Neopets Gadgadsgame

Gadgadsgame is a Neopets game based around the festival of fruit, Gadgadsbogen, that is celebrated on Mystery Island. The game involves grouping similar kinds of fruit on the screen, and then exploding them using a fruit bomb. The game style is similar to Tetris, where fruits are falling down the screen in sets and they must be rearranged in order to crreate the best combinations. To successfully master this game, you’ll need to have a good eye for puzzles and shapes, the patience to wait out for bigger combinations rather than going for small wins, and a quick reaction speed as you proceed further through the game.

Neopets Gadgadsgame Controls

The controls are easy to master, and you’ll recognise many of them from playing Tetris!

To rotate the string of fruit (depending on how you want it to line up to the other strings of fruit and where you want it to fit into the screen), use the up arrow key or the space bar key. This will rotate the string of fruit around so you can slot them in according to patterns you’re trying to make.

To move the string of fruit to the left or to the right of the screen, use the left arrow key and the right arrow key.

To accelerate the fall of the current string so that it lands at the bottom faster, use the down arrow key. This will speed it up, but be careful not to speed it up too fast!


Neopets Gadgadsgame Game Play

In Gadgadsgame, there are no transitions between levels or rounds. The play advances at you continue through the game, moving through levels seamlessly, and the further you get the more you will get different types of fruit. The play will also speed up as you continue, with the strings of fruits falling faster. As a result, strategy is needed in order to place the fruits suitably so that you can continue the game for a long time and amass a high score.

At the start of the game, the fruits fall slowly in groups of three, and with three different types of fruit to begin with. It is necessary to carefully analyse where you will place the fruits, as these will become fixed in this position and cannot be changed until they’re wiped off the screen with a fruit bomb. The more fruits you have grouped together on the screen, the more points you will get when you use a fruit bomb to explode them, so choose wisely!

The further you get through the levels, the more types of fruits you will encounter; there is one type available at level 4, and another type available at level 6.

You’ll notice quickly that if you get a group of four together in a square (2 x 2) it will change the four fruits into a giant fruit.

The end of the game does not happen when a fruit touches the top of the screen (when the whole column is filled). The end of the game only happens when the fourth column is completely filled (this is the column from which the fruit fall).

As you proceed through the game, not only will the fruit strings fall faster, but several fruits will often be randomly dropped without any warning, and this random event will occur more and more frequently.

Once you place your 18th cluster in the first level, you wll proceed on to the second level. After this, you’ll move up a level for every 20 clusters you place.


The types of fruits you will encounter are as follows:

Level Appearance Type
1 Blobbule Blobbule
1 Stramberry Stramberry
1 Plumberry Plumberry
4 Gruish Melon Gruish Melon
6 Lemwart Lemwart

Neopets Gadgadsgame Scoring

Points will be awarded to your score when fruits and combinations of fruits are exploded off of the screen. You receive 1 point for every fruit removed.

The best way to get the most points is to group fruits. These must be grouped into a perfect square in order to be considered a group. You will know you have a group because it turns into a larger version of the same fruit. For example, a 2 x 2 group, a 3 x 3 group etc. all count as groups, but this won’t count if you do a 6 x 1 (two strings on top of each other). The larger fruit is, the more points you get (the points are figured out by the cubic measurement, i.e. 5 x 5 groups can be calculated by 5 * 5 * 5).

The points are awarded as follows:

  • For exploding 1 x 1 groups (a single normal fruit), you get 1 point.
  • For exploding 2 x 2 groups, you get 8 points.
  • For exploding 3 x 3 groups, you get 27 points.
  • For exploding 4 x 4 groups, you get 64 points.
  • For exploding 5 x 5 groups, you get 125 points.
  • For exploding 6 x 6 groups, you get 216 points.
  • For exploding 7 x 7 groups, you get 343 points.
  • For exploding 8 x 8 groups, you get 512 points.
  • For exploding 9 x 9 groups, you get 729 points.

Neopets Gadgadsgame Power ups

There are three different types of powerups that are available. These are fruit bombs, twirly fruit potions, and fruit elixirs. These appear randomly during the game, not based on any amount of points you have or on any combinations you make.

  • Fruit Bomb: This powerup explodes the fruit it touches, as well as any fruits that are touching it of the same colour (i.e. that are connected in a chain).
  • Twirly Fruit Potion: This potion removes all of the fruits on screen of whatever colour it lands on. (If it isn’t touching a colour, for example it lands in an empty space on the bottom of the screen, it removes the colour that is closest to it)
  • Fruit Elixir: This elixir, upon landing on a fruit, will turn all fruits of that colour into a different colour. For example, if it lands on a orange fruit, it may turn it to blue or to another colour. The same rule applies if it lands on the bottom of the screen in an empty place; it will change the colour of the fruit that is closest to it.

Neopets Gadgadsgame Strategy

  • One strategy that is recommended is to focus on a particularly colour of berry by pushing them all onto one side in order to form a very large fruit bomb. Although this can certainly get a rather large number of points at once and in a single bomb, this method is difficult and does not always work. It is better, instead, to attempt to have as many fruits of the same colour as you can on the screen. You can do this by using the Fruit Elixirs to change other colours until they turn into the one you’re trying to collect. Be careful, however, that you don’t get greedy and to bomb the colour when the best time comes. Aim for fewer points and to continue playing, rather than getting a large amount of points then having run out of space and therefore having to quit the game.
  • A way of assisting this strategy is to start off by looking at what colour is most common on the board. Once you’ve started to stack your colours appropriately and can see what one is most common, then aim at changing the other colours to match this most common colour.


  • Strategy number 2 keeps in mind that only filling up the fourth column means the end of the game. This is a quick method that takes into account that sometimes it is possible to get to a good level and even score an avatar just by holding down the accelerating ‘down’ key and moving the fruit onto the left or right hand side, while keeping away from the fourth column. However, this is quite a simplistic approach, and it is still good to consider carefully where you will place the fruit bombs in this strategy, while always trying to get rid of the largest group of fruit clusters. Although this is a much easier and faster way to play the game, which normally achieves surprisingly similar, if not better, scores than meticulously planning where to place each piece, if you’re aiming for a good high store beyond the score of the avatar, it is best to avoid holding down the ‘down’ key for this entire time. Instead, the best idea is to incorporate both the first and second strategy, by avoiding the pivotal fourth column but thinking more carefully through your placement and where best to place the fruit bombs.



Neopets Gadgadsgame Cheats and Tips

  • Hold the down arrow to speed up the fruits’ fall in earlier levels
  • Use the Fruit Elixirs to transform colours you aren’t collecting into the one that you are
  • Bomb collections of fruits before they threaten to fill the fourth column
  • Use Twirly Fruit Potions where possible to keep on top of your stacked fruit
  • Always avoid having too many fruits situated in the middle of the game. If the middle (and the fourth column) gets too high it will be difficult to move the fruit groups accordingly which makes it difficult to work with.
  • Sometimes, because of the ways the fruits are placed, you’ll find you’ll have isolated sections of fruit which you can’t reach with bombs. You can use one of the special items to get rid of these groups. The same should be done if you have any random scattered fruits. This is because you want the screen as neat and clean as you possibly can, and ‘one or two’ fruits that are out of place will quickly change to much more.
  • One good tip to try and get the 1000 points that you’ll need for the avatar is to follow a strategic layout where you fill most of the screen (say row 3 to the end) with types of two colours, and then pile up the remaining colours in the first two columns. For example, in a 4 colour game, you could pile the Guish Melon (blue and orange) and the Blobbule (blue) berries into columns 1 and 2, and the rest of the screen could be taken up by the Plumberry (purple) and the Stramberry (orange). Although at first this may look very messy and uncoordinated, with practice you can use potions heavily to your advantage to make very massive fruit cluster. For example, if a potion fell onto a Stramberry that was completed connected between all the lines, then you would suddenly have not a mess of orange and purple fruits, but a solid block of Stramberries which could make 6×6 in width and height. If this doesn’t happen the first time, wait and try again on the next one. When you start to practice and focus on making fruit clusters above everything else, and seeing the ways you can pile up berries around these accordingly, you will start earning mega points.

Neopets Gadgadsgame Avatars and Trophies

In order to get the Gadgadsgame avatar you will need to earn at least 1000 points. Through accomplishing the above goals and following these strategies, with practice and patience you can easily earn the avatar.

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