Neopets Secret Ninja Training School

Neopets Secret Ninja Training School is, as its name says, a secret school where you will want to go if your pet reaches level 250 or higher. If you go there without a level 250 pet or above, Neopets Secret Ninja Training School will give you a message saying “A mysterious door is before you, but you can not read the writing to decide what’s within. You decide to to turn around and go the other direction before something evil comes and hurts you.” This school is also located in Mystery Island and can be accessed to by clicking on the stairs, in front of the bottom of the volcano, near the normal training School.

Accessing the Courses

To pay, as you already know, you will have to bring codestones. This time, Codestones will be quite different and they are not the ones you know. Red Codestones will be required to pay for a course. To obtain Red Codestones, you will have to battle against several challengers in the Battledome, but it can be long until you get one. For that reason, you may want to search through the Shop Wizard to purchase them directly, but they are more pricey and will be located in the 20,000 NP and above range. If you’re lucky, you can also get them from random events. A total of 6 Red Codestones exist in Neopets. Below is a list that will show you their names.

Cui Codestone
Kew Codestone
Mag Codestone
Sho Codestone
Vux Codestone
Zed Codestone


Just like in Mystery Island Training School, for the Secret Ninja Training School, the courses will vary depending on your level.

The Intermediate course type is for Neopets of level 251-259 and will take a Red Codestone to start. 4 hours will be required for successful completion.

Adept course at the Secret School is for Neopets at level 301 to 399 and will take 2 Red Codestones to complete. 6 hours are required for the completion of this course.

Advanced courses are only for Neopets at level 401-499 and will take 8 hours to complete at the price of 3 Red Codestones.

Expert course is available for pets that are level 501-599 and will take 10 hours to complete for a total of 4 Red Codestones.

Master courses are accessed by Neopets of level 601-699, at the cost of 5 Red Codestones for 12 hours.

Grand Master courses will only allow pets that are level 700 and above, at the cost of 6 Red Codestones and a 12 hour wait time.


To start, pick what your pet will be training for (STR, Def, Agility, HP, Level) and start course. Don’t forget that Strength, Defense and Agility  can not go above 2 times the level of your pet, and your HP can not go higher than thrice the level of your pet. When you have the Red Codestone(s), click on the “click here to pay” button after clicking on status.

Secret Ninja Secret Shop

A shop is also located at the Secret Ninja Training School, that can be accessed by clicking on “Ninja Weaponry” located on the top menu. Some of the better BD weapons such as Jade Elixir, Thick Smoke Bomb, Thin Bamboo Staff, etc can be purchased from there.

Finally, in addition to the Shop, you will also find a statue for which you will be able to donate the amount of NP you want. Even if it is not obligated, you will receive some wisdom if you decide to do so. At this time, no reports said to have received something after making a donation to the statue.

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