Neopets Deadly Dice

Deadly Dice is a game that you can play at Neopia’s latest hour in order to win some spectacular prizes. That is, if you’re not too scared to go up against this creepy guy…


Count von Roo, the vampiric Blumroo that sleeps in a coffin 23 hours a day, can be found on Roo Island on the Deadly Dice island on the left side of the map. He is only awake between 12am – 1am NST, meaning all other times, you’ll find him like this:

Nothing happens and you simply have to leave. Now, if you visit him at his designated awake hours, you’ll have the ability to play him in a game of dastardly deadly dice!


Deadly dice is an extremely simple game. You roll a die and Count von Roo rolls a die.

If the number you roll is higher than his number, your pet will gain a level!

One. You hope he rolls this every. time.

If the number he rolls is higher, your pet will lose a level! D’oh!
NOTE: Because your pet has the ability to lose a level during the game, you must use a pet that is level 2 or higher to begin the game.

In the event of a tie, you will have to play again. When this happens, two levels are at stake! This means that if you lose the tie breaker, your pet will lose two levels! Double d’oh! Similarly, if you win, your pet will gain two levels.


The tie breaker is directly related to the Count von Roo avatar, which you can gain and lose every time you play (like the Emo Usuki shopkeeper avatar that you can gain and lose). Simply put, if you do not have the avatar and you win a tie breaker against Count von Roo, you will win the avatar! If you have the avatar and you lose a tie breaker, you will lose your avatar! Be careful!

This spooky avatar could be yours!


  • You can only play Deadly Dice once a day with one pet. If you try and return, he’ll tell you to scram!
  • You are allowed to play this game on side accounts. (Editorial)
  • This game is available to play all day on October 31st — Halloween!
  • Playing Deadly Dice does not help you to get Count von Roo as a Battledome Challenger — that is a random event that can happen anywhere on the site, anytime.

Author: Sarah

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