Neopets Beauty Contest

This article is for all of you people out there who enter the contest for the hopes of winning neopoints, trophies, recognition, and hopefully a prize, but you never even place in the species, let alone the overall winners! Well if you want to win, then just listen up take the advice I am about to give you. Can you draw a picture of your Neopet looking great? Well then the Beauty Contest is the place for you! Win prizes and trophies every single week by submitting a GIF or JPG image of your Neopet.


Ways to help you win the beauty contest

First things first, what IS the beauty contest? It is a competition where artists can enter their drawings and have people vote on their pictures. The pet with the most votes will win! You can either win for the species or overall (for every single species). Winning a trophy can be difficult. You cannot see how many votes you have or others have, or if you’re even in the lead. You can hope that your picture is grand enough for people to vote for. Although the beauty contest votes are seen as unfair because the famous people of Neopets can gather in more votes than a newbie or infamous player.

    The prizes are as follows :
Overall Winners! Species Winners!
  • First Prize – 20,000 NP + one rare item
  • Second Prize – 10,000 NP + one rare item
  • Third Prize – 5,000 NP + one rare item
  • First Prize – 10,000 NP
  • Second Prize – 5,000 NP
  • Third Prize – 2,500 NP


Ways to help you win the beauty contest

Winning the beauty contest can be made easy with our 17 tips to that new trophy! Read through these tips and try out a few! The people who helped write this guide have experience in the beauty contest and knows what works to grab eople’s attention. 😉 Good luck!

  • Before entering the contest make yourself known on several boards (not the beauty contest board) so that most people on there are familiar with you. This way when you ask them to possibly to vote for your pet it doesn’t seem totally out of the blue.
  • Spend some good time on your drawing either hand drawn or computer drawn. It should take you more than 20 minutes to make a pretty good drawing of your pet.
  • Don’t limit your drawing to the normal stance of your pet. Try drawing a battle stance or just imagining a stance and drawing that.
  • Use lots of color in your drawing as people like color and it draws more attention
  • Add some accessories to your drawing. Maybe clothes or weapons from the battledome. Simply spice up your drawing a little. Give it some “pizzaz” (don’t know if that’s a real word though xD)
  • If it is your first time entering try a specie category where not a lot of people enter like mynci, tuskaninny, bruce, blumaroo
  • ALWAYS be in a guild with about 100 people or more. Don’t SPAM on their message boards though. SPAM is where you write the same posts over and over or pointless messages or advertising a whole lot on the board. Simply just make sure you are in a guild so you can get some support from the guild.
  • Whenever you enter your pet venture to the Beauty Contest Boards and advertise your pet. Most people there are friendly. Make sure to be nice to everyone that comes to your board as they will be the ones voting for your pet and you don’t want to make them mad.
  • Put a drawing with a link (if you don’t know how to do this read till the bottom) on ALL of your pages. Your lookup, your pets lookup, your pets page and even on spare accounts (but don’t vote with them!). Just to get the word out that your pet is in the Beauty Contest. Trust me people WILL vote if they just see your lookup with a big old picture link!
  • Incorporate a scheme to get people to vote for your pet on every board you make. For example I will use on the BattleDome Boards: “Hey everyone challenge (pet name) {ALSO VOTE FOR (pet name here)} like that.
  • In addition to putting links on your pages you own, put it in your neo signature and also have a reminder in your neoHTML to vote for him or her. When you do this along with the tip above, you will recieve a ton of votes. It’s a great scheme for getting lots of votes.
  • In addition to tip # 8, go to the Beauty Contest boards as much as possible and advertise your pet like mad (without getting angry and just being nice to everyone you meet there). Also venture on to others boards and say you like their drawing, and ask them to vote for your pets. This will pick up maybe another 10-50 votes for your pet, depending on how much you do it. If you advertise your own boards AND others a lot you just might get a lot more votes than you expected.
  • If you know a few people but haven’t talked to them in a while, drop them a neomail saying your pet is now in the beauty contest and ask for a vote. Also you can do something I don’t recommend: not only advertise on the boards, but neomail on the boards asking them to vote as well. Try advertising on your guild or even Neopets fan sites like NeoExtreme in the site forums!
  • Why limit links to your own signature or lookup? Ask friends to advertise in their signature, neoHTML, lookups, pet lookups, and petpages. Whenever your friend gets a hit on one of these pages they are most likely going to vote for your pet and this will result in even more votes for your pet! These tips are great aren’t they? You will just get more and more votes to help you win a trophy.
  • If you have AIM (AOL Instant messenger) and you have some friends who play on neopets just send them an “IM” and ask for a vote for your wonderful pet in the beauty contest you now hope to win
  • If sometimes your drawing doesn’t look to good, and you have added that color and accessories (weapons and items) you could always get a free animation program and have your picture you made be the first frame. Then go back to paint or your drawing program and create a second frame of your pic and then put them together and run and save your animation as a GIF file.
  • Tip number seventeen (In addition to tip number nine): This is where you can find out how to put up that link and picture for your pets Beauty Contest entry. First go to an image hosting site. Then upload your picture and get the images URL. Copy this and then take it to your lookup editing page. Then use the tags “Image Tags.” Then go to your entry and get the link. Copy this and take it back to your lookup editing page. Use this tag: “Links Tags” use this in front of the image one. Then once you are done with that after the image tag add to the end.

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