Neopets Mystery Pic

Neopets’ Mystery Pic game is a contest of memories long past, extreme focus, and pure angst towards everything in Neopia. However, we here promise you that it is NOT impossible, though sadly quite tedious. With some gained knowledge, learned speed, and much needed perseverance, we can help make the Neopets Mystery Pic game a little less scary, a tad more attainable for the average player, and perhaps get you and many others one of the most coveted trophies in all of Neopia.



First off, what is the Mystery Pic game? Twice each week, the Neopets Team will release a zoomed in 150×150 image of something that exists within the Neopets game. This will typically be on a Wednesday and Friday. This can be virtually anything, anywhere, or anyone. However, it’s near impossible at this point to guess just from zoomed in pixels. In fact, it can be quite off putting. Never fear, dear player. Using your preferred image manipulation program, adjust the dimensions to a 12×12. This removes the blurry pixel view, clears our image up, but, as you can see, it’s quite tiny. The 12×12 adjustment is just the typical go to, but, feel free to play around with it. See what works for you, but keep those numbers identical, otherwise it might get a bit too distorted. If that happens, don’t worry your little head. Just adjust back to the base of 150×150, and try again!


How to Answer

If, at this point, you can safely determine what this image is, it’s time to submit your answer. Humans do not screen answers, though. Rather, a computer will detect keywords from answers submitted by players, and select those as close to the answer as winners of the contest. You don’t have to be exact, but if you can guarantee your answer, type in the exact answer as shown. However, if you do not know the exact word, be vague. This helps the computer detect your answer more clearly, and increase your chances of being flagged as a winner! Just list the bare minimum. You’ll do just fine! For example, if the pixels are taken from a Blumaroo Steak, type in “blumaroo steak,” without the quotation marks. There’s no need to be specific about where the Blumaroo Steak is from, vague is key!


The Search

However, if you’re like the general population, and that’s perfectly okay, you probably can’t determine the answer from this point. If that’s the case, it’s time for the toughest part, the search. There’s nothing particularly difficult, by comparing the pixels to other images, but it will more than likely be a long and tedious process. A Neopets image database such as Dr. Sloth’s Image Emporium would be best. Be sure to put on your logical person hat on. Look at color patterns. Where would you most likely see this color? Does this small area ring a slight bell in the back of your mind? Be precise in your searching, and be prepared to dedicate some time to this. Again, this will probably take you many times before you find anything remotely resembling something that could be a potential answer. This is normal, and speaks nothing about your abilities in this contest, or lack there of.



Of course, once this is all done, what’s even in it for you? Hours of grueling research, comparing image after image, without even a snack break! Worry not, dear player, for even though this contest is almost impossible, the prizes are well worth it. If you are one of the first 250 people to submit a correct answer, congratulations, dear player! You win not only a bronze trophy, but an item exclusive to the contest itself. If you’re one of the first 50 people to submit an answer, you get the item, but also a silver trophy! If you’re one of those first 10 fabled submitters that are correct, an item and a golden trophy for you! But that’s not all! Even if you’re not quick enough to determine, you aren’t without compensation. Everyone who shares a correct answer gets a piece of the 2,000,000 Neopoint pool. Remember, it benefits you to NOT tell anyone the answer! You don’t want to shrink your prize chances or payout, do you?


Neopets Mystery Pic Cheats

Don’t we all wish there was a magical cheat to get that answer easily and quickly? Alas, there’s no legit way to do as such. It’s best you just put the time and effort in, and learn to GIT GOOD. There’s no instant solution, but that’s what makes this contest so satisfying once you finally and successfully complete this game.


Good luck, dear player!

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