Neopets Avatar Grabber

Just by visiting this page, you can acquire 86-92 avatars (The range is in place, because some clickable avatars depend on time, weather, or they are just random). Also gets you some BD challengers, site theme, neopoints and does about twelve dailies. You have to be logged into your account for this to work.

UPDATED : 04/30/2017 – Rearranged Links. Please note, since TNT made it so you have to be logged into an account to view lookups/petlookups, many of the clickable that require you to view these pages will not work with this tool.

Let the page load, and then refresh two or three times for maximum effectiveness.

How the Neopets Avatar Grabber Works

This Neopets Avatar Grabber uses a simple mechanism to operate. Most of the avatar obtained are clickable neopets avatars, meaning, they only require you to visit a page to obtain the avatar. Thus, we put these links inside image tags, and when you load this page, the image tags will try to obtain the image by visiting the page, however the images will appear broken as seen below, but since the page has been visited, you will be awarded with the Neopets avatar.

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