Neopets Lutari Talisman Guide

Sometime after the launch of Neopets Mobile and the ability to visit Lutari Island, Neopets released a Site Feature Trophy called the Lutari Talisman. Users could then collect beads to add to their talismans, supposedly granting some special perks throughout the site. With the decline of Neopets Mobile, the inaccessibility to Lutari Island, and the rarity of the beads, contributing to individual talismans has steeply declined in popularity.


The Lutari Talisman is likely very loosely based on a dreamcatcher, based in some traditional Native American cultures. Like certain dreamcatchers, they are decorated with beads.

Every account created or active today receives a talisman. You can locate your talisman by going to your userlookup and looking under Site Feature Trophies. It looks like this before you click on it:

Clicking on it will lead you to your specific talisman, which will display any beads you have collected and added to it. A completed talisman looks like the icon above, with all of the beads on it (five of each color). Most users have an empty talisman, which looks like this:


There are twenty individual beads — five of each color — that can be added to a talisman.
NOTE: You cannot add two of the same bead to a talisman.

Red Matu Bead

Red Oranu Bead

Red Ranaka Bead

Red Tongi Bead

Red Urapa Bead

Yellow Matu Bead

Yellow Oranu Bead

Yellow Ranaka Bead

Yellow Tongi Bead

Yellow Urapa Bead

Green Matu Bead

Green Oranu Bead

Green Ranaka Bead

Green Tongi Bead

Green Urapa Bead

Blue Matu Bead

Blue Oranu Bead

Blue Ranaka Bead

Blue Tongi Bead

Blue Urapa Bead

Originally, beads were awarded when mobile players referred new players, and then both parties were awarded beads. As well, beads could be given out as Random Events (specifically all of the Matu, Oranu, Ranaka and Urapa Beads in every color), though this was discontinued. The only way to currently obtain beads is by purchasing them from other users via the Trading Post. Due to the essentially retired status of the beads — as in, there are no more being added to Neopia at any time — they are extremely rare, selling for upwards of 50 million NP each.

NOTE: Tongi beads were only available through referrals and REs, and were no-trade items; now that both Mobile and bead REs have been discontinued, it is impossible to obtain these beads.

Adding the beads to your talisman

To add a bead to your talisman, simply have the bead in your inventory and select “Add to Talisman” from the drop-down menu. Please note that like stamps, once you add a bead to your talisman, it can never be removed.


It is said that adding beads to your talisman can grant special perks throughout the site, though very few of these are confirmed by either users or TNT. With many beads completely impossible to obtain, there is very little collected data on the beads since the end of Neopets Mobile.

TNT’s official description for the beads claims that red beads bring strength, green bring luck, blue bring diplomacy, and yellow bring speed.

Here’s what we do know based on the experiences of users that have submitted their info to fan sites:

  • Red beads grant shop discounts at any Neopian shop, such as Foods or Kauvara’s Magic. With all red beads, you can get up to a 10% discount on a haggle. Evidence suggests that the less beads you have, the less of a discount you will receive.
  • Green beads grant flash game bonusesWhen you receive the bonuses is random, but the amount you receive is based on how many beads you have: 10% for one bead, 25% for two beads, 50% for three beads, 75% for four beads, and 100% for all five beads.
Photo courtesy of JellyNeo
  • The effects of blue beads and yellow beads are unknown. Here are some of the current theories:
    • increases the amount of training “super bonuses” you receive
    • increases the amount of random faerie quests you receive
    • increases strength of other bead perks
    • increase the amount of Random Events you receive
    • increases the chance of winning the “random” avatars


  • While the Lutari Talisman icon appear on each user’s lookup, clicking it will redirect you back to your own talisman. You can only see which beads you own.
  • Based on the images above, you can tell that the beads appear on your talisman just as they do in your inventory. There is one glitch in relationship to this: if you add a Red Tongi Bead to your talisman, it will appear like a Red Matu Bead, and the same is true the other way around. No worries, they’ll both count for the right bead and you’ll still receive the perks since perks are awarded based on how many beads you have instead of which beads you have.

Author: Sarah

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