Neopets Snot Splatter

In Neopets Snot Splatter, Meuka has created snot webs around the Haunted Woods. Your job in Neopets Snot Splatter; is to destroy all the snot on the board to stop any other Petpet from becoming stuck in his snot webs.

This is what your screen may look like. As you can see there are snot bubbles of all different sizes. You want the bigger ones to explode and increase the size of the smaller ones so they can disappear too once exploded.

Bubble Sizes

 This is what the smallest size is. To make it explode you would need to add on 5 extra snot bubbles.
 Next size up. An additional 4 extra snot bubbles are needed for it to explode.
 This is the medium one. 3 extra snot bubbles are needed.
 Large snot bubble only needing 2 more to explode.
 The big snot bubble. This one needs only one more in it to explode. So watch for these types if you are wishing to create a chain reaction!

How to Play Neopets Snot Splatter:

You will be using only your mouse in this 20 leveled game.
You goal for this game is to make as many chain reactions as possible. What that means is that you will see some big blobs of snot and some smaller blobs of snot. The bigger blobs are ready to explode while the smaller ones need more snot connected to them to make them big enough to “pop!”
When a snot bubble pops it will shoot out four little snot blobs from each side ( up,down, left and right.) If one of those small flying snot bubbles hits another big snot bubble that is ready to pop it too will explode creating a chain reaction.


On the left hand side of your screen you will see something like this (minus a few numbers.) The 18 is the number of clicks left before you will be out of moves which means the game will end. Every time you need to click your mouse this number will decrease. The only way to increase the number (maximum is 25,) is to create those chain reactions which were mentioned earlier.

When you finish a level the amount of snot bubbles left on that meter will carry onto the next level. So for instance if you finish level 5 with 12 snot bubbles than on level 6 you will have 12 snot bubbles to continue on with. So make sure you get as many chain reactions as possible especially in the later levels when they are harder.

Below the meter with 18 on it are your bonuses. Each of them represent different abilities. These must be used wisely in each level. The only way to obtain them is going through the levels and accumulating them. You can not use more than two bonuses at a time.


So each level will have different amount of snot bubbles as well as being placed differently at varying levels of sizes.

The 6 will let you clear a box of 3×3 area. These are obtained if you create a chain reaction of 5-9 snot bubbles.

The 2 will remove a whole column. You must create a chain reaction of 10-19 snot bubbles.

The first 3 will remove an entire row. You need to create a chain reaction of 10-19 snot bubbles.

The second 3  which looked like a tear drop with a ‘2’ in it will allow you to get two clicks for the price of one! To obtain this one you have to make a chain of 40 snot bubbles. These can be extremely useful in tight situations but do not waste them as they are hard to come by in later levels.

The 1 will allow you to double your points in a single move. So if you are lucky to get a chain reaction of 20 then it will be as if you got 40 instead. To get this one you would have to create a chain of 20-29 snot bubbles.

The 4 is a teleporter. You will click on one square and create a teleport for a Snot bubble to go through and teleport to another location. You will have to create a chain of 30-39 to receive this one though.



In this game you will need to watch how many possible turns you have against how many big snot bubbles you have on your screen. If you are wishing to get the gold trophy than you need to make as many chain reactions as possible. To score points you need to bust a snot bubble. The more chain reactions you make the more points you will receive. For example each chain you make will increase your points so if you made a reaction of 5 it would be counted as 1+2+3+4+5 = 15 points. So ideally you want to click that mouse as little as possible in each level.  So if you are likely enough to get a 30 snot bubble chain reaction you will be scoring 465 points ( more if you get the double point bonus.)


There are always obstacles in games isn’t there? With this game they are very easy to see and work out what your moves should be.
This one will allow the snot bubble to bounce off and move in a different direction.
And this one will cause the snot bubble to stop dead in its path.

Strategy to Neopets Snot Splatter

Level 1:

Pretty much all of the snot bubbles are ready to explode but it wont hurt for your to make those smaller snot bubbles bigger by clicking on to them. Yes your snot meter will go down but with the amount of combos you will receive, you will not notice in the next level. Some people can finish this level in one click. Other times you make need to help create those chain reactions by adding to the smaller snot bubbles.  (Note: creating more snot bubbles in the empty squares will also increase your score.)

Level 2:

Hopefully you have 25 snot bubbles left for this level. You will have no obstacles to face either. You should have received a x2 bonus too. If you did this is a perfect level to use it. If not possibly start level 1 again. For level two what you want to do is add snot bubbles to the already existing snot bubbles and build them all up. Then use your x2 bubble and blast them all away. You score should be looking pretty nice for this level. Try to explode all the snot bubbles from the middle of the board. You should end up with another 25 turns for the next level if you have done this correctly. Also if you have a few snot bubbles left before you use the x2 bubble try adding more snot bubbles in the empty spaces for additional points.

Level 3:

This is similar to level two. Build up the smaller snot bubbles. Add a few extra ones around as well and watch them chain react with each other.
(Note: Try not to use any other bonuses in the first three levels as they will be needed in the later ones, so save them up.)

Level 4:

This is when the levels will get a bit harder with the obstacles coming up. Remember when the snot bubbles hit the walls they will disappear and do nothing. Try to build up the top and bottom snot bubbles and then explode them. The sides should have the built up with bigger snot bubbles and you should have a fair few snot bubble turns to go. So for this level build up the sides and then add a few extras if you feel comfortable doing this and then explode the sides. If you can fill up all the small snot bubbles around the whole level you could also use the x2 bubble to gain additional points for this level.

Level 5:

This is the same concept as level 4 but it also has the half cut out walls. these will reflect the snot bubbles in different directions. Use the same method as level 4. Fill in the top and bottom and then the sides of the screen. If you can use the x2 bonus in this level to then go for it. As you practice more you should be able to use it in every level up to this point with no problems.

Level 6:

Do not use any of the bonuses in this level. All you need to do is build up your snot bubbles that are near the diagonal barriers and add a few clicks away on the smaller snot bubbles to help move the level along. This level can be quite frustrating to complete. Just do the best you can with it.

Level 7-20:

These level can be hard depending upon how many snot bubble moves you have left from level beforehand. If you have a small amount then you need to focus on 2-3 small chain reactions in this level. The more snot bubbles you have the more chain reactions you will make with the one click. So build up the snot bubbles so that you can have many big ones around the same area so when they do explode they should be able to attach themselves to the smaller ones which will create big ones to explode as well. Make sure you look where the diagonal walls are as well as the walls that will stop your snot bubbles as they try to fly and attach themselves to the next one. Pay particular attention to what bonuses you have and use them wisely.


Neopets Snot Splatter Cheats

  1. Create large combos if you can. Look at where you place them and do not rush. This is not a timed game.
  2. Make sure you use the score doubler when you are going to make a large combo but do not waste it.
  3. To make a better combo, use the teleporter next to a snot bubble that is about to explode.
  4. Find that “Center Snot Bubble,” this can help you create more chain reactions.

Good luck in this game, if you practice hard enough you would be able to earn one of these trophies.

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