Neopets Meepit Juice Break

Are you hungry? Well, then Meepit Juice Break isn’t for you. Meepit Juice Break is found in the land of mass destruction, and chaos. Really all the Meepits want is to be fed. The concept of Meepit Juice Break is easy. Give the Meepits juice. Simple right? Well, no, it gets more complicated than that.

He’s staring into your soul.


Meepit Juice Break is scored easily. There are two different modes you can play, which are Zen and Normal.

Zen Mode:

In this mode, there are no timers and as many meepits you’d like to feed, never ending essentially. You earn one point for every meepit fed, regardless of the color. I advise you not to play this mode unless you have seven hours to spare. Maybe seventy hours.

Normal Mode:

+ 1 for each pipe filled with any color juice, which is not the same color as the Meepit being fed.

+ 2 for each pipe filled with any color juice, which is the same color as the Meepit being fed.

If you use all the pipes on the board, you will get a 50-point Super Bonus!

There are several fruit bonuses while playing! They can either award, or dismiss points! You may encounter one of the following:

+25 points+10 points-10 points

Changing the color of the pipes:

This can be useful to learn what color makes which color. Maybe you failed art class? Well, anyways this is very helpful. When mixing two colors, you will generate a new color which can then be feed to the corresponding color of the meepit for more points.

+ =

(Red and Yellow make Orange)

+ =

(Yellow and Blue make Green)

+ =

(Red and Blue make Purple)

+ + =

(Red and Yellow and Blue make Pink) (Whoever made the game must have failed as well.) *shift eyes* Totally Ollie.

Who is Ollie you might ask yourself? Well, he is the programming genius behind this game. If you click on the green meepit on the title screen, you can see for yourself!


-Feed the Meepit the color juice it wants.

-Use as many pipes as possible.

-Feed more than 1 at once in later levels.

-Don’t let any of them starve, but if you have to, let it happen.

-Typing the phrase “juice-o-matic” will reset all Meepits’ timers. This can only be used once per game.

-Typing the phrase “meepits” will get you an extra life! This can only be used once per game.


With a little bit of practice, you could be seeing yourself with an avatar, or one of the following trophies! In order to obtain the avatar, you must score 3,500 points.

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