Neopets Edna’s Quests

Neopets Edna’s Quest is a challenge where you will have to bring specific ingredients for Edna, a Witch located in the Haunted Woods. Neopets Edna’s Quests is a mission based game where you will have to bring what it takes to a Witch that simply wants to make spells, but doesn’t have the strength to bring the ingredients herself. Note that you will have to hold less than 60 items in your inventory to start an Edna’s Quest.

Quest Information

Neopets Edna’s Quests will allow you to choose if you want want to do a quest or not, simply because Edna is always looking for help. To do that, simply visit her and take up the quest. Note that you will not be able to complete more than 10 of her quests during a single day. Other quests can also fulfill these 10 quests, which are the Kitchen and Taelia Quests. When asked to bring a specific item, you will be given enough time to bring the said item, that is, most of the time, a food. You can find these items in the world of Neopia or on the Shop Wizard, which is the easiest place to find and purchase items from.

On many occasions, she will ask you for an expensive item, which will take off some of your economy, so be prepared. Her prizes, however, are not of a great value. You will be given, upon successful quest completion, NP ranging from 85 up to 263 and a Spooky Food that is of a rarity no more than 82. Whenever you finish her quest, she will be a Battledome challenger and will only be able to fight against from 12:00 AM to 1:00 AM NST. Most people don’t go after her quests for the prizes, but to get her as a Battledome challenger and for the Avatar she gives that will be described later. When she will be a challenger on the Battledome, you will not be able to get quests from her simply because she will not be at her tower anymore during that time. If, for example, you start a quest at 11:00 PM NST, you will only have one hour to successfully complete her quest, because when she will leave, you will not be given any additional time. This is why it is preferable, if you’re very serious about your investment and would like to find the cheapest possible items for trades, auctions, shop wizard, Neopian shops, etc to start your quest before that time.

As for the Avatar, it will be given to you random. It was, however, stated by TNT that it is not random. That it will be granted after she asks for specific items. Many players reported to have received the Edna – Cackle! Avatar when she asked them to bring her three items.

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