Neopets Jolly Jugglers

Neopets Jolly Jugglers is a game where you control two Chias, climbing a giant tree and defeating enemies. If you can earn a high score, Jolly Jugglers will reward you with this shiny trophy.



Playing Guide




You control two brother Chias, one purple and one green. To move left or right, press the left and right arrow keys; to jump, press the up key.


You start the game with three lives, twenty ammo points on each Chia, and 100 health on each Chia. The ammo means that each Chia can only shoot twenty times before not being able to shoot any more. Each time a Chia gets hit by an enemy, they lose 25 health; if they go down to 0 health, you lose a life. It doesn’t matter which Chia dies, you lose a life regardless.


In this game, you’re climbing an extremely tall tree (through seven levels, with a boss level at the end). Along the way, you’ll see a lot of enemies that you need to defeat to continue moving safely. There are six types of enemies.


Slorgs are the most common and basic enemy; they just walk back and forth on one platform.


Tennas jump along until they hit the edge of the screen, then start jumping the other way. They don’t stay on one platform.


Drackonacks run extremely quickly, and when they reach the end of a platform, they fall straight down. When they land on another platform, they’ll do the same thing.


These are three different enemies, but there are two types of each: green and purple. This is because you need to switch from one Chia to the other in order to kill enemies. Your Purple Chia can kill purple enemies, but he can’t do anything about the green ones; your Green Chia can destroy green enemies, but he’s helpless when they’re purple. You can switch between the Chias by pressing the Z button, and shoot by pressing the space bar.



Quite often, enemies will drop things when they’re killed. There are nine different things they can drop, all of which are helpful (or at least don’t hurt you).


This is purple ammo. When collected, it’ll give your Purple Chia five more shots. These can really add up, and they’re vital to being able to keep defeating enemies.


This is green ammo. It does virtually the same thing as purple ammo, except your Green Chia gets the shots this time.


This item upgrades your weapon; every time you shoot while it is active, two bullets go out instead of one. It’s handy, but not so handy that you should go out of your way to grab it. Note that it only lasts for ten to fifteen seconds after you grab it, and it only applies to the Chia that picked it up.


This item makes you jump higher. That’s really it. It’s not very helpful, unless you know there’s a hard jump coming soon after an enemy drops it. Like the weapon power-up, it only affects the Chia that picked it up, and doesn’t last very long.


This item puts a shield around you. Unlike the other items, it affects both of the Chias, no matter who picked it up. It’s only temporary, though. You are protected from taking any damage while this power-up is active.


This item awards you extra points when you collect it. There are four different types:

Purple gives five points.

Orange gives ten points.

Blue gives fifteen points.

White gives twenty points.


The most useful item, as well as the least common, is the berry. Collecting a berry gives you an extra life, which can really come in handy when you’re trying to get a high score.


Boss Battle


After completing the seventh level, you will go into a final level, where you will have to fight an enormous Mutant Chia. This Chia has one hundred hit points, and your attacks only remove one point each from his health. He has two attacks that he’ll use against you, and you can’t touch him either.


The Mutant Chia also frequently changes colour between green and purple; when he’s green, only your Green Chia can hurt him, and vice versa.


His attacks include curling into a ball and rolling rapidly to the opposite side of the screen, and shooting balls of energy that hurt you on contact. These attacks are easy to avoid if you’re prepared and alert, but if not, you’ll have a bad time.


To avoid these attacks, you should wait on the far edges of the ledges in the level – if he’s on the right side, stand on the far left side of the ledge on the left side. When he moves to the other side, you should swap sides too. Whenever he’s not doing anything, drop down and attack him. Remember, you don’t need to be in a hurry. Once you defeat the boss, you’ll receive two hundred points and the game will end.



High Score Strategy


The best way to get a high score is to get lucky with lots of extra lives. When you get to the seventh level, go all the way until the end, and stop. Don’t kill the last Slorg, just let it kill you. You’ll restart the level, keeping all the points you earned. Keep doing this until you have only one life left (you should only attempt this if you’ve gone through the game and beaten the boss a few times). On your final life, kill the final enemy and go through the door.


When you get to the boss, play as normal until he has low health. Shoot him until his health bar looks like it has only one point left, and stop shooting him. From this point on, just dodge his attacks and collect the ammo that drops onto the center ledge from time to time. Once you have a lot of ammo (several hundred) for one Chia, wait for him to turn the colour of the one that has the most ammo and then shoot him. Hold down the space bar and keep shooting him, even after he’s stopped moving, until you’re out of ammo. You’ll have gotten as many points as you had ammo. This is the best way to get a high score.


Neopets Jolly Jugglers Cheats


-Type ‘magicjugglingballs’ while you’re playing to get an extra life.

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