Neopets Famous Neopians

Neopia is filled with famous creatures. Faeries, goblins, witches, etc., they’re all famous! Here is a small guide about all the famous neopians! From Illusen to the Black Pteri, we have them all. But if for some reason we don’t have all of them and we are missing one, please contact us.


There is no imfamous on this list!


Illusen is a beautiful earth faerie that runs “Illusen’s Glade”, a cool quest game with awesome prizes if you’re able to complete her quests. She is a huge part of Meridell and the wars.


Dr. Sloth is an evil man who used Grundos as his slaved. He tried to take over Neopia – but failed. Don’t worry, this isn’t the last we’ve heard of him. He has many evil plans up his sleeves…


This fairy runs around randomly and gives your pets money for losing their teeth! Be sure to slip your neopets teeth under their pillows at night, and a Random Event is sure to pop out while you’re surfing around.


This is a ghost lupe, but don’t worry, he won’t harm your pets! He lives to heal your pets back up to full hit points ever so often. He is a very friendly lupe, when he isn’t terrorizing Neopia in the Defenders of Neopia game!


This Faerie is the famous Snow Faerie. Her real name is Taelia, she lives up in Terror Moutain. If you complete her quests, she will reward you greatly. She is a very generous and caring Faerie, so don’t be scared!


Be afraid of this little devil. He runs around firing at unsuspecting pets and turning them into Baby Neopets! He comes through a random event, although sometimes if you’re lucky he’ll miss!


This scary three headed dog preys through the Haunted Woods looking for anything to snack on, from noobs to elites, from newbies to experienced players. Don’t worry, this dog doesn’t bite.. much.


This scary bird is very mysterious. He likes his prey fresh…beware. Pteri’s are known to be annoying, but I think this neopet prefers to eat his prey rather than tourment it.


This gracious Queen owns Faerieland and rules over many things, takes care of many Neopets and her faeries. She runs the Faerie Quests, and often asks for things herself. You can find her running the hidden tower.


She is an evil witch who loves to battle in the battledome. Beware, she likes to bite and fly around in Random Events. She is in the Gallery of Evil, and has been known to do some very bad things throughout Neopia.


He owns the Deserted Fairground Scratchcards. He has known to be cheap and sneaky, so be careful when purchasing a scratchcard from him unless you wanted to be cheated out of 1,200 neopoints in return for a fake card!


She envies Illusen and hates her dearly. She is the dark faerie named Jhudora, and like Illusen, does quests for prizes. The two are always in competition and in hate.


This little bugger likes to steal your items! Not only does he love to steal your items, but scaring you is also one of his favorite things to do. Be sure to keep your items locked away in your safety deposit box (SDB) if you don’t want your items stolen away from you!

This Meerca is produced or pure snot – ick. He’ll make your pets sick if you get too close.
Shadow Usul
Another theif amount the rest. Although, she will reward you with her NeoDeck card if you are lucky.
He hasn’t been around Neopia much, but this little guy loves to stir up trouble! He owns the famous hidden tower item – Hubrid’s Cube.
Count Von Roo
He owns Deadly Dice, a game run at 12am-1am NST. He is a vampire who has been around for many centuries.
Tax Beast
He likes to tax you. He will take 10% off whatever is in your hand (if you have 100k, he will take off 10k).
King Snarl
He is the king who rules over Meridell and all of it’s people. If you can make him laugh, he will reward you generously.

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