Neopets Brain Tree’s Quest

In the center of the Haunted Woods there is a tree… a very unusual tree. This tree, of course, is the Brain Tree! This (very large) citizen of the Haunted Woods has a constant thirst for Knowledge, and he needs YOU to supply him with it!
Give me your knowledge!

To begin one of his quests simply go to the Haunted Woods and click on the Brain Tree. He will boom something out at you in his malevolent tone. Just click on the button that says, “Accept the Quest” and you are on your way.

The Brain Tree will now ask you a question and assign you a time limit to answer it (the time limit is usually less then 3 hours). The question that he will ask will ALWAYS be about WHEN and WHERE a certain Neopian died.

Now, where in Neopia are we going to find out when and where a random Neopian died?

The answer to that is the Esophagor, but to get the info out of him you will need to do something for him… one of his quests!


The Esophagor is very hungry and is always looking for some spooky food to eat (this is where you come in!). Find him the Spooky Food items he request, which could be as many as four, and he will provide you and answer to one of your questions.

Either write it down, copy it to a text file, or open the Brain Tree’s page in a new window or tab and paste it there. Now go back to the Esophagor and take another quest for the other answer. This time he will give you the location upon completing the quest. Be careful because the first quest could have been a reasonable price but the second time cost tens of thousands of Neopoints.

Whew! Almost done. Now you must go to the Brain Tree and submit the answers. Remember to be exact. If the Esophagor says ’26 BN’, type in ’26 BN’. Do not include anything else or misspell it. If done correctly, the Brain Tree will, as promised, give you a reward.

These prizes include:

  • The Brain Tree as a Battledome opponent.
  • A random number of Neopoints (usually less then 5k).
  • A random item.

Here is a list of all of the items he gives out (hover your mouse over the item to see its name):

They sound like good prizes! Sadly, though, most of the items that he gives out are now really common and you won’t get many Neopoints for them, but you should at least be thankful that the Brain Tree gave you something!

Also, here are a few tips to remember when doing Brain Tree quests!

  1. Quests costing over 5000 Neopoints probably are not worth it.
  2. The Neoboards cannot help you with answers. You must complete the Esophagor’s quests.
  3. You can only do his quests once every 24 hours… so if you mess up you are going to have to wait 24 hours to do another one.
  4. Make sure when you are writing down the answers you get from the Esophagor that you write them down EXACTLY AS YOU SEE THEM. One little mistake and the Brain Tree won’t accept you answer and you will lose.

Well, that is all! I hope you had fun learning about the Brain Tree and his quests! So, why don’t you go do one now?

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