poor little Vaeolus seems to have had his flames extinguished, and has been severely injured! Perhaps you should take him to the Archivist. He might know what to do.
3. The archivist says, “Oh my! What a poor little Vaeolus! I wonder what happened to his owner. He seems very ill!” He’s not much help. Head over to the bullentin board. Click on the purple potion for the Alchemy Club.
4. “Hmm, so you’re looking for medicine, eh? I’ve got a potion that could help you out… for a price!”

Elixir of Petpet Healing
30,000 NP

The quiggle cackles at you and demands 30,000 neopoints for the medicine! What a jerk!
5. Click on the medicine even if you don’t have enough Neopoints.
The Archivist storms over and swats the Quiggle on the hand. “Hey! No selling of items is allowed in the Archives! Why are you such a troublemaker, anyway?” He mutters angrily and retreats to his office. Click Continue.
6. Follow The Archivist into his office. The Vaeolus is in the upper left-hand corner. Click on him. It will give you the following options:
Give Medicine
Check in on the Vaelous

7. Next we need to go get some more options for our petpet. Go to the Colosseum and find the Punch Club (click on the windows until you find the Grarrl). Once at the Punch Club, click on the pie on the table. Hooray we have a piece of Blueberry Pie!!
8. Then head over to the Restive Tomb. Click on the door to enter the tomb.
Oh no! An angry, mummified Gelatinous Non-Cube is roaming around the tomb!

There will be a small bit in the lower right hand corner coming off, click it to get the mummy bandages!
9. Now it’s time to take care of the petpet. You should have the following options:
Feed, Bandage, Give medicine, Wait, Check in on the Vaeolus
The Vaeolus changes every minute. You’ll need to refresh the page after a minute and take care of him. Here’s a break-down of each option.
Feed – Do this when he has his tongue sticking out
Bandage – Do this when he holds his paw out
Give medicine – Do this when he looks like he’s about to throw up!
Wait – Do this when he is laying down
Check in on the Vaeolus – Do this after each minute
Refresh the page each minute and tend to him accordingly.
Start off by curing what is wrong with him. After a minute click on “Check in on the Vaeolus”. After each time you should start to build up some numbers in your web address bar at the end of the url. They should look like this: av1=feed&av2=feed&av3=meds&av4=meds&av5=wait&av6=feed&av7=wait&av8=feed
After each time, you get get a new av. Example: First time I feed him, then after a minute I clicked check in and his stats changed and it said av1=feed, I feed him again, waited another minute, clicked check in and his stats changed and it said av2=feed, and so on. He DOES repeat things. Once you get to av9…you should see a Skeith pop up at the bottom of the page.
11. The Vaeolus seems to be feeling better!
A Skeith knocks on the door just then. “Why, hello there!” he says. “I’m from the Petpet Protection League, and I heard you were nursing this poor little creature back to health. Very helpful of you! I’d like to present you with this certificate on behalf of the PPL!”
Click on the Watermark on the Certificate. It’s your new constellation!!
12. Go the the Archivist for your new coordinates.
13. Go to the telescope and find your Gatherer constellation.
14. The gems above the statue of Fauna, the Gatherer, begin to glow!
15. The janitor says, “Wow, it’s getting really bright in here with all these gems lighting up on the ceiling. Only two left! I wonder if anything special happens when all of them are lit up. Now that would be something to see.”
16. Head back to the Archivist for a full update!
17. Hey where’s the Astronomy Club President?

– Part Eleven –
1. Head to the Rock Quarry and go up the path. Here you will reach the city wall.
2. Click on the bottom right hand stone on the wall. Here you will find the Minitheus. Click on the amulet & click continue.
3. Go to the Farm. The farmer’s crops are drying up!
4. Next, go to the Water Plant. It’s the water tower right above the archives. You need to get the water levels right in order to save Altador from flooding and to water the farmer’s plants. Click on the door below the shoyru. There are 3 areas with levers and valves. When you first enter, you’re in the middle room. There’s another room to your left and to your right. There’s no altador plot water plant cheat… I just messed around and got it right. Go to each of the rooms and click on the valves and levers. You do NOT want to flood Altador but if you do the water plant will reset. Once you’ve gotten it correct, you will see this:

5. Go back to the Minitheus (in the Rock Quarry) and click on the amulet. You will see the newest constellation, the Protector!!
6. Go back to the Farm to see what the farmer has to say.
7. Head over to the Archivist for your new coordinates.
8. Go to the telescope and find your Protector constellation.
9. What? The Gems stopped glowing?!
10. The janitor shouts, “HEY!! Why are the lights off?! I was having fun looking at them, all shiny and stuff… RAAARGHH!! IT REALLY MAKES ME ANGRY WHEN THE LIGHTS GO OFF!!”
11. Head back to the Archivist for a full update!
12. Head over to the Astronomy Club to see what happens to the president.
13. We’re not sure if this is it. Only one more constellation left! In the meantime, keep exploring Altador.
14. In the newest Neopian Times Editorial, here’s what TNT has to say about the plot:
Have TNT officially released the Altador Plot yet? Because when they released a new screensaver, they said “If your screen needs some saving, why not download this new Screensaver featuing the constellations from the Altador Plot?” Sooo… has it been released or what?!?!?!?! Thanks for clearing it up! ~xwiltedx
Erm… yes. It’s currently still in progress, as a matter of fact! Has been for about a month. If you haven’t started yet, you’d best get busy! There’s not much time left. 😉
Hi! I was just wondering about the altadorian plot. Usually a comic comes out, and I’m really looking foward to it, especially because it’s taking place in Faerieland, which is my favorite. So, are they coming out soon? I’m sure they’ll be fantastic. =) (like always!) ~ skittlezmaniac
We’re glad you like the comics! But that probably means you’ll be disappointed with our answer to your question. 🙂 The Altador plot is a “mini-plot” so there will be no comic to speak of. It’s taking place entirely in Altador. (:o! Was that a hint for future clues?!) The portal in Faerieland is merely the current way to get to Altador. This plot is basically something we’re doing to hopefully entertain everyone while we’re planning our next big event. Oops… erm, there’s no big event coming soon… like in June or something. Honest. If there were, though, it wouldn’t involve the Battledome. Seriously. There is no war planned for quite a while. *slays rumour and hopes weapon and codestone prices will drop a bit, finally*

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