Neopets Fetch! Guide

Fetch! is a very simplistic puzzle game.  Your objective is to navigate the labyrinth Blumaroo through a convoluted maze deep within the Haunted Woods in seek of a spooky item for your master.  But you are also racing against the clock.  Be sure to retrieve the item in the allocated time period or your master will be very displeased…

How to Play

Move your Blumaroo friend through the maze by selecting one of four directions on the “tentacompass”.  Each step you take is subtracted from the total moves allowed which is dependent on the game difficulty you select prior to entering the maze.

The goal of the game is to find the object hidden in the centre of the maze and bring it to the exit in as few steps as possible.


Your master will demand you retrieve one of the following items:

–          Bloatershrooms

–          Blood Mole Seeds

–          Ergy Paste

–          Faerie Dust

–          Froiler Essence

–          Ghostbeef Essence

–          Grackle Pus

–          Melow Seeds

–          Rotten Peachpas

–          Smellyshroom Essence

–          Sporkle Droppings

–          The Stuff

–          Whomp Berries

The item requested, however, has no impact on your score.


You are awarded a base score for returning the item within the allowed step limit.  For every additional step you have remaining, you earn an extra 0.5 points.

The high score table is cumulative.  Your high score builds with every consecutive win.  Be careful, though!  If you lose, your high score is reset to zero!


The first time you play Fetch!, you will only be presented with the choice of three difficulties: Easy, Medium or Hard.  As your cumulative high score increases, you can sequentially unlock the Fiendish and Insane difficulties.

The base score awarded upon completion of the maze increases with the difficulty—but so does the map size!


Map Size

Steps Allowed

Base Score Awarded

Score Needed to Unlock


10 x 10


101 NP



15 x 15


201 NP



20 x 20


501 NP



25 x 25


1501 NP

1 000


30 x 30


2501 NP

2 000


You will always start at the edge of the maze.  Remember which edge!  The exit to the maze will always be located on the edge opposite to the one on which you started.  Just hope that you are not unlucky and start in a corner, in which case the exit can be on either of the two edges adjacent to the opposite corner.

The item will always be near the middle of the maze.  Keep track of how many steps you have taken in each direction to help keep yourself oriented as you move through the maze.  If you are playing on Hard difficulty (map size 20 x 20), the item should be approximately 10 paces into the maze.

Try to keep an eye on your surroundings and remember what the maze looks like.  Make note of dead ends as you pass them!

If you are going for a trophy/high score and are about to run out of steps: do not finish the game! If you lose, your score is reset and removed from the high score table.  Wait until trophies are awarded before losing and trying again the following day.

Fetch! is a very straightforward game but has a large element of luck.  The point to neopoint ratio is 1:1, so it is not the most profitable game.  But on the plus side, It is not very popular and therefore it is fairly easy to earn yourself a trophy!  Now quit reading this and get back into the maze!  Your master is getting impatient…

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