Neopets Meepit vs. Feepit

Hasee Bounce
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Difficulty: Easy
Category: Action
Related Avatars: Score 3000+

NP Ratio: 25NP: 100PT


A basic overview of the game

If you play “one player” mode, you play a Feepit. This game is just like boxing, except with kicking included. Use the controls to punch, kick, and block. Beat your opponent, a meepit, three times and advance to the next stage. Watch your damage gauge! You don’t want to lose all your damage and lose the round. If your opponent beats your three times in a stage, before you do, it means game over. Also watch the time, if it reaches zero. The player with the least amount of damage wins.


Here are the controls to the game…

The default keys in the game are (you may change those keys in the game):
Z – Punch
X – Kick
C – Block
The combo moves are ZXZX or XZXZ. *Note: Do not type the letters too fast.


There are 5 stages in this game

1. Blue Meepit
2. Dung Meepit
3. Faerie Meepit
4. Tyrannian Meepit
5. Fire Meepit


Extra things to help you win the game

Hitting your appoint with a combo move do more damage than a kick or punch. Plus a block can not withstand a combo. Hit the meepit with a combo move, then while the meepit is falling to the ground, move back and do another combo. Keep doing this over and over till you win. This is a good strategy.

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