Neopets The Usul Suspect

Neopets The Usul Suspect is a fun game where Lumi, the game’s main character is having an eye on a fashionable new shirt. The problem is the she lacks of funds to be able to purchase it. Having not enough money, she decided to follow the actions of countless cash-strapped teens and offers to bab. While working a shift at the local Neopian crèche, she has noticed that things got ugly. Then, with the next couple of days, when she was alone with the mountain of Baby Usuls in the car she had, the small, pig-tailed and beautiful darlings donned propeller hats started flinging themselves off the jungle gym equipment with ray guns in their sticky mitts. Neopets The Usul Suspect will now be in need of your competent skills. Everything was normal until…

Game Control

The controls are quite easy and you will also memorize them in almost no time. The space back and the left arrow key, one of both, will be needed to fire your water gun. That also means if you keep it on hold, the fire will be continuous and will never stop until you retract. This method of pressing the key for a long period of time is easier for beginners as it will easily help in-game. The up and down button (meaning arrows) will let you move the lift up and down, obviously. But what does the right arrow key do then? It will cause Lumi to toss a bottle behind her. Using the space bar to shoot is actually the easiest method because you will then have your right index finger controlling the lift and your left hand, firing your water gun while your middle finger will be throwing some bottles. Many different methods are available to you, but this one is likely to be the easiest, even for the most skilled players. So taking it as a habit will raise your game skills, for sure.


Many Baby Usuls will be passing rapidly on the platform on the top of the screen, then will result in leaping off into thin air and then floating down to earth with the aid of their helmets. A bit of playing will bring you to the essential pretty quickly. What you will have to do is to take them out during their descent. That means, to be able to accomplish this task, you must aim a blast of water (from your pistol) at the helmet itself to be able to successfully make it a short circuit. This means that if you fail at at firing at it and that you hit the Usul and it will stun momentarily, but that does not really make you achieve anything. What you have to do is to actually hit the helmet itself in order to make it explode. At this time, the Usul that is the one wearing it will drop to the ground. Making them to drop on the ground is good enough for them to become “blind” and not to cause you more trouble. Some are not really able to hit them before the Usuls can reach the ground, and it will result in them taking off their fetching headwear and to clamber up the slide in the background to immobilize on a platform located in the back of you. After that, the Usuls will bash you with a broom that they will have actually found (that was initially discarded en router) to knock you off and cause more harm to you. You don’t have many solutions to encounter this problem. Placate them and throw at them a bottle of milk. This is the only possible way.

Scoring & Usuls

Even if the typical Baby Usul is of the pink color, many shades will be shown to you during this game. That means they can either be pink or a darker pink color or even a completely different one. We have created a table of color so that you can have a global idea about them.

Orange This Usul’s movement is quite slow and it will never shoot at you. Very good for beginners because they can try their aim at it. Also, this Usul will grant you a total of 1 point.

Blue The second Usul is a blue and it will fire a unique fireball on you and it is not that fast, but faster than the first Usul. This one will grant you a total of 3 points.

Green The third Usul of the green color will never shoot at you. Be aware that they are very hard to hit and will cause you some rage. This Usul will grant you a total of 5 points.

Pink This cute little (light pink?) Usul can aim at you, then shoot two fireballs at once. It does reload much more faster than the blue Usul. As for the speed, it is typically the same. This Usul will grant you a total of 7 points.

Here comes the grey Usul. They move really, really fast meaning they are very hard to hit. If they actually started to shoot at you, it would have been already game over. This Usul will grant you a total of 9 points.

Red The before-last Usul, looking like an infernal demon will shoot clusters of three fireballs at a time and it will even reload instantly. Again, it is probably the hardest Usul to play with. This one will grant you a total of 11 points.

Shadow Finally, the purple colored armed Usuls will fire one fireball at the time. You started wondering, eh? Be aware that the fireball will be sized at the size of the Usul itself, meaning it will be very hard to escape. You better react quickly and avoid messing with this type of Usul. This last one will grant you a total of 15 points.

Scoring – advanced

Some more opportunities will be shown to you that will be all about “advanced techniques” of making points. The pictures listed below will be of a good explanation.

Stunned falling You can shoot a Usul, but it will only stun it. The only advantage is that you gain some time because it will not be able to shoot at you anymore. No points for doing this will be awarded to your total count.

Bottle After tossing a bottle to an Usul that is located completely behind you, you will awarded with one point. It is a bit rare to do this. That means don’t expect to do this all the time.

Heli-helmet Every time a Usul reaches the ground, for some reasons, it takes off its helmet. If you attempt to shoot them and succeed, they will return to the top of the screen. Doing this will grant you a total of 2 points. Try to make the most of it.

Stunned The last “action” that will also award you with points is when a Usul starts shooting at you and then you duck away quickly. To get points, it is only possible if the fireballs hits an Usul located behind you, resulting in him being stun. This will grant you a total of 2 points. Also try to make the most of it if you’re going after a high score.

Neopets The Usul Suspect Strategy & Cheats

At any time during the game play, you can type lumiwatergun and you will then be awarded with an extra life. You should be typing this every time you restart or start a fresh game. If you do this at the start of the game, then it is perfect because at this precise moment, Usuls are slow and remember this moment, they will not be able to shoot at you. If you attempt to use it in the later levels, usually when the Usuls are fast or shooting, you will take serious damage. A good strategy is to stay in the space between the top two platforms without spending too much time right at the top of the screen. Why you ask? Because it becomes harder to escape from Usuls who will be shooting at you in a manner of seconds. It takes training to avoid these. That means if you stay in an isolated place like this one described a little above, you will be not wasting time chasing after one Usul when, in fact, you could be firing at others. Keep in mind that you should never pursue an Usul once it passes the second platform. The reason behind this is that the Usuls you miss will then line up on the platforms from the bottom up. To avoid this, stay at the top and you can have the mind relaxed for a while. Using the space bar to fire continuously is also a good strategy, for beginners or for pros because it will avoid the fact that you have to press every time and losing fraction of seconds that could have been helpful. This will also prevent you from destroying your keyboard. Same thing applies for bottles, but only one action can be done at a certain time.

If you continue further on the game, another good strategy will be to concentrate more to escape the fireballs and brooms at the same time as you’re continuously firing with the spacebar kept pushed. This is better than hunting down the falling Usul

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