Neopets Dice of Destiny

Neopets Dice of Destiny is a gambling game of numbers and chance, located in the Lost Desert. Because many elements of Dice of Destiny are randomly generated, winning is based primarily on luck. To successfully win a round of Dice of Destiny, your objective is to eliminate a series of 9 levers by rolling dice. Doing so generates a sum/number you must then “clear” away by selecting (or “pushing”) the levers which add up to the same sum generated by your dice roll.

You are limited to a specific amount of rolls that correlate to each round, an amount that gets lower and lower as you progress. Successfully completing one round will move you to the next, and there are five rounds total that must be beaten to complete the game entirely.

Between each main round, there is also potential for a bonus round if you (the player) have any unused rolls leftover from your previous main round.

Sound confusing? Don’t worry, it’s simple once you break it down!

Dice of Destiny Controls

Pictured below is your game board, the screen that you will be working with throughout the entire game:

Here you can see all the main elements to interact with by clicking. The very top of the screen is where you find the levers, a series of red and blue bars each inscribed with the numbers 1 through 9. Below this, you will see the area to roll your dice- you have the option to roll either one or two dice, which is determined by selecting and clicking on the appropriate button located at the bottom of your screen. This is also where your end game button is located, should you decide to end your game early.

Playing a Dice of Destiny Round

To begin your round, make your selection and roll either one or two dice. This will randomly generate two numbers, and the sum of these numbers will determine what lever(s) you can clear away. Any combination of levers that add up to the sum of the dice is fair game for clearing.

Say, for example, that you choose to roll two dice, and you receive a [3] and a [2]. This would give you a sum of 5, as 3 + 2 = 5. This means that you can clear away any levers that equal 5, giving you the following options:

  • The lever 5
  • The lever 4 and the lever 1
  • The lever 3 and the lever 2

Because all of these combinations add up to 5, they are all valid selections for that particular roll. In general, you want to clear as many levers as possible in a single turn, so it is best to choose the options that involve the most amount of levers. In this case, it would be the options involving 4 and 1, or 3 and 2.

Dice of Destiny Rolls

There is no time limit to each round, but there is a limit to the amount of dice rolls you are allowed to attempt. This limit changes with each round, becoming slightly less with each progressing stage, in order to increase the game’s challenge.

In your first round, you are given 20 rolls, which allows for 20 tries to clear away all the levers.

In round two, you are given 17 rolls.

In round three, 15 rolls.

Round four, 12 rolls.

And round five, the final round, allows you only 10 rolls.

This is important because in order to successfully move from one round to the next, you MUST clear away all nine levers before you run out of rolls. Being unsuccessful in doing so will end the game at whatever level you did not clear in the allocated amount of tries.

Dice of Destiny Scoring System

For each lever that is successfully cleared away within a round, you are awarded 10 points. Once all levers are cleared, you are then awarded an additional 10 points before being moved on to the next round. If you manage to clear away all the levers while having additional rolls leftover (for example, if you successfully clear away all 9 levers in round three, and it only takes you 10 of your 15 rolls, you will then have 5 “leftovers”) then instead of being moved directly to the next round, you will enter a bonus round.

In this bonus round, the amount of rolls you are allowed to attempt is equal to your amount of leftover rolls. The round is played with special dice that will award you additional points according to the symbols inscribed on their faces. The symbols and their values are as follows:

  • ”tep”, a pair of green dice, worth 10 points
  •     ”saf”, a pair of yellow dice, worth 5 points
  •    “djo”, a pair of red dice, worth -10 points

Obviously, it is ideal to roll either tep or saf, as rolling djo will subtract from your total points. But you should try to earn as many bonus rounds as possible by clearing away main-round levers in as few rolls as possible, because netting bonus rounds will almost always result in a higher score than not having any bonus rounds at all…. even if you unfortunately encounter a pair of djo dice.

In every bonus round, in order to receive the point addition or subtraction, both dice sides must match. If you roll two differently colored symbols, you will not receive or lose any bonus points for that roll. So getting a bonus round doesn’t necessarily guarantee any extra points, it merely gives you a chance at them!

Dice of Destiny Cheats

There are no official site cheats incorporated into the Dice of Destiny game, but there are outside strategies that can be used to increase your chances of successfully clearing rounds.

  • The Pyramid of Combinations: This is a comprehensive list of every possible dice roll sum (the first number) and its corresponding lever options (the numbers that follow). This can be used to determine what would be the most effective use of your roll, and which selections eliminate the most levers:

1 : 1

2 : 1 | 1 & 2

3 : 1 | 2 & 3

4 : 1 | 4 & 2 | 2 & 4

5 : 1 | 4 & 3 | 2 & 5

6 : 1 | 5 & 2 | 4 & 3 | 3 & 6

7 : 1 | 6 & 2 | 5 & 3 | 4 & 7

8 : 1 | 7 & 2 | 6 & 3 | 5 & 4 | 4 & 8

9 : 1 | 8 & 2 | 7 & 3 | 6 & 4 | 5 & 9

10 : 1 | 9 & 2 | 8 & 3 | 7 & 4 | 6 & 5 | 5 & 10

11 : 1 | 10 & 2 | 9 & 3 | 8 & 4 | 7 & 5 | 6 & 11

12 : 1 | 11 & 2 | 10 & 3 | 9 & 4 | 8 & 5 | 7 & 6 | 6 & 12

  • The Higher Numbers Trick: When at all possible, try to eliminate the higher numbered levers first. This gives a slight advantage because there are more combinations available with lower numbers, while higher numbers require specific rolls that might be less likely to occur as you draw closer to your allocated roll limit.
  • The Black Arrow Trick: If you are ever in the middle of a round and get really, really stuck, idling long enough without clicking or making a move will cause a black arrow to appear on screen. This arrow will point out any possible levers available for you to click. While the arrow does not necessarily point out smartest move, it will always point out a legitimate move, so if you truly find yourself in a bind you can simply wait it out and let the game pick the levers for you. 🙂

In closing, while the sheer amount of random elements in this game might make it seem daunting, the fact of the matter is that it’s one of the few “luck and chance” related games in Neopia that does not have any base fee to play- in other words, it’s completely free! So while you might not be able to master it through skill, it’s worth giving a play anyway as every successful game will net you 100% profit no matter how much you win. And because there is no initial cost, there is quite literally nothing to lose from an unsuccessful game.

So go ahead and knock on wood, cross your fingers, and roll those dice… hope you’re feeling lucky!

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