Neopets Bumble Beams

Neopets Bumble Beams is something you will have to know what is exactly about. It is not as easy as you think but once you get to know it, it will be as easy as saying hello. So you start the game with a robot petpet that are lost in a Recycling Center and you have to master the control arrows (buttons) in order to to throw them inside the moving recycling bins. This is why they need your help to do it. All they want is to be able to enter the RoboPet Shop. Of course, you do know that there is some robot petpets that need your help but who are exactly these petpets? Look no further, here are few picture that will help you get a few ideas about what kinds of petpets you will see the game.

 Roburg 3T3This nice little robot petpet is called the Roburg 3T3. It is a small robot petpet, which also appears in the game room image of the game. So you can see it as the “Game Mascot”.

GX-4 Oscillabot That second robot-looking one that is a moving machine is called the GX-4 Oscillabot.

Rotawheel The Rotawheel looks like a wheel itself and it can be compared to any other robot petpet because all of these petpets are actually doing the same job, dropping stupidly while you have to control them, aren’t they?

AvabotThe Avabots are somewhat a little different than other. Not because they are rare or anything but they are actually very good at hide & seek. Unfortunately, this game will be limited at seeing them being thrown into recycling bins.

MillipodThis last little cute petpet is the Millipod A.K.A jellyfish. Don’t mess with him if you don’t want to get electrocuted. He’s better than you at climbing walls and at being slimmy.

As you can see, there is only five robots. It is not really important to know them or to memorize them because they will randomly appear and you only have one job: give them the good directions. Once you play a few games, you will see that this game will be your official passtime and you can show your friends what you’ve achieved. But first, get to know what is inside the game. Here is a simple picture that will make you understand everything clearly.

So that’s right, simple isn’t it? No lies, you will have to practice. But let me tell you something, you will not need anything besides your LEFT ARROW KEY and your RIGHT ARROW KEY. Tilt the beams so they can be throwing in the right place. If you somewhat try to keep a certain petpet on a beam while pressing left and right continuosly, it will be become a pain keeping them there. The more they stay, the harder it will get so you need some fast thinking over there.

In a short summary, the first number you see at the top is the number of petpets saved, then the total petpets that you will have to saving during the level (yes, the more you successfully achieve levels, the more petpets will be added but you should have expected this, right?). The last number is the petpets that have appeared. Let’s say you have controlled a total of seven petpets and that you have only thrown three into recycling bins, even if it’s not a good sign for you (because you may fail the level), the appearing number in parentheses will be 7 and the first number will be 3. Obviously, you know what a level number is and the last part is how many points you have scored. That’s right, if you fail to throw petpets in the recycling bag, it will get harder for you to accumulate points in the later level. If you’re going for a high score, you should pay attention to where exactly you are leading your petpets to.


A game without bonuses will be a little boring don’t you think so? If everyone can score the same thing as you then there is no more challenge. For the score part, what you have to know is that each robot petpet that enters successfully in the recycling bin will awards you with five points. However, if you manage to throw him in the centre of the bin, you will be awarded with a multiplier that you will grant you 15 points.

Now the bonuses. During the game, you will find yellow and red stars. The popular ones are the yellows and you award you with 3 extra points to your total. The red ones that are a bit rarer and found in the later levels will give you 10 points. It is better for you to get all the stars if you are going after a high score. Sometimes you will even have to finish the game a few times to be enough lucky with the stars you will encounter. Again, the more red stars, the better.

Another bonus is the green mini-Roburgs. This little robot will give you plus one point to the total number of petpets saved during the game you’re in. Not only that, but you will also be awarded with additional points when the game ends.

There is another mini-Roburgs colored in blue. This one is rarer and will add 3 to the total number of robot petpets saved along with additional points when the game ends. Here is what it looks like.

Basically, now that you know how the game works, you will also need to know what the beams are. You will see, in the game some beams will be hard to manipulate while others, easier. The most common and normal beam will be the one in light blue. It is normal and that’s what you will find the most. The second one that is a bit less popular is the dark blue beam that will tilt a little bit faster than the one above and return to its original position much more faster. Be careful.

The third one is the grey beam. This one is a little ruthless as it will tilt immediately in one direction once a petpet falls on it. You will not be able to control it so you better avoid it if possible. It’s also a lot faster than the first light blue beam. The fourth beam is the wooden or “orange” one. It is slightly different than the others. If you are able to press the arrow aiming to the center fast enough, he will be hold in place. So for example, if a petpet is going to drop to the left side, press the right arrow quickly. If a petpet is going to drop to the right side, press the left arrow quickly. Simple, eh?

The last “beam” is the spring beam. This one will require some luck to get you what you want. Once your petpet lands on it, the beam will throw him into the air. You might be wondering why would I want to throw the petpet and risk to lose it? Well, the good part is that if the petpet stays on it for roughly 3 seconds, it will fall directly into a random bin afterwards. The chance of this are slim to none, so be careful. If you’ve got a perfect score to the round you’re presently at, you should avoid it unless it has stars or mini-Roburgs near them. You will also have to be very careful because the spring beams are one use only and will not reappear. So don’t miss it.


During the game, you will face a total of three stages that will grow more difficult as you progress.

The Sorter is the first stage of the game and it is not that hard. You can handle it with minimum efforts and base knowledge of the game. The speed is average. You need to successfully throw in bins about half the petpets you will get to control and you will encounter most of the “easier” beams.

The Grinder is the second named stage. This is where it becomes a little of a challenge because of the increased speed of the petpets. The grey beams will there become smaller, the dark blue, orange ones and spring beams ones will become more slippery. So you will have to be a little more careful.

The Incinerator is the last part of the game and this is where you will find things getting harder. Here the petpets will know the danger they are in and will start moving and spinning wildly to the sides, becoming harder to control. You will need some game mechanics there. Not only that, but the bins will be moving much faster and since the robot petpets are harder to control, you will need to know what you’re doing.

Neopets Bumble Beams Cheats

-It is possible to drop the petpet on the left side or on the right one hoping it to fall in a lucky bin. It will not always work and this tip is for amateurs, but if you are skilled enough and going after a high score you should not count on this.

-In the early rounds of a single level, you can drop the petpets in bins that are alternating. You can only do this for one petpet in a level. This way whenever you will be waiting for a free bin, you can avoid juggling a petpet.

-You will get to know this tip by yourself, it’s about pressing left and right quickly to hold a petpet on one beam. The petpet will then start moving faster and it will be harder for you to control it. This can help you save some time when you wait for a free bin to appear.

-Another trick is to wait until a petpet is completely at the edge of a beam, then press the opposite directing arrow to push it further. This will make the petpet drop straight down.


If you’re going after the golden trophy, you should expect some time of playing to understand the game perfectly and get to know its mechanics. You will have to get all stars and mini-Roburgs during the game. You may also have to complete the game few times to get lucky enough with red stars and mini-Roburgs.

Same thing applies for the silver trophy but if you’re lucky enough you will be able to get without having to get all of the mini-Roburgs possible. Just by completing the most levels of the game and losing the minimum of petpets possible.

The bronze trophy is good for those who can not avoid making mistakes but are relatively soso at the game.

It’s better to aim at the golden trophy at the beginning of the month or even at the first day of it because the tables will be reset and it will be easier to get these.

Good luck!

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