Neopets Bilge Dice

Neopets Bilge Dice can be a frustrating game, because it’s almost entirely based on luck! In fact, most Neopians only play Bilge Dice to try and get the two avatars you can win from it: ‘Bilge Dice’ and ‘Bilge Dice – Lucky Streak!’. Despite its unpredictable nature, Bilge Dice is a relatively easy game to understand, and once you know the nuances of playing you can maximize your chances of landing those elusive avatars – as well as making Neopoints!

Bilge Dice – Instructions

At the beginning of each round of Bilge Dice, you must select your ante (the amount of NP you wish to bet). When you first begin, you’ll be limited to 10 NP or 50 NP. The more Neopoints you bet, the more you’ll receive if you win. If, like many, you’re only playing to try and get the avatars, you should bet as little as possible, or else your total investment will stack up surprisingly quickly.

Once you’ve placed your stake, you’ll be taken to the game screen, where you’ll be presented with six die. During each game, you have to compete with your opponents Monty, Grimtooth, and Deadeye to achieve the highest score possible. Your score is the total value of your four die. That’s right, four. In order to qualify for each game, you also have to keep a dice with the value of 1, and another with the value of 4. Neither of these count towards your score’s total, but are required to have your score counted. If you don’t finish the game with those two qualifying numbers, you can’t play.

In each round, you have to select a minimum of one die to keep before you can re-roll the remaining ones. You can choose to keep more than one die in any one round, but you must select at least one. Once you’ve selected the die you’re keeping, all those that are left will be rolled again and a new round will begin. When you have ‘kept’ all six of your die, the scores are added up and a winner is declared. The winner is the player with both qualifying die who has the highest total score.

If you’re aiming to get the ‘Bilge Dice’ avatar, you need to achieve a perfect score of 24. That’s the two qualifying die, plus four different die with a value of 6. The avatar is awarded randomly when you manage this.

Bilge Dice Cheats

Unfortunately, there aren’t any cheats or surefire ways to win a game of Bilge Dice. However, there are a few tips you can follow to maximize your chances of winning.

  • Don’t just focus on getting a perfect score – the qualifying die are the most important part of the game. It doesn’t matter if you manage to keep four 6s if you don’t qualify! Always aim to secure a 1 or a 4 as early as possible.
  • Of course, sometimes luck just isn’t on your side and you don’t roll either of the qualifying die in the first round. If this happens, keep the highest value die you have rolled. So if you roll 2, 2, 5, 2, 3, 5, keep one of the 5s and re-roll the other die.
  • Don’t worry if you only get one 6 in the whole game, it’s still very possible that you will win, as long as you achieve a higher total than your opponents.
  • Pay attention to your opponents’ hands, and adjust your strategy accordingly. For example, if the others are keeping lots of 2s, you can win the round with a string of 4s. If you already have your qualifying die, it’s better to win the game with a middling hand than keep rolling in the hopes of a perfect round – only to end up with a bunch of 1s.

Bilge Dice – Winnings and Ante Thresholds

Each player bets the same ante in every game, and the winner claims everyone’s stakes – so you quadruple your Neopoints if you win. For example, if you bet 10 NP and win, you’ll get a total of 40 NP back. A winning game with a 50 NP ante will return 200 NP. If you’re lucky enough, you will randomly be awarded a bonus 1000 NP when you collect your winnings. However, this is just as rare at the ‘Bilge Dice’ avatar, so don’t hold out hope for it.

It’s fair to say that Bilge Dice is a relatively low-earner in comparison to other revenue streams, but as you win more games, more ante amounts become available to you. When you first start playing, you’ll be able to stake the default 10 NP or 50 NP bets, but you can unlock other options by doing the following:

  • 100 NP Ante (400 NP winnings): Win ten games of Bilge Dice
  • 200 NP Ante (800 NP winnings): Win four games of Bilge Dice in a row
  • 500 NP Ante (2,000 NP winnings): Win fifty games of Bilge Dice
  • 1,000 NP Ante (4,000 NP winnings): Win one hundred and fifty games of Bilge Dice

These wins aren’t time sensitive, so you can win seven games in January and another three in August, and you’ll still unlock the 100 NP ante.

Winning 4,000 NP per game is a much more attractive proposition than 200 NP, isn’t it? Well, unfortunately, even when you bet the highest ante amount you still won’t be banking too many Neopoints from Bilge Dice, as you’re capped at 5,000 NP winnings per day. You can carry on playing once you’ve reached this limit, but you’ll be losing the money you stake each game. There is one way to circumvent this cap though: you’ll still receive all your winnings until you hit that point. For example, if you’ve won two 500 NP ante games and one 200 NP game (giving you a total of 4,800 NP in winnings), you can still earn 4,000 NP from a 1,000 NP ante game. This method would give you 8,800 NP in winnings – taking you comfortably past that threshold. Bilge Dice - Lucky Streak!

Bilge Dice Avatar Guide

As mentioned above, the Bilge Dice avatar is awarded randomly when you win a game with a perfect score (1 and 4 to qualify, then 6, 6, 6, and 6). To get the perfect score, focus on the qualifying die first. If you roll 2, 6, 6, 3, 6, 6, don’t keep all of the 6s, because this is going to require you to roll one of the qualifying numbers in the next round, and the other in the final round. Should you receive a hand like this, keep one or two of the 6s and re-roll until you have both 1 and 4. It can be disheartening to abandon a perfect score, but not as disheartening as it is to achieve the elusive 24 but not even qualify!

Instead, focus on getting the Bilge Dice – Lucky Streak! avatar. You can achieve this avatar by winning ten games in a row – and all in the same calendar month. Yes, you read that correctly! This avatar is incredibly difficult to obtain, and requires a massive amount of luck. But if you focus on getting that ten win streak, you’re sure to pick up plenty of perfect scores along the way. Always aim to qualify, and once you have get the highest score you can. You’ll land both avatars eventually!

Bilge Dice Trophy Guide

Unlike most games on Neopets, Bilge Dice awards two sets of trophies! The first set are awarded to the players with the highest win streak, the other ones are given to those with the highest amount of earnings from the game. To give you the greatest chance of winning the second set, aim for 8,880 NP in winnings a day (one game with a 1,000 NP ante, then two games with a 10 NP ante, before a final 1,000 NP ante – or any other combination).

Good luck – you’re going to need lots of it!

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