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Buy Neopoints instead of playing Neopets games on hours and hours,  while only earning the ridiculous amount of 50k? Are your goals in Neopets very far from your reach only for your incapacity of making Neopoints fast and in good amounts? Or is your dream becoming a Neomillionare to fulfill all your dreams and your friend’s wishes? If you replied to any or all of this questions with a ‘yes’ then I tell you: there is no reason to suffer, no reason why you should wait either! Just buy neopoints and all your problems will be gone! Is one of the most simple, easiest and safe ways of cheating, something that has been happening for years already and the success rate is very high.

But I’m sure that you must be having a lot of questions about this, and probably, even fear of doing something wrong or getting scammed by somebody else. Don’t worry at all, because there’s where this guide comes to play! Just keep reading and you’ll be an expert on how it works to buy Neopoints, which are the safest ways of getting them, and which are the things that you should do, and which ones you need to avoid.

Where to Buy Neopoints Online?

The first question that comes to people’s mind is where they can buy Neopoints. For starters, do never discuss the buying or selling of Neopoints inside Neopets, this will only result in TNT giving you a warning, silencing your account or even worse: giving you a free pass to freezeland from the one you’ll have a lot of troubles getting out. The sell of Neopoints happens offsite and only offsite is safe for your account to do it.

 If you don’t have anyone who can recommend you a site to buy NPs and you’re on your own trying to decide on which one to buy. We highly suggest taking a look at, as our premier buying space for buying neopoints.

When entering this webpages, try to seek for the date of creation or any clues that suggest it could have been around for a while. Avoid buying from a new site right away (our example, has been up for five years), is always better to go with one that already has a reputation and some sites even include customers comments and reviews! After checking this, you should also see what’s the rate for which each page sells their Neopoints or what deals they are having.

Once you have selected the place where you’ll buy Neopoints, contact the seller. Most of this webpages will have a mail and if much better if you mail them there and wait for their answer (so you’re sure it’s an active site) and then proceed to buy the amount of Neopoints you desire from them.

How to Buy Cheap Neopoints?

If you did the sites investigations suggested on the previous question of the guide, you already know that Neopoints sell for real life money (USD or your currency) being Paypal the most popular way of sending it, due keeping confidentiality on your information. If you don’t have a paypal, most sites also allow online credit card transactions. For buying Neopoints you’ll need to have any of this two forms of sending payment avaliable.

Transfering bought Neopoints

Once you’ve selected the method you’ll use to send your payment and you have contacted the seller to make sure they are active, go ahead and make the transaction. Your Neopoints will either be sent in a shell account, by the TP or by your shop.

A shell account refers to an empty account, usually aged, where people store ETS or Neopoints. The use of shell accounts is pretty normal when you buy things from somebody else since it gives you a place to hold them until you can move them to your permanent accounts on secured ways, and also, this allows you to get your bought Neopoints without the need for the seller to know the name of your real account. Your NPs are most likely to come into sell accounts if you buy more than 5 million Neopoints, but some sellers do it anyway for lower amounts.

If your Neopoints come into a shell account, your seller will give you the account information (username, password, birthday and optional pin) when you have that information DO NOT RUSH AND ENTER TO THE ACCOUNT. You will need to use a proxie to change your IP address. Using a proxie or VPN will help you in having more security and avoiding getting frozen since when you change your IP, you get inside an account with a different login information so, in the eyes of TNT, you are another person. This is important since you don’t want to link you permanent accounts to the shells with the bought items/NPs.

Now, once you enter the shell account, you can transfer the Neopoints directly to your main or a side account, depending on the amount of NPs. If it’s lower than 10 millions, you’ll be ok if you do it in the same day, but if it’s higher, might be safer to transfer them slowly.

The best ways of transfering your Neopoints are either by…

1) In the shop of the account where you want to receive them, put enough items with the 99,999 NP value to transfer the Neopoints from the shell account. They can be junk or more expensive things like red codestones if you want, and after a couple days you can send them back to your account from the shell, as a regular gift transfer.

2) Put some lots on the TP from the account you want the NPs in, and offer them in small amounts (500k per lot would be ok for example). They can be junk items, it doesn’t really matter a lot, but if you want you can do the same as on point 1) and send the items back to you later on.

Buy Neopoints

3) Buy easy to sell items with the Neopoints, and transfer those items to your account either by a trade or by regular gifts transfer. Some ETS can be popular Paint brushes (royal, baby, darigan, etc), Draik eggs, Draik MPs, avatar items like chokato, ZDAP, FQD, and so on.

That is all! Now you’re ready to buy some Neopoints. Head on over to, to become an instant neomillionaire today!

Buy Neopoints