Neopets Assignment 53

Neopets Assignment 53 is full of adventure. You choose either Eddix or Moxi in Neopets Assignment 53 to start your adventure.
Alien Aisha Recruits

How to Play Assignment 53
This game will take awhile to finish especially if you want to get the avatar or even a trophy.

A53 – LIKE A BOSS – Send a score of 20,000+ points

Once you pick which character you would like to be for the whole game (all characteristics are the same. You will be the same speed and agility.) You will be using your keyboard for this game. Normal controls with the keyboard; right arrow to go right, left arrow to go left, up arrow to jump and down arrow to crouch. (Alternatively you can play with the “w,a,s,d” keys. If you wish to pause the game then you need to press the bottom right corner of the screen (next to the music button.)

Reason to Play 

You are to find the five scientists that have gone missing throughout the levels. Each level is split into two. The first one is finding the signal left by the missing crashed airship and crossing its path. The second is then trying to find the airship where the scientist  will be.  Along the way you will be fighting enemies which are easy to kill if you jump on them. You will be collecting Nerkmids as well as gross foods and also special items to give you abilities.

Nerkmid If you collect enough of these Nerkmids then you will gain an extra life. Keep collecting them becasue they are worth 10 points each. Only when you complete and act will these points be added on to your score.
Force Field If you are lucky you will be given a force field which will allow you to be invincible for 15 seconds. If you run into the enemies at this time they will be defeated.
Gravity Boots Do not get damaged with these on or you will lose them straight away and if you see them in a level it means use them to get more points. These also you to jump higher and also to conduct a wall jump. Jump onto a wall and jump again and you should spring off it.
Speed Wing Once again if you take damage you will lose these speed wings. They allow you to be extra quick for 15 seconds.
Strawberry and Cheese Milkshake Chebu Chebu Grub
Cottage Sneeze Cheese Ketchup Ice Cream
Every time you eat one of these they restore your health meter. If you are on full health they allow you to gain 100 extra points. Worth it to try and get if you can.
Signal Beacon Cross these to activate the check points. Once activated, if you accidentally die then you will teleport back to this area instead of the beginning of the level.
Signal Beacon This one shows your where the acts split into two as mentioned at the beginning.

While you are playing you will be losing your air supply so you need to be watching at the left hand corner of the screen down the bottom. (Its the three green lights.) The picture underneath shows three lives as well as eleven Nerkmids collected. Any special abilities you have collected will also be shown nearby .
If you run out of air or fall into a pit you will lose a life and will have to restart again from the last checkpoint that you crossed. If you lose all your lives you will end your game and will have to start again from the very beginning.

The green creatures will hurt you if you touch them. So jump on them to kill them and to grab some more points.

How Neopets Assignment 53 is Scored.

To gain points in this game there are four things that you can do and should do especially if you are aiming for any of the trophies. Finish the level quickly, the more time you have at the end to more points will rack up later. Eating the gross food will help and collecting as many Nerkmids as you can as well as defeating the enemies.

(Note: if you lose a life your points will be lost and you will have to gain them all since the start of the level.)

The Game

There are five levels for you to complete. The first level is Wuba Prime.  Where the pink check point is for the level – jump at the wall on the right hand side and you should go through a secret tunnel for you to obtain a piece of gross food ( hopefully 100 points!) There are four enemies in this level.

 Watch out for these guys they will be camouflage. Jump on them to gain points.

Watch how these ones spit their seeds. They will move as an arc in your direction. 

 Just jump on these. They will just move left to right.

These enemies will shoot out three straight seeds so watch out for them and do not jump into the seeds.

The second level is Octozodi.  You will be crouching a lot in this level and watching out for where the seeds are coming from. Each of the enemies are tougher than the first level so take your time.

There are five different enemies in this level compared to the last, you will need to watch out for each of them and not go to quickly if this is your first time playing.
 Will be in a group and lobbing spheres in the same direction as you.
Just jump on these enemies. 
 Do not touch these unless you have a force field on you!
Kill these straight away by jumping on them or they will push you towards danger. 
These will shoot three seeds at once so be careful with this type of enemy.

The third level is Wuba Secundus. You need great timing in this level as the corridors are quite tight and filled with a lot of enemies. Unless you have had a lot of practice do not use the speed wings straight away. Take your time with this level and collect everything you can. Stay on top of the moving platforms in this level so that the seeds can not harm you while you are jumping from platform to platform.
This is the list of the five enemies you will face for this level.
 Just jump onto these baddies.
Can only be destroyed with the force field.
Found with the above enemy. Jump on to destroy.
These will spit steam at you so be careful. 
 These will shoot three balls of molten rock so do not get into the way!

The forth level is Gorignak V. This level is much easier than the last. Take your time to get all the items that you can and kill all the enemies that you can. Any time you see a high ledge and you can not jump to it- there will be jumping boots somewhere close by so keep an eye out.  The second act of this level is a great way to easily collect more points. So watch the enemies and take your time.
 Not too harmful as they do not spit seeds but just kill when you see them.
These will spit rock at you so watch out and jump/crouch if needed. 
 This enemy does not seem to care that you are there. Kill him anyway.
If you see this one then be very careful. There should be a force field somewhere to kill him. 

 Five stones will be thrown at once so keep and eye out for where they launch to.

Fifth and final level Kreludor.  This is Neopia’s moon. Grab all the Nerkmids, gross food and kill all the enemies that you can but remember: Have full health for the final boss of this level.  Stick to the upper route of the level to avoid the tough to kill enemies.

This level there are five enemies and a final boss.
 They will send out an alarm if you are spotted. Jump on them to kill them.
Jump on them, nothing too hard. 
 Worst enemy. Their laser will get you whether you are crouching or jumping. Dodge them.
You can only kill them if you have a force field. 
 Kill quickly do you do not have to face any of the above enemies at the same time.

The Boss
Final Boss

When you have reached the final act you will be facing this massive robot who is guarding your last scientist. This is fairly easy if you have a strategy.
His Turn:  He will jump three times then launch two types of projectiles then pause then start again.  Those projectiles are easy to dodge if you are on ground level. Three projectiles up, three to the left and three to the right. Dodge the molten rock projectiles if you can, do not get too close.
Your Turn: When he is paused (just before he jumps again,) you need to jump on the green dome to cause damage. Jump on him up to three times and then run away because the robot will start to move again. The same pattern will occur. Jump on him ten times and then the robot will be defeated and you will save the final scientist. You can now send your score!

Neopets Assignment 53 Cheats
If you put this code in the game’s menu screen you can gain an extra life. “Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right. ”
In the third level, after you collect the gravity boots drop down into the pit and you will find a force field which will make this level easier!
The third area has a secret area which is beneficial for points. Jump at the wall to the left of the blue moving platforms after the check point. Gather all the items there.
The last level- Go through the tunnel with the jumping boots on and do not take a single hit. Jump from the first moving platform from where you get out to the wall and you will find a secret area with forty Nerkmids and eight gross food items there for a massive 1,200 points.

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