Neopets Patapult Guide

Patapult is one of the many active games in the NC Mall! Patapult is a Neocash game, meaning it cannot be played with neopoints and can be played on side accounts. Users buy Patapuff packs from the NC Mall and can then play the skeeball game and earn exclusive wearable prizes!


In order to play Patapult, you must buy a Patapuff pack. Patapuffs are sold in the NC Mall and can be purchased in three different quantities:

As you can see, Patapuff packs can be purchased individually or in packs of 5 or 10. Buying larger packs decreases the amount of an individual Patapuff and is essentially a better deal. If you plan to play multiple times for a specific prize, consider buying one of the larger packs to save money!

Unlike other NC Mall games like Shenanigifts and Wonderclaw, there are no Power-Ups in Patapult.


To start the game, go to the homepage and click “PLAY”. Patapult is a unique NC Mall game in that it takes actual skill to get the prizes you would like. The game only requires a mouse or trackpad, and there are two main controls: 1) Use your mouse to drag the Patamoose back and forth in order to aim it, and 2) Left click on the Patamoose and drag it towards the idol of your choice to launch it.

Depending on which prize you are aiming for, you can aim and launch your Patamoose at Wood, Bronze, Silver, or Gold idols. These tiers provide different prizes, so check out the “Prizes” section of this article before playing!

For each Patapuff you use, you have three chances to get an idol, which will correspond with the areas on the map above. If you miss, you will generally end up with a Wood idol. Each of the three rounds should result in an idol, and you can decide if you want to keep it or try again after each time. If you get the idol you want on your first or second throw and decide to keep it, the game will end, and you would have to use another Patapuff to continue playing.

Unfortunately, the game takes some practice, and it might require quite a few Patapuffs before you get the tier you’d like, say Silver or Bronze. Be careful if you’re playing for the first time and only have a limited amount of Patapuffs!


Redeeming prizes requires the idols that you win during the game. The amount of idols you have will appear on the homepage of the game, and not in your inventory.

As you can see, I have 0 of each idol… 🙁

Each prize is worth a certain amount of idols in a certain tier. To collect a prize, simply click “REDEEM IDOLS” under your Acquired Idols count. A prize can only be collected if you have the exact idol that is required, meaning a Bronze-tier prize needs a Bronze idol to be redeemed; even if you have a Bronze Idol and want a Wood-tier prize, it won’t work.


The following are the prizes that currently be won from Patapult:

Wood Tier Prizes

Cheery Self of Flowers

Colourful Glass Suncatcher

Dewy Snowdrop Flower Foreground

Flower Vase Balloon Bouquet

Jewelled Chain Wig

Magic Illuminating Wand

Magical Turquoise Quill

Mixed Pattern Layer Shirt

Purple Crystal Shard Staff

Red Suede Booties

Rotating Light Cube

Sparkling Black Sunglasses

Sparkling Platinum Wig

Viny Portal Foreground

Bronze Tier Prizes

Ancient Geraptiku Spear

Blue Cuffed Shorts

Brown Tapered Wig

Candy Floss Swirl Wig

Elegant Ombre Skirt

Fuzzy Raglan Sleeve Shirt

Hands of Fiery Energy

Ink Splattered Skirt

Lighted Globe Garland

Rosette Knitted Jumper

Tree of Hearts Foreground

Silver Tier Prizes

Beaded Shoulder Armour

Blonde Quiff Wig

Dapper Striped Socks and Shoes

Dramatic Forest Gates Background

Plaid Aqua Skirt

Playful Tousled Wig

Rich Emerald Wig

Sleeveless Blue Flower Shirt

Walk Around the Park Background

Gold Tier Prizes

Autumn Stream Bridge Background

Lost in the Forest Background

Mystical Jewelled Door Background

Sunny Summer Scarf Wig

Tangerine Contacts

Yellow Ruffle Dress

Author: Sarah

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