Neopets Maths Nightmare

Maths Nightmare
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Difficulty: Hard
Category: Puzzle
Related Avatars: None
NP Ratio: 100NP: 100PT


A basic overview of the game

Imiya the Aisha is fast asleep… dreaming of butterflies, flowers and other cute things. Tomorrow she has a HUGE Maths test that she needs to pass, so its vital she gets as much sleep as possible… and then THEY arrived. Babaas, hundreds of them, all carrying maths problems that have to be solved! Help solve the puzzles so the Babaas can jump over the fence and keep Imiya sleeping!


A couple of basic things about the game
  • Choose from Levels 1-5.
  • Higher levels reward more neopoints.
  • Each Babaa carries a math problem.
  • Click the Babaa you wish to answer the problem.
  • Answer each question to make the Babaa jump the fence.
  • Use the keypad (your number pad on your keyboard) to answer the current math problem.
  • Hit “Enter” to fire.
  • Hit “Backspace” to erase the entry.


A few things to help you play the game more easily
  • Target the easier questions first.
  • Use the “Left” and “Right” to re-target or click on the desired Babaa with the mouse to target it directly.
  • Pick which math category is right for you. Don’t try doing multiplication if it’s not your strongest category.

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