Neopets Second-Hand Shoppe

The Second-Hand Shoppe functions similarly to the Money Tree. The only difference is that the shoppe only stocks NP wearables. There are rows of donated items available on the shoppe page and you only need to click the item to receive it. The Second-Hand Shoppe counts as one of the three locations that collectively allows 10 items to be obtained daily. Any combination of items taken from the Rubbish Dump, Money Tree, or Second-hand Shoppe will count towards your daily 10 item limit.

Second-Hand Shoppe Link

Second-Hand Shoppe Cheats

For the most part, the shoppe tends to fill up with dung, because it is a NP wearable and users donate it from their quick-stocks often. But just like the Money Tree, the shoppe has certain famous donors who will come around and add some variety to the inventory. These donors can donate a range of wearables between the rarities of r40-r70 . The full list is below:

  • Hubrid
  • Jerdana
  • Koya
  • Lucie
  • Lucy
  • Prince Jazan
  • Princess Amira
  • Vanity

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