Neopets Meerca Chase 2 Cheats

Play Meerca Chase II like a professional with the latest cheats available to the public! If you want to learn how to play it for the first time, or if you’re seeking for tips in order to get the avatar that this game gives out, you’ll be able to find all the answers and tips on how this game works.

This game is one of the most popular ones in Neopets and it has a game mode based on the popular Snake. Here, you play like a very fast Yellow Meerca who sprints around the screen collecting different kind of Neggs, after which one you’ll ba growing a tail that follows your player around the screen and which you should avoid running into since it would mean the end of the game. At the same time, several Red Neegs will appear around the game screen, the ones will also give you a game over when touching, same with the walls of the screen. As long as you avoid those 3 things, you’ll be able to continue playing.

Neopets Meerca Chase

Meerca Chase II Game Modes

The game Meerca Chase II gives 5 different game mode options for the player to select, the 3 regular ones (Classic, Freestyle and Maze Mode) and two that are only unlocked with a secret code which I’ll be giving you bellow! You can select the difficulty for the first 3 ones, between Easy, Medium and Hard but for the last special two, the difficulty will be automatically awarded. Keep in mind that the Hard difficulty is the one that awards the most points per negg, while the Easy one gives a very low amount of points but at the same time the probability of dying in the Hard difficulty is higher than on the other two.

Meerca Chase II Cheats

Without further ado, let’s start learning about the Game Modes!

1) Classic Mode: Inspired in the old gameplay that users could enjoy in the original Meerca Chase I, this game mode shows a clean screen, with no other obstacle than the walls around the screen, where you can move your player around in 90º angles to collect the neggs that appear anywhere around it. It’s recommended for new players to start with this mode before adventuring to the more difficult ones!

2) Freestyle Mode: This mode is very similar to the Classic one in terms that you won’t find any more obstacles than the walls of the screen themselves. But, the major difference is the ability to move your player in full 360º degrees. This big change might be difficult to understand and get used to at first, so usually the player might need a bit of practice before archiving a nice score, but is very necessary if you’re going for the avatar since this mode of game is the simplistic version of the Gravity Mode, which we’ll see in a little bit!

3) Maze Mode: This is the first mode in which you’ll find an obstacle of some sort, and as the name suggests, it comes in a maze shape which you’ll be able to find in the middle of the screen. Besides the need to avoid these walls, the game mode is pretty similar to the Classic one since you can also move in 90º angles. Eventually, you won’t be able to move in this mode due the red neggs blocking the paths so usually this is not a great level to select if you plan to go for a high score.

4) Ferocious Mode: Our first secret game mode on the list! You’ll be using the 90º angles moves with your player but in this level the red neggs are alive and move around the screen! Avoid touching them and try to calculate the path that they are following so you can know which way to take.

To play in the Ferocious Mode you’ll have to type “ferociousneggsareontheloose”, without the quotes in the main start screen. The game will start automatically in medium difficulty but if you wish to increase it or decrease it, you can end the game and when you visit the main screen of them game you’ll be able to check that at the bottom left there’s the Ferocious Mode, that’s invisible. Then, just select the difficulty you want and play again.

5) Gravity Mode: This last mode, is a secret one where is most likely for you to archive the avatar due being the one that awards the most amount of points per catch negg, but at the same time, is the most difficult one and can be a little bit tricky. In Gravity Mode you can move in full 360º degrees and you’ll see that the screen is circular, with a black hole in the middle that sucks you in using the gravity. You have to avoid falling into the black hole, hitting the wall or eating your own tail since any of this are a game over.

To unlock this game mode, type “superextrahypergravitymode” without the quotes in the main start screen. It has it’s own difficulty and you can’t select an easier one.

Meerca Chase II Neggs

While playing, you might notice that there exist different kind of Neggs who awards different amounts of points; from the lowest to the higherst we have the Yellow Negg, Blue Negg, Green Negg, Grey Negg, Gold Negg, Rainbow Negg, Power Negg and the great Fish Negg.

The amount of point each of this neggs gives you will depend on the game mode and difficulty that you select to play. The base value of the neggs gets multiplied depending on those two things, for example, the Yellow Negg has 1 point point of value and if you catch one in the Easy difficulty in Classic, you’ll get 3 points per each time you get one. But, if you get the same negg on Ferocious mode on Hard difficulty, that negg will earn you 10 points, and so on for every negg on their different options.

For your better understanding, you can check this table with the different scores you can archive per negg:

Picture and Name Classic Freestyle Maze Ferocious * Gravity
Yellow Negg Yellow (1) 3 5 8 3 6 10 3 8 12 3 7 10 18
Blue Negg Blue (3) 9 15 24 9 18 30 9 24 36 9 21 30 54
Green Negg Green (4) 12 20 32 12 24 40 12 32 48 12 28 40 72
Silver Negg Silver (5) 15 25 40 15 30 50 15 40 60 15 35 50 90
Gold Negg Gold (10) 30 50 80 30 60 100 30 80 120 30 70 100 180
Rainbow Negg Rainbow(20) 60 100 160 60 120 200 60 160 240 60 140 200 360
Power Negg Power(33) 99 165 264 99 198 330 99 264 396 99 231 330 594
Fish Negg Fish (50) 150 250 400 150 300 500 150 400 600 150 350 500 900

Meerca Chase II Avatar

In order to get the Meerca Chase II avatar, you’ll need to get 1,250 points or more. To archive this, the easiest game mode to play is the Gravity Mode, for different reasons.

First of all, is the mode in which each negg worth the most, as you already saw in the previous table… and if you’re lucky enough to catch a Fish Negg, you’ll be almost done with archiving the needed avatar score! At the same time, red neggs will occasionally spam in the middle of the black hole, which will be very helpful to give you more room to move and since you can move in 360º degrees, the fluidity of the gameplay is pretty high and the game flows quicker. Also, this is the only Game Mode where you can sort of stop which helps to low down the anxiety that this game might give and give your fingers a quick break while you plan your next move.

In the Gravity Mode like in all the other game modes the color of the Negg to appear if random but there is the small chance of getting the Fish Negg first. If you’re going for the avatar and you have not yet mastered this mode, you can restart your game until you get the Fish Negg first so you get those 900 points immediately.

A good method to overcome this mode efficiently is to use the middle finger for the ‘up’ arrow, ring finger for the ‘right’ and index for the ‘left’. You’ll be able to circle the screen in a clockwise direction and is wiser to stick to such direction for the rest of the game and to only use that one to practice and master it completely. Like this, you’ll avoid running into your tail and you’ll be getting momentum to stop your meerca from getting dragged into the black hole as easily.

One of the tricky things of Gravity Mode is the times in which the Negg you need to collect appears very close to the black hole, for this ones you’ll have to move on the same line of action from where the Negg is standing, then, turn your face away from it and release the ‘up’ key so you start falling slowly due the gravity until you reach the Negg. When you’re close enough, tap the ‘up’ key a few times to slow the suck power and as soon as you collect the Negg, press the ‘up’ key immediately so you can scape.

Meerca Chase II is all about being focused and just collect as many neggs as you can each time. Eventually, you will find a fish negg, and that will be your window to achieve the avatar. Remember always that you don’t need to be always moving, the stop and go technique will help you reaching those hard to get Neggs. You can use it either for when the negg appears near the black hole (as explained before) and also when a negg spawns in any of the corners, in which case you should try to get closer a little at a time, using a stop, go, stop, go method. You will have more control and less chances of hitting the wall.

A lot of the avatar tips involve stopping, so as soon as you are able to master the different techniques there are with it, you’ll get closer to the avatar score and the stress you’ll be getting when playing will also be lower. There is no time limit, use the stopping to plan your next moves since is not necessary for you to get the neggs immediately.

Play smart, take your time and relax… and you will succeed!

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