Neopets Employment Agency

Every Neopet should have a job! It’s a great way to earn Neopoints, and it also keeps them busy. The Faerieland Employment Agency will help you find your perfect job! Sometimes, it may cost you more to buy the items for a job, than the job will reward you for turning them in — but that’s the risk you take. Says Borgarigmus the Lupe, “Why, once I bought four Rubber Ducks for 30 NP each and was paid 550 NP in return!” But he also once said, “Dangit, I bought four Grass Pies for 8,000 NP and was only paid 2,500 NP!” So it’s up to you to figure out which jobs will pay well, and which jobs will bleed your bank account dry!

The Basics

Want to have success in the Employment Agency? Well, it’s going to be tough, but I’m sure you can definetely do it and come out with a nifty profit as well! The goal of the game is to retrieve the item before anyone else does in the certain amount of time. The only problem is… hundreds of people are trying to get the same item at once, and you only have so much time. This guide should help you tons.

Let’s Start

First open up one window at the Employment Agency, one window at the Shop Wizard, and one window at your inventory. Next, take out AT LEAST 20,000 neopoints out of your bank account. Close all other windows, any instant messangers, games, etc., as they are only distractions! Once you’re done with that read on and we’re going to walk through all the sections of the employment agency including the status page, the basic jobs, super jobs, and rankings. Let’s start with the status page, shall we?

Status Page

This part of the in-depth guide basically shows how your pet is doing in the employment agency. How many jobs they have completed, failed, their rank, their resume, and the job they are currently doing.




2. This is the number of jobs that you have completed.


3. This is the number of jobs you have failed.


4. This is your rank so far depending on how many jobs that you have completed. Here are the list of ranks and the number of jobs you have to do to achieve that rank: (We’re INCREDIBLY SUPER sorry, for we have not come up with a list)


5. Your pet’s resumé, basically! It tells you every single job that you have completed and information on how you completed it. It tells you the description, the time you did it, the time it took for you to finish it, and the money you received for completing the job. After a month or so, your resumé clears! So, if you really want the information, you should save it before it disappears.


6. This is the job that you are currently doing. If you click the link you come to this page which shows the item description which you need to receive and all you need to know about it.

1. This is basically your job number. You probably won’t need to know this so just ignore it.
2. This is the item which you need to receive, and how many of it you need to get.
3. This is the total time you have to get the item. If you do not get the item in the time given you will have failed the job. So, you have to be quick to get your item, no distractions! The more time you have left when you finished, the more neopoints you will receive!
4. This is the average award you will receive if you get the item on time. This doesn’t mean that you will get that many neopoints. The number of neopoints you get is based on your time, This is simply the average.
5. This is how much time you have left to retrieve the item needed for the job.
6. This is the number of that item which you have recieved.
7. Click the link to complete this job without having to go back to the status page.
8. If you CANNOT get the item for whatever reason (item is too expensive, not enough time) click the button and it won’t be counted as a failure.

Here is what it looks like when you click this link after you have completed the job, remember, you MUST click this link (The status page link, number 6) if you want to complete the job, otherwise you will fail!

Basic Jobs

This are the jobs that don’t require a job coupon, and you simply have to try to get them before anyone else does! You know if you have received the job or not because it will say so at the top of the page. =) These jobs refresh every 10 minutes, so if you miss your chance, you still have another in 10 minutes! Here are timings:

0:00:00 Past the Neopets Hour
0:10:00 Past the Neopets Hour
0:20:00 Past the Neopets Hour
0:30:00 Past the Neopets Hour
0:40:00 Past the Neopets Hour
0:50:00 Past the Neopets Hour


1. There are sometimes (Note: SOMETIMES) when there are more than one page of items. I suggest that you go to the next page and pick an item, because you have more chances of getting the item.


2. Click this button to apply for the job! And click it quickly before someone else does! Once you click it, it will tell you whether or not you have received the job at the top of the page. Right above the word “Job Description” and right below the Employment Agency navigation it says:

You got the job!
Here is a tip: Now that this is in one window (your Basic Jobs window) go to the Shop Wizard and find the item you need for the job. Then, without going to the status page, you can click the ‘You can also click here to return and complete the job!’


3. The picture of the item you need to get.


4. This is the item name you need to get, and the number of it you need to get.


5. The average amount of neopoints you will gain.


6. The amount of time you have to finish.


Tips & Hints for Basic Jobs

1. Look for certain cheap items/jobs (remember to be quick!) such as grooming items (brushes, eye shadow, shampoo, etc.), gifts (birthday cards, gift boxes, etc.) and souvenirs of Mystery Island (acorn toy, magnets, bottles of sand, sail boats, etc.). Then you won’t have to worry about getting too expensive items.
2. Go to the Employment Agency late at night (NST time) then you won’t have as much trouble getting items before someone else, since many are asleep.
3. Jobs go fast… VERY fast. Most people get the top items. So I suggest holding the ‘End’ key while you refresh so it will take you down to the bottom of the page where most people don’t look at first. Try getting the second to last rather than the very last however because a lot of people go for the last item on the page as well. =P
4. Another way you could try is scrolling down with the scrolly thing on your mouse to the middle of the page and clicking an item there. If you don’t have the scrolly thing on your mouse… forget it. XD
5. When using the Shop Wizard look for shops which have A LOT of the item you need (if you need a lot of one item) and go to that shop. it doesn’t matter if the shop sells the item 200 above the lowest price, you will get the item faster from the shop with a lot of the item you need, and faster you get the item back to the Employment Agency, the more neopoints you get!

Super Jobs

Personally, I find super jobs a big, huge, balony waste of neopoints. I’m not even going to bother saying much about them, considering they’re just about the same as Basic Jobs except the offer more neopoints. OF COURSE there is a catch. You need a job coupon to do so. What are they? Well, they’re basically… well, a coupon which allows you to do these certain jobs. The coupons are more expensive than the neopoints you receive if you do the job. You’re better of selling the job coupon if you even get your paws on it! Here are the list of Job Coupons from lowest to highest:

Green Job Coupon (lowest!)
Blue Job Coupon
Red Job Coupon
Silver Job Coupon
Gold Job Coupon
Purple Job Coupon
Pink Job Coupon
Green Brightvale Job Coupon
Bronze Brightvale Job Coupon
Silver Brightvale Job Coupon
Gold Brightvale Job Coupon (highest!)
A job coupon can be used for any job that requires a coupon of that colour or lower; for example, you can use a Red coupon for a Green, Blue, or Red job, but not for a Silver or higher job. When you use a job coupon on a job, that coupon will be downgraded by one level (a Gold coupon will become a Silver coupon, a Red coupon will become a Blue coupon, and a Green coupon will disappear).

The Brightvale job coupons work just like regular ones — if you use a Green Brightvale Job Coupon, it will be downgraded into a Pink Job Coupon.


Getting on the ranking list is tough. You have to be super commited, and all you do is Employment Agency. All your neopoints go to the Employment Agency. You have to be SUPER committed, and all your time on Neopets goes towards the Agency. Agency, agency, agency. Work, work, work. Isn’t Neopets a kids’ site? Why am I working SO hard? Well, duh! Don’t work yourself crazy to get on the list. Just have fun earning neopoints with these jobs. If you follow this guide, you should get a nifty amount of neopoints. Believe me, you need a lot of patience for this, but it comes out well in the end when you get your cool profit. x) If you really want to get on the ranking lists… well… good luck. =)


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