Neopets Top Chop

Neopets Top Chop is a Karate-Chopping game where you will have to play as Katsuo, the orange Kougra who has been training in martial arts to achieve the Imperial Grade. The game is fairly easy, but requires patience. You will face many blocks, meaning 12 different rounds to improve your martial arts. In Neopets Top Chop, each of the finished rounds will be saved for you, so that you can successfully improve if you are looking forward restarting specific levels to get better at them.


Neopets Top Chop’s controls are extremely easy to memorize, and they are not the difficult part of the game. The only key you will actually need is the space bar. You will have to press it once per level, exactly when the moving line will be on the green part of the meter. The best would be to get it as close to the center as possible. If you press the space bar when the moving line is in the red zone or even in the yellow one, the block will not break, unfortunately. This is why you will have to be very careful. You only have three lives and there is 12 different rounds. The first level, of course, is the easiest one. The difficulty will progress gradually when you will be finishing levels. In a short summary, in every round, you will have 30 seconds to break each block. As said earlier, the next level will also make the meter’s speed to go up by a little.

If the Moffit, a small petpetpet appears during the game, you will not be able to break the block even if it is aligned on the center, which is mean, of course. If it does appear, just wait it to go. Usually, it will appear at the beginning of the round and if you take too much time to finish it. Your main objective is to break the block. You will have to aim fast or to wait until the insect goes away if you want a chance to win more easily. The best thing to do would be to finish each round as quickly as possible, because the earlier you finish them, the more points you will earn.

Gameplay & Levels

Each level you will complete will unlock the next one. Earn the most points, from the first level up to the last one if you are going after a high score. The more you progress, the more the level will change. The first level contains three sub levels, meaning you will have to break three blocks. The meter’s speed will always move constantly during that first level, which is to your advantage. The only obstacle you will encounter are the flowers that will hide your view for a small amount of time, which should not bother you a lot if you know what you’re doing. The second thing is the Moffit (petpetpet) that will appear. Remember that when it appears you will have to wait it to leave the place in order to be able to whack the block. If it is there, you will not be able to break it. Just be patient and keep focusing on the meter (do not keep looking at it) so that once it is gone, you know when exactly you will have to press the spacebar. This first level is called the Courtyard.

The second level is named the Imperial Grand Dojo. There, the meter will start bother you a little. because it will start moving, stopping, moving, going faster, stopping and so on. You will see more flowers preventing you from playing the game with ease and the Moffit will be present more often, meaning there is a lot of time where you will be losing time (to wait the Moffit to leave) in order the complete the game. Thus, you will be losing more bonus points because of the Moffit. The best thing you can do there is to finish that level in the quickest way possible.

After that comes the Emperor’s Grand Hall, which is by far the hardest difficulty you will encounter during the game. Here, the meter will be far more complicated to understand and the green bar (where you are supposed to press the space bar at) will be tiny and moving. Also, there will be a Blue Acara with a brown hat and a yellow sweater standing behind the meter and she will cover the meter with its flag many times during the round, giving you a harder time to concentrate. The good part on this level is that the Moffit will not bother you anymore. Also, there will be no flowers to distract you, which can be seen as an advantage.

The green region will start moving quickly and your chop will now start moving more rapidly. The line will also start to move and stop more frequently, and changing its speed. The speed will not be constant, meaning you will not know its direction and that the level will be mostly based on luck. You will also have to hope that the flag will not come on the green region. When the green is at the top or at the bottom of the meter, it will be the best time to hit it because you will have extra time caused by the bounce off the edge of the meter.

The game also contains a bonus level and it is only for the true game masters. In that level, you are asked to make a small demonstration of your chopping skills to the Emperor himself. That level is like the level 3 but a little more harder. There, the blue Acara and the moving meter are still there. The added difficulty is that when you will hit the the center, the emperor has to be watching you, otherwise you will not benefit from anything. For that reason, always make sure that the emperor has his eyes open toward you when you attempt to whack the block. The kougra will also be in a new black robe, to honor the emperor. In order to reach this level, you will have to make the perfect hit, meaning in the white zone, on levels 3-3, 3-4 and 3-5. There is no other possible way to reach this level without doing that.


Whenever you will make the perfect chop, meaning that the line hits the white center line of the green region of the meter, three times in a single game, you will be awarded with a power up. Three total power ups are available and they will be decribed below.

The first power up is a green coin with the picture of a Kougra’s head. That power up will grant you an extra life, meaning you will get four lives instead of three. When you fail at breaking a block because you’ve pressed the space bar on the red or yellow line, you will be awarded with a second chance to try a last time.

The second powerup is also a green coin, this time with a timer on it. This one will slow down the sliding line making you able to chop more easily and comfortably. That being said, you will not have to be more ready than ever to hit the space bar. You can take your time because you will have time to make a reaction when you are on the green part. This one, in my opinion, is the most useful power up because it is very useful in the later levels.

The last power up is a coin with a boosted green region. This one will, obviously, increase the size of the green region on the meter, making it easier to chop the block. It is not that looked after by those who are mostly aiming for a high score, because it will not increase it. Otherwise, where you will actually need this is when you encounter the Emperor on the bonus level. Because it will seem impossible to hit the green region, this power up will be of a fabulous help.

In the past, Top Chop used to give the exclusive karate gi wearable item, which is no longer awarded. Three gi’s are very popular, but the black one is of an extreme rarity and has never been spotted by the public. Because of that, we can assume that it was never handed out.

Neopets Top Chop Cheats

Finally, the key to victory in that game is really about training and experience. You will have to be familiar with the game so that you get used to when you will have to press the space bar and what to do once the Moffit (petpetpet) appears. There is no code to get power ups and if you are good enough, you will not even rely on these. Basically, if you’re looking for a game that is mostly about skills and not luck, you can play this to earn the trophy you deserve. Have fun smashing these blocks.


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