Neopets Word Poker

Are you a grammar nazi or just an amazing speller? If so, this Word Poker is the perfect game for you! Captain Roundhoof’s training school on Krawk Island (yes the same place you would go to train your neopet) is now accepting new students, and this here the study guide that will never let you fail!

Word Poker

Word Poker Basic Instructions

There are a total of 6 rounds in Word Poker. At the start of each round you are given 8 letters (the letters will vary from round to round) from which you will have to make as many words as possible within the allotted time (60 seconds per round). Words have to be AT LEAST  3 letters each and must use the letters you are given. Additionally you can only use the letter the number of the times it appears-if you are given only 1 letter “A” you can only spell a word with one “A” in it. However the letters may be used in as many words as you can think of during that round.

Word Poker Controls

The controls in Word Poker are simple, you use your keyboard to type the words and then you press “enter” (you can use either the in game button or the button on the keyboard). If the word is acceptable and has not yet been used, the word will clear and be added to the list on the bottom right. This game will only accept words used in the Neopian Dictionary (NO PROPER NOUNS ALLOWED), so no making up words! There is no penalty for guessing a wrong answer, other than losing time for trying the word!


Example Word

With the above letters you could make the words “been” “bee” or “con” but you could not use the word “Ben” because it is a proper noun (name).

Word Poker Scoring

At the end of each round you will be asked to choose one of the following categories to take points for. Each category can only be used once per game so pick wisely. The images below show the options once you’ve completed a round. The one on the left shows the first round, where you can select any option. The right image is from a later round, where options you have already selected are boxed and cannot be selected again.

1st round 3rd round

There are 6 different sections, equaling out to one section per round. The breakdown of each section is below.

  • 3 letters- The score of this section is dependent on the number of valid 3 letter words you type. Each word is worth 4 points. So the score is the number of words times 4. (I.E. 3 words submitted times 4 =12 points.)
  • 4 letters- This section works the same as the 3 letter one, except every word is worth 6 points. (Getting at least 10 words in this section will add an additional 30 points to your score).
  • 5 letters- Same as previous 2, but every valid word is worth 8 points. (Getting at least 10 words in this section will add an additional 100 points to your score)
  • Full House- If have 15 words or more total you are eligible for the “Full House”, which is worth 50 points. If you get 25 words or more this will now be 150 points.
  • Flush- During the round there will be one letter that begins more words than the others-the number of words that you enter that start with this magic letter will be multiplied by 10. (If the number of words begun by 2 different letters is equal, the game will randomly select one for you.)
  • Wild- This section counts points for words you enter; the longer the word is the more points it is worth. 3 letter words are worth 1 point, 4 letters worth 2 points, and so on.

Word Poker Cheats

  • Can’t think of any words? Use this link and put your letters in the box for instant answers! Remember no proper nouns and it must be in the Neopian Dictionary (no questionable words such as trippin).
  • If you have an “S” available, make sure to include as many plurals as possible (Grant and Grants)
  • If you are on a later category and you have already used your 3 and 4 letter options, don’t waste time typing them, get your brain cooking up more 5 letter words! (These 3 and 4 letter words will not add points to your score)
  • If you cannot think of anymore words long before the round ends, you can end the round early by selecting the point value.
  • Every valid 7 or 8 letter word AUTOMATICALLY earns you 50 points (no selection required).
  • Neopian words count, NAMES DO NOT

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